U-GAKU, an English conversation school for infants, elementary school students, and junior high school students, provides domestic study abroad for groups that expand their values ​​in an environment just like overseas and incre ase future options.

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U-GAKU, an English conversation school for infants, elementary school students, and junior high school students, provides domestic study abroad for groups that expand their values ​​in an environment just like overseas and increase future options.

The domestic study abroad program “U-GAKU” operated by Crepity Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, CEO: Katsuyuki Ikumo), whose mission is to “create coincidences and connect them to the future,” will begin in August 2022. ~For people tree English School, which operates English classes for third-year junior high school students, we conducted a study abroad program for groups that allows them to have the same experience in Japan as overseas.
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Providing domestic study abroad to people tree English School ◆ Content overview
“U-GAKU” provides opportunities for elementary and junior high schools, high schools, universities, and other organizations to promote English learning, as well as experiences that come into contact with foreign cultures and values, and opportunities to think about one’s own life and future. We plan and provide original study abroad programs that are individually customized as much as possible so that we can provide
For people tree English School, we planned and implemented the following programs in line with the requests of people tree English School. This time, the target audience is elementary and junior high school students, and since it will be held away from their parents, we will not only design a system and plan that allows them to enjoy the environment, but also consider their health and safety and help their parents. We are building content that also considers cooperation with. Outside of class time, we provide opportunities to experience English that is rooted in everyday life rather than difficult to learn in classrooms by having lunch with foreign teachers and sightseeing. ■In consideration of children’s concentration, activities in the sea are carried out in addition to classroom lectures. Create a schedule that keeps your kids focused and learning fun.
■Prepare English learning notebooks for U-GAKU so that parents can see their children’s learning records. Parents’ satisfaction is improved by recording test scores and comments from native teachers in a notebook.
■Implemented homework to create a diary slide using an iPad. We provide deliverables that allow you to report to your parents how you are studying abroad.
Eliminate parents’ concerns about meals by arranging meals that take nutritional balance and allergies into consideration
■Before participating in U-GAKU, implement measures against
coronavirus, such as conducting a PCR test, wearing a mask during the lesson, and thoroughly disinfecting with alcohol.
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◆ Background of implementation
At people tree English School, we have been planning to study in Australia for three years because we want to give children a taste of the atmosphere of other countries, and we want to create opportunities for them to learn English from native speakers. However, due to the corona epidemic, I had to give up on English training abroad. Therefore, “U-GAKU”, which provides opportunities to teach English from native speakers in an environment where you can enjoy the atmosphere of overseas countries, has developed an English training program in Japan in response to the requests of people tree English School. .
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◆ Voices of parents of participants
・Children who came back from U-GAKU started to talk clearly about their desired school, future study abroad destination, and future desired job, and the whole family was surprised.
・By living with everyone at U-GAKU, I think I’ve learned to take care of myself. I also saw a positive change in how I approached my English homework.
・For children, studying abroad this time is a difficult time for children to think for themselves and determine what is important to them at the difficult time of 10 years old, when environmental factors such as entrance exams, Eiken, friends, and family increase year by year. I think it was an opportunity for me to realize how important it is to work hard and to develop myself in an environment where I can work hard with my colleagues.
・The improvement in my English skills at U-GAKU was tremendous, and I passed the Eiken test twice.
◆Voices of participating children
・I have become more confident in speaking English. I like English more. ・It was fun to have a foreign teacher teach me English.
・It was fun to spend time other than studying English, such as beach activities and shopping.
Voices of teachers at people tree English School
I felt that it was very difficult to keep children motivated when teaching English to them, so I wanted to create an opportunity to inspire them, so I decided to study abroad in Japan this time. Through U-GAKU, I think that I was able to make the students feel like, “Let’s study English a little harder!”, “I came to like English!”
Also, I think that leaving your parents for a week and living with other students will be a great experience and asset for the children and their families. I hope that this experience will be a source of confidence and sustenance for the students.
What is the domestic study abroad program “U-GAKU”?
U-GAKU is a completely new domestic study abroad program that was born out of the desire to support those who aspire to study abroad even during the COVID-19 crisis. There are two study abroad destinations in Japan: Niseko, Hokkaido, which is called “Japan’s hidden
English-speaking country”, and Chatan, Okinawa, where half of the town is a US military base and there are shops that accept American dollars. You can experience a study abroad experience as if you were abroad at a safe, secure and low price. This is a program that you can participate in with peace of mind, not only for those who want to study abroad even during the corona crisis, but also for those who are worried about suddenly studying abroad.
U-GAKU is a study abroad program based on the concept of “changing, studying abroad.” Focusing not only on English, but also on how it can be a good program for the person’s life. We have realized a program that overturns the conventional wisdom of studying abroad, where you can learn “real” English while staying in Japan. It provides an opportunity to broaden your perspective and increase your options for the future.
◆Characteristics of U-GAKU
U-GAKU is held in an environment that makes you feel like you are living abroad, and in an environment where you can come into contact with English outside of lessons. The actual lessons are mainly composed of two lessons: “U-ENGLISH LESSON”, an English learning program where you can speak English in a short period of time, and “U-LIFE LESSON”, where you can think about your future through various experiences. is configured to U-GAKU provides the experience of living with friends, a place to interact with native speakers, find what you want to do in the future, and support you to take on challenges. Program application destination
[For groups]
Official website for groups: https://u-gaku.jp/contact
Contact form: https://form.run/@u-gaku-contact
[For individuals]
Official website: https://u-gaku.jp/
Free online individual consultation application form
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