Twobase Inc.’s site trading (M&A) platform “KIMARU” and Willgate Inc.’s article creation agency service “Sagoo Works” have concluded a business consignment agreement.

Two Base Co., Ltd.
Twobase Inc.’s site trading (M&A) platform “KIMARU” and Willgate Inc.’s article creation agency service “Sagoo Works” have concluded a business consignment agreement.
For KIMARU members, we started offering a permanent 15% discount on the online ordering fee for Sagu Works.

Two Base Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Co-Representative Directors: Ryota Kaku, Yuki Inoue), which operates the matching platform “KIMARU” for site sales (M&A) and revenue sharing projects, announced on Tuesday, November 15, We are pleased to announce that we have concluded a business consignment agreement with Willgate Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Riki Kojima), which operates the article creation service “Sagu Works”. Through this partnership, we will start offering KIMARU members a permanent 15% discount on the online ordering fee for Sagoo Works. “KIMARU” Official Website:
“Sagoo Works” Official Website:
About this alliance initiative
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By forming this alliance between “KIMARU” and “Sago Works”, we aim to create the following synergies between the two.
Conventional issue: There is no handover support for buyers who have successfully completed a site trading transaction
Persona: (Site buyer) “I bought web media from KIMARU, but I don’t have time to write articles or update the site by myself…” Advantages of this partnership: The article creation service can be used at a great price, making it easier to build a site management system.
-Sago Works-
Conventional problem: Because there are more writers than clients, the number of projects is relatively small
Persona: (Article ordering company) “I would like to use Sagoo Works, but the cost is a little difficult to continue using…”
Advantages of this partnership: A 15% discount is permanently applied, making it easier to continuously order article creation

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KIMARU is a “matching platform service” that handles site sales (M&A) and revenue sharing projects.
Although it has only been about 4 months since this release, it has recorded the industry’s No. 1 transaction closing rate of 94% (* 1), and has a track record of closing in an average of 2-3 days from posting to closing, and a minimum of about 1 hour. growing into a platform.
*1: At the time of the beta version service SITE MARKET (old name), aggregate results of 33 postings and 31 contracted projects from January to April 2022/our research
There are three reasons for this astonishingly high closing rate. Less than 50% of projects pass screening, so only projects that are attractive to buyers are listed.
Posted projects are open to members only, so users with a strong desire to sell or buy are gathering.
Acquisition fee is the lowest in the industry at 1% (*2), further motivating users to acquire
*2: Among the 22 site traders based in Japan (limited to those who provide escrow services), the lowest acquisition fee percentage that can be confirmed at the moment is 1% of our service. In addition, the minimum acquisition fee for site sales in direct transactions is 16,500 yen (tax included), and the sale fee is “completely free”. The brokerage fee for revenue sharing projects is a uniform 33,000 yen (tax included).
Reference article: “Thorough comparison of 22 recommended site trading companies! Introducing site M&A services [latest in 2022]”
Another factor is that the desired sale price of projects posted on our service is often set lower than the desired sale price of projects posted on other companies’ M&A platforms, which increases users’ willingness to buy. This is one of the reasons why
At the moment, in the BtoB matching service “PITTALAB”, which has a database of more than 10,000 cases, customer satisfaction with our service is 4.5 out of 5 stars (* 3), which is the highest rating in the genre of site trading. I’m here.
*3: Results of evaluation figures by KIMARU users. The evaluation range of other companies is 4.2 for Company A and 3.6 for Company B. [Image 3

And recently, we are honored that KIMARU has been featured in a total of more than 10 external media (*4) as a “recommended site trading service”.
*3,4: Reference article: “KIMARU was published in other media as a “recommended site trading service”.
About Sago Works
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Sago Works is an article writing agency service operated by Willgate Co., Ltd. It serves as a platform that connects 4,000 ordering companies that want to request/outsource article production and about 300,000 writers who want to work in web writing.
The main features of SAGOO WORKS are the following two.
1.Since Sago Works handles everything from the regulation of requests to writers to recruitment, checks, and delivery management, there is no need for direct communication with writers.
2. There are three rank systems for writers (regular, gold, and platinum), so you can order even one article according to the budget and desired quality of the ordering company.
Also, in 2021, it won an award in the BPO category of BOXIL SAAS, and is a service that is particularly highly rated by article ordering companies.
[Image 5

Here are two reviews from customers who have used Sagoo Works. 1. Long-established crowdsourcing that allows you to request the production of high-quality articles at low cost
Comprehensive evaluation ☆☆☆☆☆
Since we operate multiple websites, we request the production of various articles as content through Sagoo Works. A wide variety of professional writers are registered, and we have a stable supply of high-quality articles.
・Please tell us about the effects, benefits, and solutions after introducing the service.
Since it is a crowdsourcing service that specializes in writing, there are many writers with experience, and compared to other crowdsourcing services, I was able to get more hits on the writers, and the explanation of the production process went smoothly and was very helpful.
What are the good points of this service?
Crowdsourcing specialized in writing, with many experienced writers Dedicated support staff available
Source URL:
2. Many experienced freelance writers are registered.
Comprehensive evaluation ☆☆☆☆☆
There are writers who can write in various genres, and the price varies depending on the writer and the project, but there are many writers with a long experience at the rank, so it is overwhelming compared to requesting articles from professional writers. At a reasonable price, we deliver high-quality articles that are comparable to professionals.
・Please tell us about the effects, benefits, and solutions after introducing the service.
In order to receive the delivery of the article, it is necessary to pass the approval of the Sago Works side, and if it is not approved, the time spent writing will be wasted. Thank you.
What are the good points of this service?
Article quality is average to good.
You can reduce the cost compared to asking a professional writer. Source URL:
-Conditions for applying this privilege-
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This benefit is that KIMARU members can permanently use Sago Works online ordering (* 5) at a 15% discount.
*5: Discounts are not applicable to custom-made ordering plans. The conditions for applying this privilege are as follows.
Be a member of KIMARU (Member registration itself can be done free of charge) Click the banner image posted on the page after logging in to KIMARU Place an online order from the dedicated LP of KIMARU x Sago Works

-How to register as a member of KIMARU-
STEP1: Access the member registration page
[Image 7

“KIMARU member registration page URL”: STEP2: Fill in the necessary items for member information
[Image 8

STEP3: Complete registration from confirmation email
[Image 9

A confirmation email will be automatically sent to the email address you entered when you registered.
Membership registration is completed when you click the confirmation URL at the bottom of the email text.
*If you cannot find the confirmation e-mail, please check if it has been sent to your spam folder.
-Flow from article ordering to delivery using Sago Works-
[Image 10

Enter the recruitment details in the order form
account registration
In the online ordering plan, which is complete on the web and can be ordered from one article, you select the theme and purpose of the article you want to create, and for SEO purposes, select keywords, decide the article structure (article plan), and place the order. If there is no problem with the contents of the estimate, article creation will start.
From the regulation of requests to writers to recruitment, checks, and delivery management, everything is done by Sagoo Works, so there is no need to negotiate directly with writers.
We hope that you will take this opportunity to consider using both services. Company Profile
[Table 2: ]
Company name: Willgate Co., Ltd.
Location: Minami-Aoyama Tokyu Building 3F, 3-8-38 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Established: June 20, 2006
Representative: Riki Kojima, Representative Director
Business: Content marketing business, sales tech business, M&A business URL:
-Article creation agency service “Sagoo Works” ( -Online editing team building service “Editor” ( – Analysis tool “TACT SEO” ( for strategic SEO implementation
-“Willgate M&A” (, an M&A brokerage service in the web and IT fields
Details about this release:


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