Udemy, Inc. Udemy launches brand advertising campaign to “connect wanting to learn and wanting to teach.”

Udemy, Inc.
Udemy launches brand advertising campaign to connect people who want to learn and want to teach
Get closer to who you want to be by learning at a great price with the Black Friday Cyber ​​Week Sale with up to 90% off Udemy surpasses 1.1 million students in Japan

Udemy (Nasdaq: UDMY), a leading company in online learning and education with over 1.1 million students in Japan, has launched a brand advertising campaign that “connects the desire to learn and the desire to teach.” To do. We will also have a Black Friday sale for eight days from Friday, November 18th to Friday, November 25th, and a cyber sale for two days, Sunday, November 27th and Monday, November 28th. A wide range of courses in professional skills are available at affordable prices.
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With the theme of “connecting the desire to learn and the desire to teach,” this campaign will focus on various students who want to learn for reasons such as developing their careers and getting closer to who they want to be, and sharing their knowledge and skills. By connecting entrepreneurs and professional instructors from all walks of life around the world who want to share their skills, Udemy enables students to learn practical, cutting-edge skills when and where they want. will be sent through TV commercials and campaign sites. In addition, on the campaign site, we introduce the experiences of Udemy students, the thoughts of the instructors, and the reasons why Udemy is chosen.
On Udemy, more than 74,000 instructors around the world create content that can be used immediately in practice, responding to the dizzying pace of innovation in the industry. Currently on Udemy, those who are active in cutting-edge industries such as technology and
manufacturing, those who are lecturers at universities and vocational schools, and those who originally learned as a student at Udemy People with various backgrounds, such as those who started thinking that it might be useful for others, are active as instructors with their own thoughts.
Udemy receives many positive testimonials from instructors around the world. For example, the good thing about teaching at Udemy is that offline face-to-face courses can only be delivered to a limited number of people who can come to the place, but through Udemy’s online courses, learning content can be delivered to people around the world. It is mentioned that it can be delivered. Other instructors have said that it is encouraging that the Q&A and comment functions allow them to connect with the students rather than one-sidedly. In addition, Udemy students have a wide variety of purposes, such as wanting to learn cutting-edge skills, wanting to become independent as a freelancer or entrepreneur, or wanting to learn new management skills. Through this campaign, those who want to learn will have the opportunity to have a rich learning experience with appropriate instructors who have both local and global perspectives, and those who want to teach will connect with people who want to learn through the course and receive feedback to improve the course. By connecting to Udemy, we hope that Udemy will play a central role in providing a better place for learning, and that it will be an opportunity to connect those who want to teach and those who want to learn. Libert Argerich, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Udemy, said of the launch of brand advertising in Japan:
“I am delighted to be able to launch this brand campaign in Japan. Currently, the environment surrounding individuals and companies is changing rapidly. As you can see, flexible and continuous skill development of workers is essential in order to respond to the acceleration of digital transformation (DX) and the diversification of work styles in Japan.This campaign will support more than 213,000 people provided by Udemy. Through access to a wide range of courses, we hope that everyone in Japan will have an opportunity to get closer to “who they want to be.”We are honored to have 1.1 million students in Japan, and we will continue to support people and people. We will provide a wide range of current and relevant courses to help organizations develop new skills and achieve their goals.”
In addition, Udemy will hold a Black Friday sale on November 18th (Friday) and a cyber sale on November 27th (Sunday). Please try various courses at this opportunity to learn up to 90% off.
Recommended Udemy Courses Now Featured
At Udemy, from programming such as Python and JavaScript, courses for obtaining qualifications such as AWS and IT passwords, courses on business skills such as Excel, presentations, leadership, and design related to web design and video editing. We have over 213,000 courses in over 75 languages ​​taught by over 74,000 professional instructors. Here, we will introduce the latest trend courses on 3D design, blockchain, and critical thinking, which are rapidly gaining popularity on Udemy.
[The definitive edition of Blender comprehensive learning !!] Blender aquarium course
[Image 2

