Ultimate broccoli and chicken breast A Christmas gift campaign will be held for 10,000 people at Uber Eats in collaboration with YouTuber Hikaru!

[Ultimate broccoli and chicken breast] A Christmas gift campaign will be held for 10,000 people at Uber Eats in collaboration with YouTuber Hikaru!
Uber Eats is running a Xmas campaign where you can purchase the ultimate broccoli and chicken breast for 200 yen off!

DORAYAKI Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director Kosuke Tsukamoto), which operates “Ultimate Broccoli and Chicken Breast”, has collaborated with YouTuber Hikaru from November 24th and can purchase products at a great price within Uber Eats. We would like to inform you that we have started a Christmas gift campaign.
[Image 1d57696-13-3168c41dc4a47c0dfa5d-0.png&s3=57696-13-465fa7c20c4d1dd72e689c55366ea7fa-1440x1152.png
Campaign banner creation: hmng (Representative work: ONE PIECE FILM RED theme song Ado “New era” MV production)
Ultimate Broccoli and Chicken Breast Official Website https://qbt-jp.com Campaign details
Period November 24, 2022 (Thursday) to December 25, 2022 (Sunday) Details When purchasing “Ultimate Broccoli and Chicken Breast” at Uber Eats, if you use the promotion code (*) and order the product price at 1,200 yen or more including tax, you will get 200 yen off.
Promotion code (*) UEQBT2211EE
・Applicable to all customers who purchase during the period
・Can be used once per person
・ Click here for other notes https://qbt-jp.com/blogs/campaign/2022xmas Video URL https://youtu.be/JG-MmSwclh0 (YouTube Hikaru channel) [Image 2d57696-13-c3a821c6ad16d5cb1942-1.png&s3=57696-13-38a1d32f3842908ab922623de040d869-1179x659.png
[Image 3d57696-13-28a79b4f665dc16add3a-2.png&s3=57696-13-94df644f8156964acae48f84f7396f71-1179x658.png
Comment from Tsukamoto, CEO of DORAYAKI Co., Ltd.
This time, we have planned a Christmas present campaign in the YouTube video with Hikaru!
There are many fun events during the year-end and New Year holidays, and it is a season where health tends to be disturbed due to overeating and drinking. While enjoying the event at the event, let’s eat the ultimate broccoli and chicken breast with this campaign on days when there is nothing in particular, and get through the year-end and New Year holidays with a feeling of zero plastic!
What is the ultimate broccoli and chicken breast?
[Image 4d57696-13-172b7e109ba3a1760702-3.png&s3=57696-13-ebbaae7eff1b5cb0ab19f531a5a4b757-1601x1196.png
The ultimate broccoli and chicken breast was born under the concept of “so that everyone can continue to eat a stoic low-sugar diet”. A food brand.
[Image 5d57696-13-34cac42a6557deb0b3b8-4.jpg&s3=57696-13-bb953f9c308368fcc2ac54d3bcc7da33-1500x1500.jpg
Seasonings carefully selected from dozens of varieties ordered from all over the country, using chicken breast meat, which is
overwhelmingly high in protein and low sugar among meats such as beef, pork, and chicken, and broccoli, which has an excellent balance of vitamins and minerals. 1g, 1 second cooking time, 1°C heating temperature increments.
Approximately 54g of protein can be ingested in one meal (in the case of a standard size of 300g).
If you want to eat right now with delivery
You can order from this link or an online delivery app such as Uber Eats by searching for “ultimate broccoli”. https://bit.ly/qbt_ubereats If you want to purchase from the online store
You can order from this link or by searching for “ultimate broccoli” on Google. https://bit.ly/qbt_onlinestore
Company Profile
Company name DORAYAKI Co., Ltd.
Head Office 1-28-2 Shoto, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0046
Kosuke Tsukamoto, Representative Director
Established January 2020
Inquiry https://form.run/@qbt-inquiry
Official website https://qbt-jp.com
Official Twitter https://twitter.com/qbtjpn
Official Instagram https://www.instagram.com/qbt.jpn
Official LINE https://page.line.me/qbtjpn
Representative Twitter https://twitter.com/QBT_CEO
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