Ulkona November 15 Nagano outdoor manufacturer releases new bonfire stand for families

Alps Kiko Co., Ltd.
November 15 Nagano’s outdoor manufacturer releases a new bonfire stand for families
A bonfire stand that is easy on the eyes and allows you to enjoy camping comfortably with a smoke suppression function

My name is Alps Kiko Co., Ltd. (brand name: Urukona), which
manufactures and sells camping equipment in Nagano Prefecture. From November 15th (Tuesday), we will start selling the bonfire stand (product name “Ulkona Hexafire Pit”) at the Ulcona official online shop and Rakuten Ichiba. It has a specification that suppresses smoke, does not sting your eyes, and stabilizes the flame efficiently, so it is a product that can be enjoyed even by people with children who are trying to open a bonfire for the first time.
[Image 1d111407-3-acb942c34def404e4568-5.jpg&s3=111407-3-950687f2ba663332af52e469a115f72f-2500x1667.jpg
Urcona hexafire pit
Many people are stressed by the corona sickness, and more and more people want to be healed by looking at the flames at camps. However, many people give up on bonfires because it is difficult to handle fire and they are not good at smoke.
So I started to think about creating a bonfire stand that even people who are not used to it can use easily, so I made a new bonfire stand with the craftsmen.
By adopting a “secondary combustion system”, it is possible to suppress the generation of smoke, which is often troublesome when making a bonfire, such as staining eyes and smelling clothes. This smoke contains a lot of unburned gas including tar, and by re-burning it, it produces less smoke and efficiently produces high heat. In order to increase the stability at the installation site, it has a “hexagonal” shape, and the main body is made of thick stainless steel so that it can be used for a long time. In order to realize the characteristic “secondary combustion”, it had a complicated structure, and there were difficulties in processing stainless steel, but the experience and technology of veteran craftsmen led to
commercialization. In addition, an “ash removal window” is provided to easily remove ash and ash even during a bonfire, making it easy to use.
I myself have a longing for bonfire cooking and challenged it at a camp with my children. However, the heat was not stable and I could not proceed with cooking well. In addition, the children disliked the smoke from the bonfire because it stung their eyes.
When I talk to people who want to start a bonfire, they talk about their great admiration, but they also confess their concerns about how to handle fire. I would like to work with Japanese craftsmen and help everyone so that you can have a great time at the camp.
Release date: November 15th Sales will begin at the official Urucona online shop and Rakuten Ichiba.
Product Name: Urukona Hexafire Pit
Sales price: 34,900 yen (tax included) Exclusive storage bag included Body material: stainless steel
Size: Width 43cm x Depth 38cm x Height 28cm
Product page URL https://ulkona.online/products/ulkona-ul-0014 Rakuten product URL https://item.rakuten.co.jp/auc-gostray/ul-0014/ [Image 2d111407-3-51bded0af6e964c8ab3d-1.jpg&s3=111407-3-13352abe18c563fb572a9288de983fc1-2500x1667.jpg
Camping meals are fun with stable heat power
[Image 3d111407-3-9db9dd643a869ed5a9f5-2.jpg&s3=111407-3-0dc4d1e00232cdde4656702e1205ecde-2500x2153.jpg
All-over ash-collecting windows
[Image 4d111407-3-bc446fcdbe9ed0eb193e-3.jpg&s3=111407-3-f4dd4abae6ec3768c334d77a615ba597-1667x2500.jpg
Comes with a special bag for easy carrying
[Image 5d111407-3-0c180ea5930d31313ed5-4.jpg&s3=111407-3-3a1792f99fe7e6893738aabf93258265-2500x1667.jpg
Light weight makes it easy for women

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