URL: https://www.udemy.com/course/aquarium/
Lecturer name: Umechan (Mr. Umechan)
Introduction: Ume-chan’s course, “The motto when creating a course is ‘Be kind to beginners and be polite.'” Even beginners can enjoy learning about 3DCG software Blender without getting frustrated. Would you like to take this opportunity to start the topic of 3D design? Illustrating the Blockchain Mechanism One by One – Systematically covering the latest situation and future utilization while unraveling the mechanism
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URL: https://www.udemy.com/course/blockchain-bible/
Lecturer: Mr. Kiyoto Yamaura
Lecture introduction: An active engineer carefully illustrates the mechanism of blockchain from 1. In addition to important concepts such as cryptography, transactions, proof of work, and smart contracts, you will also learn about the current status, issues, and future prospects of blockchain!
[Learn quickly! ] Do you stop thinking if there is no prepared answer? Become an autonomous thinker with critical thinking!
[Image 4d100811-10-ccbab7c09d9c72c48439-10.jpg&s3=100811-10-325b02047a3ca1aede370d2f021dcbf2-480x270.jpg
URL: https://www.udemy.com/course/three-thinking-habits/
Lecturer: Kosuke Sato, Nobuyuki Nishimura
Course Introduction: “I’m working hard and earnestly as instructed, but I can’t get results…” Do you have such a problem? That worry may be a sign that you are approaching a bot employee! ? Acquire the ability to think for yourself from a young age and avoid becoming a bot!
TV/digital commercial video overview
[Image 5d100811-10-0f38197dbe09c4882ae0-5.png&s3=100811-10-5ec3e2133d4672fac365fd04fa979671-996x565.png
Video URL:
– 30 seconds version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6nCoJpeUhk – 15 seconds version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLIk-SEGN Brand advertising campaign site
[Image 6d100811-10-2da0170d5e913d00fc83-4.jpg&s3=100811-10-690cef80403ab8f347d4382ec2f04a95-940x798.jpg
Site URL: https://about.udemy.com/jp/jp-event/
-Udemy Instructor’s Voice-
Mr. Jun Sakai -Opening courses such as Python and tech skills on Udemy while working as an active engineer in Silicon Valley
[Image 7d100811-10-06d589494afaa5e025c3-7.jpg&s3=100811-10-b8a8e33a4b3fa18a056c29a0560eaaea-200x200.jpg
“Udemy can match people who want to teach and people who want to learn, so while working for a company in Silicon Valley in the United States, it is possible to teach people who want to learn American programming methods in Japan easily online on Udemy’s educational platform. I’m happy to be able to convey practical content that is not taught in general programming courses in Japan, such as “If I hadn’t taken this course, I wouldn’t have been able to learn about
development and programming methods in Silicon Valley.” .”
Makoto Taniguchi -Started a web production company and opened courses such as programming
[Image 8d100811-10-f111ef1b6e57e29685ef-6.jpg&s3=100811-10-b68f834ff051205c08632c2af11368c8-200x200.jpg
“I was working as a lecturer for professionals, but in a real school there is a limit to the number of people that can be taught, and it is not possible to proceed according to the level of understanding of each individual, so I cannot help but understand the basics. I was concerned that there would be a divide between those who were learning and those who couldn’t keep up with the class.I started the course on Udemy because I saw the potential of teaching online through videos. I went to school, but I was frustrated,” or “I tried to learn by myself with books, but I was frustrated.” I’m so happy to hear that. ” -Voices of Udemy students-
Mr. Yoshifumi Ikemoto – Learned data analysis methods on Udemy, from designer to data analyst
“I use a natural language processing system in my work, but when I just look at the book, I find that the HOW part of how to apply it is unexpectedly not written, but in the Udemy course, I actually learned how to apply it. It’s very useful because I can see what to do specifically because I can watch the video and learn while
programming.In addition, since it’s a video, it’s convenient to be able to look back and check the course.”
Suguru – Become a data scientist through reskilling
“It’s fun to look for courses on Udemy that teach you what you don’t know and what you can’t do through work, and to increase the number of things you can do one by one. It’s easy to learn because you can also learn.It will be the gateway to learning and you will want to learn more.”
About Udemy
Udemy (Nasdaq: UDMY) aims to improve the skills of individuals and organizations by providing a flexible and effective platform for skill development, helping people live their lives through learning. With thousands of modern courses in dozens of countries, Udemy’s
marketplace platform provides learners, educators, and businesses with the tools they need to reach their goals and maximize their potential. From programming and data science to leadership and team building, millions of people are learning topics from subject matter experts on Udemy. Udemy Business for businesses can offer on-demand learning for all employees, immersive learning for tech teams, cohort learning for leader development, and more. Udemy Business is used by global companies such as Fender Instruments, Glassdoor, On24, The World Bank, Volkswagen and more. Udemy is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Ankara (Turkey), Austin (Texas), Boston (Massachusetts), Mountain View (California), Denver (Colorado), Dublin (Ireland), Melbourne (Australia), and New Delhi. (India) and São Paulo (Brazil) with hub functions.
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