UjoyGames Ltd. 1st anniversary and a half anniversary Weapon anthropomorphic girl RPG “Counter Arms” new function implementation & 7 events underway!

Ujoy Games Ltd.
[1st anniversary and a half anniversary] Weapon anthropomorphic beautiful girl RPG “Counter Arms” new function implementation & 7 events underway!

Weapons anthropomorphic beautiful girl RPG “Counter Arms” that you can easily play anytime with simple vertical operation, auto battle and neglect.
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Thanks to you, 1.5th anniversary! New feature implementation of vertical weapon anthropomorphic beautiful girl RPG “Counter Arms”! Ujoy Games is pleased to announce that the new RPG “Counter Arms” for smartphones, which is currently being distributed, has implemented new features to commemorate the one and a half anniversary of its release. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Commander-sama, who has been playing for over a year and a half!
This time, in commemoration of the first and a half anniversary of the release, Kataam has implemented a new function! In addition, following the first anniversary, we are holding seven commemorative events. Whether you’re a seasoned commander or a commander who’s just starting out, take this opportunity to get rewards just by logging in, and guide the cute Senki to take back the world!
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Long-awaited new feature implementation!
1. Designated Recruitment
A gacha “specified recruitment” that allows you to specify the camp of the character to be discharged has been newly established! Limited characters will also be discharged, and the discharge rate will be higher than elite recruitment and limited recruitment. In addition to being able to draw gacha by consuming designated recruitment tickets or diamonds, you can get Senki set in your wish list with a higher probability.
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2. Main story new difficulty
For Commanders who find the battles in the main story unbearable, we’ve added a difficulty level of Hell! Unusually for the start of the service, it will be the first addition of the main story. Enjoy high-dimensional battles on new battle stages!
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3. Base decoration
You can purchase decorations for your base in the Decoration Shop to decorate your base building in a tropical style!
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The event that gained popularity on the occasion of the first anniversary will be held again this time! New skin (Warspite) too! To commemorate the 1.5th anniversary, we will hold 7 commemorative events! 1. Commemorative Special Pack (The contents of the pack have changed since the 1st anniversary!)
2. Commemorative box
3. 4 special quests (daily, event, support, commemorative challenge) 4. Boss battle
5. Lucky bag (the contents have changed since the 1st anniversary) 6. Commemorative fishing
7. Limited costume shop
Holding period:
2022/11/13 (Sun) 00:00 to 2022/11/26 (Sat) 23:59
1. Commemorative special pack
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To commemorate the 1.5th anniversary, Commanders will receive the following free packs every day. In addition, you can purchase super-value packs on a daily basis.
Here’s what’s inside the free pack! In particular, the “designated recruitment ticket” that you can get on the 3rd day (today!) and the 11th day can be used for the new function “designated recruitment” gacha, and you can get the powerful Limited Senki that you have been aiming for. Here’s your chance! In addition, the contents of the 1.5th anniversary commemorative item “Commemorative Box” that you can receive every day will be drawn by lottery, and only luxurious prizes will be won. Log in every day and get gorgeous items!
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2. Commemorative box
During the event period, you can receive a commemorative box for free every day from 8:00 to 13:00, 14:00 to 18:00, and 20:00 to 23:00. In addition, you can get a commemorative box by clearing the daily, event, and commemorative challenge quests during the event period! If you use the commemorative box to spin the gacha, you can get a random lucky item!
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3.1.5th Anniversary Quest (Daily, Event, Commemorative Challenge, Support) 4 types of quests are now available! There are four types of quests: daily quests, event quests, commemorative challenge quests, and support quests. In the daily, event, and commemorative challenge quests, you can get a commemorative bonus that allows you to get the “commemorative box” described above.
