TV Tokyo Group “World’s first program specializing in water baths” “Mizuburo” broadcast! December 4th (Sun) 4:00pm

TV Tokyo group
“World’s first cold bath specialty program” “Mizuburo” broadcast! December 4th (Sun) 4:00pm


                                         Photographed by Kenji Tanaka “Mizuburo” is called “the world’s first water bath program”. Breaking the silence of about a year since the last broadcast, we will broadcast the second scaled-up. There are natural water baths in the world, such as waterfalls, lakes, rivers, ponds, and the sea. It is a documentary variety program that seeks out the best baths together with tent saunas, which are called “Mizuburo”.
Continuing from last time, the moderator is Panther Takahiro Ogata. Co-starring actress Misato Shimizu, who is familiar with the poster of “Sauna Ikitai” and is known as the “queen of the sauna world”. Shimizu also appears in the original program CM of Morinaga Confectionery “ICEBOX” that flows during the broadcast. And the other is Sauna Camp. CEO, Atlantic Ocean. I am the representative of a company that sells the Russian-made tent sauna “MORZH”, and I bring it with me on location. Onishi, who has set up tent saunas in Japan and around the world, is truly “Mr. Earth Bath.” After soaking his whole body in the water of the waterfall on this location, he came up with a
high-resolution maxim, “In fact, no one has answered the question of how to enjoy waterfalls in recorded history.” In early November, the filming was done in Nasushiobara and Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture, where autumn leaves are in full bloom. In order for everyone in front of the TV to enjoy “Totoi”, the telop will be slowed down and the narration by actress Yuri Nakamura, who is known as a sauna lover, will add a touch of glamor. This program is a must-see for those who love water baths.
-Performer’s comment-
◆Takahiro Ogata (Panther)
The earth bath was the best! I was soothed by nature, and my daily worries and stress were blown away!! I hope everyone will take a look and be healed by nature!! !
◆ Misato Shimizu
Shawshank water bath! The first big scale that was in high spirits is over, and the second! I’m really happy. This fall, the three of us entered the sauna again, fully enjoying the blessings of the earth and becoming one with nature. If you have a sauna, the cold, the cold water, and the wind that blows through everything is the best. By all means, please watch and listen to the earth bath and hear it through the screen!
-Program overview-
[Program name] Earth bath (Mizuburo)
[Broadcast date and time] Sunday, December 4, 16:00-16:30
[Broadcasting stations] TV Tokyo, TV Osaka, TV Aichi, TV Setouchi, TV Hokkaido, TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting
[Performers] Takahiro Ogata (Panther), Misato Shimizu, Atlantic Ocean -Narration-Yuri Nakamura
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