TV Tokyo 6:25 tonight! The world’s fastest gourmet variety “10 seconds gourmet” 2nd … 111 stores non-stop in troduction SP

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6:25 tonight! The world’s fastest gourmet variety “10 seconds gourmet” 2nd … 111 stores non-stop introduction SP

We will deliver a wide variety of exquisite gourmet foods that young men and women can enjoy in 10 seconds non-stop at one store. The world’s fastest gourmet variety show, the second installment due to its popularity! Introducing 111 stores non-stop.
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(C) TV Tokyo
TV Tokyo will broadcast the world’s fastest gourmet variety “10 Seconds Gourmet” from 6:25 pm on Wednesday, November 16th.
This program delivers exquisite gourmet foods of various genres that can be enjoyed by men and women of all ages at a pace of one store every 10 seconds.
This is the world’s fastest gourmet variety program that introduces non-stop, super-running programs for the first time in TV history. With chocolate planet as MC, the first episode will be broadcast in September. Due to great popularity, this is the second edition as early as this time!
The charm of this program is the extremely short and concentrated video style! Even office workers and office workers who are busy with work can absorb a large amount of delicious information at a good tempo! This time, we will deliver 111 stores non-stop for 1 hour!
This time, Fumio Umezawa will participate as a special guest! It’s a big scream for high-speed gourmet information.
The genre introduced in this broadcast is
Meat soup, breakfast, service area, Tsukiji gourmet, theater-style gourmet made in front of you, garlic, local Chinese food, grilled food, fried food, sauce gourmet with white rice, eggs, western food, cheese, standing bar, closing after drinking ,
Dodonto 15 genres!
Asakusa’s tradition (secret) ︎ Super delicious fried rice VS Tsukiji’s super luxurious conger eel bowl!
Ebina SA’s (Secret) Seafood Skewers!
Shin-Okubo’s super latest gravy ribs!
Koenji’s “I definitely want to go after drinking!” Gourmet
No need to bite Ueno! Super creamy cartilage!
Garlic introducer: Kendo Kobayashi, breakfast introducer: Masanori Ishii, and service area introducer: Natsuko Yokozawa will appear on VTR in each genre of garlic, breakfast, and service area! Please be hungry and take a look!
Performer’s comment *High-speed version
Shohei Nagata (Chocolate Planet) “Eat this!”
Shun Matsuo (Chocolate Planet) “This is unbearable!”
Fumio Umezawa “Let’s take it a little longer!!!”
Program overview
[Program name] “10 Seconds Gourmet”
[Broadcast date and time] November 16, 2022 (Wednesday) 6:25 p.m. to 7:20 p.m. [Broadcasting station] 6 stations affiliated with TV Tokyo
[Appearance] (MC) Chocolate Planet (Guest) Fumio Umezawa
(VTR appearances) Masanori Ishii, Kendo Kobayashi, Natsuko Yokozawa *In alphabetical order
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[Image 4d2734-1506-4e6be99a3781679d1ba3-4.jpg&s3=2734-1506-7a5b3db74cce288cc45bb940c4f8246b-1728x972.jpg
[Image 5d2734-1506-478254569abaebefd59b-2.jpg&s3=2734-1506-ec1661a52511f21ab3f0ecf88b17e3cc-1728x972.jpg
[Image 6d2734-1506-f7535963d87abec9a7fe-5.jpg&s3=2734-1506-0d664800e22bac57128dd6b0809bb006-1344x756.jpg
[Image 7d2734-1506-db4ed106ad6ce72ac93b-6.jpg&s3=2734-1506-889688d42daf467e03f07e5afb83371b-1728x972.jpg

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