Especially during the event period, there is a chance to get multiple commemorative boxes at once in the commemorative challenge quests that can be challenged every night from 18:00 to 24:00.
Let’s actively challenge and get challenge rewards and final rewards! In addition, you can raise the level of the “supply order” in the support quest, and you can receive rewards according to the level. If you complete the support quest, you can get 1.5th anniversary gifts, and if you reach a certain number of gifts, you will receive support rewards such as limited skins for the “Type 99A Tank”!
In addition, if you purchase the 1st and a half anniversary
replenishment order, you can get more luxurious support rewards. 4. Boss battle
There are 1 to 10 boss battles, and you can earn rewards by
challenging or defeating the boss. Boss ranks are opened one by one per day, and you can get challenge rewards every time you challenge. You can challenge 8 times with diamonds once a day for free! Challenge reward diamond x20
Final blow reward diamond x 100, commemorative box x 2
Rewards for all servers after defeating: event recruitment ticket x 1, commemorative box (the number of commemorative boxes you receive varies depending on your rank)
*In addition, there are ranking rewards for boss battles of each rank. 5. Lucky bag
In the 1st Anniversary Lucky Bag, you can select and get one of the limited SSR Senki, and you can also select one of the five camps and get the SSR Senki “Zero” of that camp! Useful for developing powerful limited SSR Senki.
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6. Commemorative fishing
If you use the 1.5th anniversary bait to fish at any fishing ground, you have a certain chance of getting a golden Nishikigoi! Golden Nishikigoi can be exchanged for various items at the 1.5th Anniversary Fishing Shop.
7. Limited costume shop
In addition to the new “Warspite” exclusive skins, there are also exclusive skins from past events such as Naiad – “Extraordinary Experience” Peace Boat – “Autumn Hometown” Fokker Dr.1 – “Pumpkin Castle Queen”. Available from the limited costume shop!
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Appearance costume
・Warspite – 1.5th Anniversary Skin “Autumn Leaves”
・Naiad – “Extraordinary experience”
・Peace Boat – “Autumn Hometown”
Fokker Dr.1 – “Queen of Pumpkin Castle”
・FC-1 Owl Dragon – “Koryu Cloud Rain”
・Type 90-II Tank – “Ichimoku Senju”
・A-20 – “Red Rose Alice”
・F8F Bearcat – “Showtime”
・ Sherman Firefly – “Shouka Seigetsu”
・Foodle – “Rhythm Fantasy”
・ Vittorio – “White flowers blooming on the beach”
Voice actor signature colored paper lottery event is being held! Win a colored paper of a popular voice actor appearing in Counter Arms! A 14-day daily gift campaign is being held on Twitter every week!
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[Image 14d77717-43-f12569eda4f26eb53121-13.png&s3=77717-43-b001ba2a939fffcdaefcafe9d00db235-1200x600.png
You can easily apply by following & RT. Please see the schedule below for the lottery schedule. By all means, please aim for your favorite characters and voice actors and participate!
Click here to participate!
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CounterArms/media
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◆ What is “Counter Arms”?
Galazio, a planet far from Earth. There, a battle between the enemies called “Mechanical Beasts” and the Senki was unfolding. As the “commander”, you will meet Senki and fight alongside them.
Land, sea, and air weapons are gathered! Let’s defeat the evil conspiracy with beautiful girls who are personified from weapons and save the world! With easy one-handed controls and auto-battle & leave, you can easily play anywhere!
[Image 17d77717-43-740dd24a8a3f091b0d09-16.png&s3=77717-43-31c78ab497bf09b71e06dbea168a0328-1280x749.png
[Image 18d77717-43-1e217cd758df41116931-17.jpg&s3=77717-43-2f5ceac3b82b1da386519fa66c68a01d-216x216.jpg
◆ Game overview
Title: Counter Arms
Genre: Weapon anthropomorphic girl RPG
Supported devices: iOS/Android
Price: Basic free (some in-game purchases available)
Operator: Ujoy Games
About Ujoy games
Ujoy games is working on the research and development of high-quality smartphone games and distributing them all over the world, with the theme of “making life more interesting”. In Japan, game titles such as the orthodox multi-online RPG “Genso Densetsu -Boken Kitan of the Far East-” and the labyrinth exploration RPG “Soultide” are now being distributed! Ujoy games is headquartered in Shanghai, China, and has experienced staff all over the world, including Korea and Japan. For more information about Ujoy games, please visit our official website https://www.ujoygames.com/ (English/Chinese).

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