Tyrol Choco Co., Ltd. The popular product “Dorayaki” is reproduced in Tyrol! New product “Dorayaki ” released at Yaoko ♪

Tyrol Choco Co., Ltd.
Reproduce the popular product “Dorayaki” in Tyrol! New product “Dorayaki – bag -” released at Yaoko ♪
Released at Yaoko from November 21st.

Tyrol Choco Co., Ltd. (Location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Yuji Matsuo) will release the following new products. [Image 1

■ Product name
“Dorayaki – bag -”
[Image 2

■ Product overview
Ogura-flavored sauce and cream, and fluffy marshmallows are wrapped in dorayaki chocolate with a brown sugar flavor.
[Image 3

Yaoko’s popular product “Dorayaki”, which is characterized by its moist dough with brown sugar, is reproduced.
[Image 4

Each individual package contains a Yaoko original character “Yappo” design with a probability of 1 in 10. (* All 5 Yappo designs. Enclosed at random.)
[Image 5

■ Standard
■ Release date
November 21, 2022
■ Price
108 yen (reference price including tax)
*Some stores do not carry this product. In addition, sales will end as soon as the product runs out.
*Individual packaging designs are randomly enclosed.
[What is Tirol Choco Co., Ltd.]
The company was established in Tokyo in 2004 by separating the product planning and sales department from Matsuo Seika, which was founded in Tagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture in 1903. We plan and sell fun sweets with the mission of “Making you smile”. Tirol Choco was born from the desire to deliver chocolate, which was expensive at the time, to children for 10 yen. In addition to standard popular products, we sell various collaboration products, seasonal products, challenging new flavors, etc., and the total number of flavors is over 500.
Details about this release:


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