TV Aichi Co., Ltd. New and old surprise video confrontation! Let’s go to the factory III A near-future plant factory vs. an ultra-retro textile factory

Television Aichi Co., Ltd.
New and old surprise video showdown! [Let’s go to the factory III] A near-future plant factory vs. an ultra-retro textile factory TV Aichi will broadcast [Let’s go to the factory III] “Near future ‘plant factory’ VS super retro ‘textile factory’ SP” from 2:20 pm on Saturday, December 3rd.

Now is the time to grow vegetables in a factory… When you enter the factory, the world like a sci-fi movie spreads out! On the other hand, we also infiltrated a textile factory where tradition is still alive… Full of super retro footage!
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■ Program overview
Program name: [Let’s go to the factory III] “Near-future “plant factory” VS super retro “textile factory” SP”
Broadcast: December 3, 2022 (Sat) 2:20pm-3:30pm (TV Aichi Local) Distribution: Scheduled to be distributed for a limited time at Locipo and others
Narration: Sei Hiraizumi, Yuko Jougasaki
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★ New and old surprise video showdown!
This time, the near-future factory vs. the ultra-retro factory will have a “surprise video” showdown! The factory that produces the hottest superfoods is like a science fiction movie! On the other hand, the traditional manufacturing site was overflowing with “nostalgia” and “warmth”!
★Sneak into a factory in the near future…The superfoods that are the talk of the town are grown in the factory!
A vegetable called broccoli super sprouts is currently attracting attention. When you go to the production factory, there is a mysterious spaceship spinning around! On the other hand, if you look up, you will see a room that looks like a secret control room. There’s something in this factory!
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[Image 3d14948-346-69a35cb54968a5f52b26-7.jpg&s3=14948-346-15bdb6ee844d9d6d69b5e1e5e4743d81-800x450.jpg
★Infiltrate a super retro textile factory… There’s a super flashy girl in Spider-Man!
Traditional Chita cotton… 60% of the yukata fabric sold in department stores is handled by Niimi in Agui-cho. Discover Spider-Man who freely manipulates threads in the factory! When I thought, it was a big veteran of this road for 50 years! In addition, the factory girl who has been with the company for two years is responsible for the important work that is indispensable for making cotton. Contrary to his flashy appearance, his eyes are serious while working!
[Image 4d14948-346-66c556a10eca04eb3b6e-3.jpg&s3=14948-346-01a8deb2604546c9df5c0344a40920a1-800x450.jpg
[Image 5d14948-346-c09db8166c75d5ff463f-1.jpg&s3=14948-346-101e44803851d851370cf607a30f8f6a-800x450.jpg

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