UjoyGames Ltd. Highest rare implementation! Orthodox online RPG “Genso Densetsu” 4 types of the highest rarity SP war spirits, including Japan-limited war spirits and Amaterasu, are being implemented in sequence! Introducin g the guild function!

Ujoy Games Ltd.
[Highest rare implementation! ] Orthodox online RPG “Genso Densetsu” 4 types of the highest rarity SP war spirits, including Japan-limited war spirits and Amaterasu, are being implemented in sequence! Introducing the guild function!

Ujoy Games announced that in the new multi-online RPG “Genso Densetsu ~Boken Kitan of the Far East~”, which was released in October and is currently being distributed with great popularity, the highest rarity SP war spirits, including the Japanese limited war spirits Amaterasu, will be released. We are pleased to inform you that the server is being implemented sequentially!
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This is a legendary story that has been handed down from tens of thousands of years ago-Ujoy Games announced today (November 11, 2022) that the multi-online RPG “Genso Densetsu ~Boken Kitan of the Far East~”, which was released last month, has a Japanese story. We are pleased to inform you that we have implemented 4 SP War Avatar, which are the highest rarity, including the limited Amaterasu Amaterasu, and are doing PU one by one! Also, today we will introduce the “Guild” function, which is indispensable for online play!
The 4 SP War Spirits that are being implemented on the server are released at once!
■Only available in Japan! SP War Spirit “Amaterasu”
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The SP war spirit “Amaterasu”, which is currently only available in the Japan region, has a Japanese motif in its design and is treated like a robe of feathers, making it look exactly like Amaterasu Omikami. His special move “Shinra Bansho” summons a huge amount of energy power and emits a huge amount of energy within its range. Also, you can increase the damage according to the HP lost by the target, so it is very powerful when you become an ally!
■ SP War Spirit “Founder of Teirin”
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The progenitor of Teirin is a war spirit that uses lightning to fight. His special move “Rage of Mad Thunder” possesses the character and deals 8211% damage to enemies within a 10m radius.
■ SP War Spirit “Battle Victory Buddha”
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Combat Victory Buddha is the spirit of war that has been enlightened by practicing goodness. With its special move “Nyoi Tenyaki”, it can transform into a small monkey king, and then enter a Haki state and slam the enemy into the ground with a Nyoi stick!
■ SP War Spirit “Sword God of the Blue Sky”
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The Sword God of the Blue Sky is the god of all swords, whose existence itself is said to be unique. His special move “Houmei Rinkide” possesses the character and unleashes a large sideways slash in a 10m radius! In addition, characters who are possessed will have no debuffs, so it is suitable for quickly closing the game!
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That concludes the introduction of the 4 SP War Avatar, the highest rarity. Since “Genso Densetsu” uses a system where the PU period differs depending on the server start time, players are encouraged to directly check which spirits have been PUd on the server they are participating in. Also, the 4 SP War Avatar PUs change every 6 days, so don’t miss this opportunity if you want to get a powerful War Avatar!
*The SP War Spirits and Amaterasu introduced this time may be implemented in other regions in the future. Please note.
Click here to install! (iOS/Android common)

Introducing the guild function, a classic online RPG!
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This time, I would like to introduce the guild function of “Genso Densetsu” to all the spirit users.
If you join a guild, you can use various contents. Today, we will explain a wide range from basic functions to siege battles where you can enjoy GvG!
Basic functions▼
1. Account
Here, guild members (hereafter referred to as guild men) can obtain guild contribution values ​​by donating a certain amount of treasure. Donations are collected as guild funds and used to raise the guild level. When the guild level goes up, facilities that can be used from “Guild Building” will be released!
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2. Warehouse
This is where Gilmen exchange items with each other (War Avatar Skills, Writ Boxes, Map Fragments, etc.).
By depositing items in the warehouse, you can get “warehouse points” that look like coins, and you can get items in the warehouse according to those points!
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3. Labyrinth
There are two types of map exploration: boss battles and treasure hunts. In this treasure hunt, you can drop a large amount of items just by specifying a treasure chest and proceeding with the puzzle! The map has tiers, and clearing 100% unlocks the next tier.
In addition, although you will play solo, you will have to cooperate with Gilmen to explore the map. If you’re lucky, you might be able to get a luxurious reward just by following the path that Gilmen has taken.
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Siege Warfare▼
Siege warfare is a GvG way of playing. There is a huge pillar (dragon pillar) on the map, and it is an offensive and defensive battle. There are a total of 6 rounds per siege, and each round lasts 5 minutes. Succeeds when the defender holds the column for 5 minutes (1 round) or when the attacker captures the enemy column for 5 minutes. The gilt that captures the pillar converts to the defending side in the next round, and scores points for defeating the enemy gilmen.
After the event ends, the guild that occupies the pillar will win, and the guild will receive a special title. In addition, Gilmen who contributed to the victory will be rewarded with personal points. [Image 11

Guild Store ▼
At the shop, you can make purchases using the “guild contribution” that you can obtain at the counter. The highlight of this delicious item is the writ selection box! It’s a rare item that is necessary for title promotion, so be sure to aim for it and accumulate guild contribution points!
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What is “Genso Densetsu ~Boken Kitan of the Far East~”?
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This work is an orthodox multiplayer online RPG where you can enjoy cooperative play and adventure with friends. The biggest attraction is the various formats of battles that connect with friends! Let’s fight by making full use of powerful special moves and skills in melee-style boss battles and guild battles. Also, the “war spirits” that can be put into the party are legendary creatures such as dragons, giraffes, genbu, archaeopteryx, and nine-tailed foxes. After repelling fellow players and powerful bosses, use the drop materials to strengthen the War Avatar, awaken it to a gorgeous appearance, and let it go wild in battle!
[Image 15d77717-42-d9a0327f5d75b1445366-14.png&s3=77717-42-ce9ba9b39af88826ce8e7e19a88dec69-400x400.png
■ “Genso Densetsu ~Far Eastern Adventure Kitan~”
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Category: Multiplayer Online RPG
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)
Distribution model: iOS / Android
Release: October 20, 2022
(C) Ujoy Games Limited
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