UDS Co., Ltd. Responsible for the renewal planning and design of “Train Inch Jiyugaoka” and proposed a new place of relaxation in the town of Jiyugaoka

UDS Co., Ltd.
Responsible for the renewal planning and design of “Train Inch Jiyugaoka” and proposed a new place of relaxation in the town of Jiyugaoka
– Outdoor spaces with lush greenery, lounges open to the town, unique shops –
UDS Co., Ltd. (Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Tetsuji Kuroda, hereinafter referred to as UDS) was in charge of planning and designing the renewal of Tokyu Corporation’s complex “Train Inch Jiyugaoka”, which was reopened on November 2, 2022. .
URL https://www.trainchi.com/
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Train Inch Jiyugaoka is a commercial facility that opened in 2006 on the site of a former Oimachi Line garage near Jiyugaoka Station on the Oimachi Line.
This renewal was planned with the aim of providing the town of Jiyugaoka with a comfortable place where you can spend your time indoors and outdoors as you like, in line with changes in your lifestyle. At UDS, I was in charge of planning and design work, and based on the changes of the times such as the proximity of work and home due to the spread of remote work, I proposed a renewal to a complex facility that enriches the time of people who use it. Renewal planning and design points
While being aware of the continuity with the town, it is a place of relaxation with rich green
Train Inch Jiyugaoka is located in the south district on the opposite side of the north district of Jiyugaoka Station, where the
redevelopment plan is proceeding. Taking advantage of the greenery of the Kuhonbutsu River greenway, we aimed to create a place where you can spend a relaxing time in a rich greenery by planting and enhancing the living space while being aware of the continuity with the greenery of the greenway.
Sora Botanical Garden Co., Ltd., led by Seijun Nishihata, a plant hunter who cooperated with the Yoyogi VILLAGE Project*, was invited as a partner for the planting plan, including the promenade from Jiyugaoka Station. We replanted and reused the trees of Yoyogi VILLAGE, which sadly closed in 2020, and planned an outdoor space where you can spend time feeling the natural light and breeze between the diverse tree species.
*UDS was in charge of project idea, planning coordination, overall design and partial interior design, and opened in Yoyogi in 2011 as a limited-time project. Closed at the end of 2020 due to the end of the contract period.
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In addition, by removing the large staircase of the existing building, the outdoor open space has been expanded to make it easier to use for various events, and has been renewed as a place to support the free expression of the people of the town.

Lounge (2nd floor) with full functionality as a “workplace”
On the 2nd floor of the facility, we plan to create a lounge open to the town, “(tefu) jiyugaoka,” consisting of a lounge, cafe, office, and rental studio. It is a facility where people of all generations can casually stop by and use it in their own way, whether for reading, talking, studying, or working. As a (tefu) * lounge facility following the (tefu) lounge that opened in Shimokitazawa in January 2022, UDS will be in charge of facility planning, interior design, and operation management. https://www.te-fu.jp/jiyugaoka-open
* (tefu): Rather than “owning and consuming the value” of space and things, we support “a way of living that is unique to you” by “sharing it and connecting it to the future.” Targeted UDS project. We are developing on two axes: “furniture sharing service” and “space sharing service”.
The office area, which is intended for use by freelancers and sole proprietors, has private booths and fixed desks for individuals with monthly contracts. There are meeting rooms, telecom booths, mailboxes and copiers, etc., and a lounge area where you can use your favorite place according to your mood of the day (available on a monthly basis or drop-in). Support.
The interior of the store has European antique furniture selected by (tefu), which also offers a furniture sharing service, to create an open and comfortable space. The cafe is a new store “amber” handled by the coffee specialty store “Raw Sugar Roast” (Swim Co., Ltd.) by Mr. Masashi Oda, who has received and connected various coffee cultures for over 20 years. Hand drip coffee, craft beer, Offers natural wines. Aiming to be a place where local people can interact, we also have a rental studio that can be used for various purposes such as pop-up stores, exhibitions, and workshops.
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-Usage fee structure-
Private room booth (9 booths) Monthly charge: 80,080 yen/room (up to 2 people can be registered, available 24 hours a day)
Fixed desk (14 seats) Monthly fee: 60,280 yen/room (up to 2 people can be registered, available 24 hours a day)
Lounge (free address) Monthly charge: 32,780 yen/person (usage hours: 9:00-22:00)
Use of lounge drop-in 1 hour 900 yen/person (with drink + 450 yen every 30 minutes thereafter) 3,000 yen/day/person (with drink) Café use (10:00-22:00) coffee from 500 yen
Rental studio (29.1 square meters *including warehouse, etc.) 33,000 yen for 1 day
Outdoor space like a town living room (1st floor)
On the 1st floor of the building, 8 unique stores, including restaurants, food stores, and miscellaneous goods stores, welcome customers. In addition to the existing bakeries, restaurants, and household goods stores, a one-handed food store such as soft serve ice cream, donuts, and deli that can be eaten casually in a lush outdoor space has been newly added. In the future, there are plans to hold marchés and workshops using the outdoor common area.
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【Equipment outline】
Facility name: Train inch Jiyugaoka
Location: 2-13-1 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo and 5-42-3 Okusawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Opening: November 2, 2022
URL: https://www.trainchi.com/
Access: Toyoko Line / Oimachi Line Jiyugaoka Station South Exit 2 minutes on by walk
Structure/scale: Steel-framed two-story building
Land area: 2,004 square meters
Total floor area: 1,048.94 square meters
Facility composition:
-1st floor commercial section 8 stores-
Island Softcream (soft cream sweets / Super Tramps Co., Ltd.) yaoyano (greengrocer/deli/natowa Co., Ltd.)
DUMBO Donuts and Coffee
THREE TEA CAFE (Cafe, sweets, product sales / Tokyo Tea Trading Co., Ltd.) Asanoya (Bakery / Asanoya Co., Ltd.)
Osteria & Bar GONZO (Italian / Zillion Co., Ltd.)
Tavern Sinatra (Japanese Izakaya / Zillion Co., Ltd.)
NATURAL KITCHEN & (Household Goods / Amuse Full Inc.)
-Second floor-
(tefu) jiyugaoka (lounge, cafe amber*, office, rental studio/UDS Inc. * Operated by Cafe amber / Swim Raw Sugar Roast Co., Ltd.)
Business Owner: Tokyu Corporation
Planning and design: UDS Co., Ltd.
Landscape: Sora Botanical Garden Co., Ltd.
Construction: Tokyu Renewal Co., Ltd.
-About UDS-
UDS Co., Ltd. aims to make cities rich and enjoyable with a system that realizes business and social benefits, and is involved in planning, designing, and operating stores that lead to urban development both in Japan and overseas. One of our strengths is the creation of a place where a community is born based on our uniqueness that we handle from planning to design and operation in a series. We have many achievements in the planning, design, and operation of facilities with unique mechanisms such as KidZania Tokyo.

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