TTT Co., Ltd. Started TikTok operation agency to “buzz” corporate TikTok!

TTT Co., Ltd.
Start of TikTok operation agency to “buzz” corporate TikTok! Active TikToker [Over 800,000 total followers! ] Realize the outstanding quality produced by!

TTT Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, Representative: Ryutaro Nakagawa) is everything related to TikTok account operation such as account strategic design, planning proposals, shooting, editing, posting, operation work, effect measurement reporting, etc. We have started providing a service (hereinafter referred to as this service) that acts on behalf of the entire operation of
[Background of establishment]
As an influencer management office, we are in charge of PR for various businesses.
In the course of linking influencer accounts to business operators’ accounts, we received many concerns from business operators regarding the fulfillment of their own accounts.
We have received many comments from business operators who have problems such as not knowing which SNS to strengthen, not knowing what to send on SNS, not being able to do that, not being able to acquire followers. .
Therefore, we focused on TikTok as an SNS with higher diffusivity than any other medium and started an operation agency business.
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[Over 800,000 total followers! TikTok operation agency where active TikTokers gathered]
Focusing on TikTok, an SNS that should be strengthened as a future trend, our dedicated TikTok team [active TikToker] who is familiar with the buzzing algorithm that causes “TikTok sales” ] will support the operation of TikTok and commit to goals such as increasing followers, increasing the number of visitors from TikTok, and increasing the number of job applications.
While brushing up every month with our own analysis report, we will produce videos that are more popular and conveyed.
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[Introduction of TikTok management agency members]
■ Freshly cooked rice
Over 600,000 total followers
Awarded in the TikTok live distribution category.
■ President Mae P
Started TikTok with my partner Ayamane
The total number of followers exceeded 300,000 in just 3 months. Over 200 million total views
Restaurants: Customers who saw TikTok for more than half of the number of customers attracted to the store in the month from the start of operation
Many media coverage!
Companies: Accounts for recruiting purposes, 1/3 of applications are job inquiries from TikTok
[TikToker management business]
Develop TikToker with over 5 million total followers.
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contact form
We are accepting reservations for interviews for free, such as detailed details and the flow until introduction, such as the possibilities of TikTok and what kind of services we can provide, so please feel free to contact us from this link. Please let me know. [Contact form:]
The operation team, who is familiar with the TikTok algorithm, will explain in an easy-to-understand manner.
Consultation is free, so please feel free to contact us.
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Representative message
We started this business so that companies can embody the unique know-how we have cultivated so far and the added value that can be created from the close proximity to creators unique to our office. Please feel free to contact us.
Company Profile
Company name: TTT Co., Ltd.
Representative: Ryutaro Nakagawa, Representative Director
Location: 〒542-0083
1-8-11 Higashi-Shinsaibashi, Chuo Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture Alglad The Tower Shinsaibashi 1805

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