Umebo 15th “RE” PLAY “Shin Cross Ginger Hurricane” official interview with Kiichi Tsuruno and Shoji Toya ma from Umebo

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Umebo 15th “RE” PLAY “Shin Cross Ginger Hurricane” official interview with Kiichi Tsuruno and Shoji Toyama from Umebo
“Cross Ginger Hurricane” is a work that requires a feeling of passion that cannot be created with superficiality (Toyama)

November 18th (Friday) to 27th (Sunday) at Tokyo Sunshine Theater, December 3rd (Saturday) and 4th (Sunday) at Nagoya City Arts Center, December 8th (Thursday) to 10th (Sunday) On Saturday), we will perform “Umebo 15th ‘RE’ PLAY ‘Shin Cross Ginger Hurricane'” at COOL JAPAN PARK OSAKA TT Hall. This work will be a repeat performance of Umebo’s 4th PLAY “Cross Ginger Hurricane”, which was performed at Haiyuza Theater and ABC Hall from August to September 2015.
This time, we will deliver an official interview with Kiichi Tsuruno and Shoji Toyama from Umebo.
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――This stage will be a repeat performance of “Cross Ginger Hurricane” that you staged in 2015. First of all, I would like to ask you about the first performance seven years ago.
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(C)Katsumi Minamoto
Tsuruno: Memories of the main story!? Oh, there is!! I won’t go into details because it would be a spoiler, but I think the first time I cried with Ume-san (Yusuke Umezawa) was “Cross Ginger Hurricane.” There is such a scene. It’s the first time or the only one. Other than that, I’ve never cried because of Ume-san (laughs). However, it is in “Cross Ginger Hurricane” and it might be my favorite scene.
Toyama: You’ve been saying that all along.
Tsuruno: I have a feeling it’s going to come back again this time. (laughs)
–(smile). And this time it will be performed as “Shin Cross Ginger Hurricane”, what do you think is the appeal of this work?
Tsuruno: This is the 15th performance of Umebo, and it is the most powerful work out of the 15. Also, the color of junior high school boys’ school is strong. That is our strength.
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(C)Katsumi Minamoto
Toyama: Also, it’s a simple way to say that everyone can feel the summer’s encounters and partings, or is there something like a moment of youth, which is easy to sympathize with? What? On stage and in the audience, I feel like I can become one with the joys and sorrows of summer, and I like that.
Tsuruno: Looking back on the work, “Cross Ginger Hurricane” may be a rather rare way to start among Umebo. The first song has an important role to convey the world view, but this work incorporates it well while valuing the emotion.
Toyama: From the opening, this work has a feeling of slowly entering, as if you are slowly imagining the emotions, emotions, and scenery. Tsuruno: This may only start with “Cross Ginger Hurricane” and the first performance “Stance”. It’s kind of like the old (Ito)
Konjin-san, or rather, Konjin-san liked that kind of feeling, so it might be a rare case now. I’m not sure which one is better, but maybe there are some differences between the color of Mr. Konjin and the color of Umebo at the time. I personally thought that it was an opening that showed personality.
Toyama: Certainly.
Tsuruno: I hope he doesn’t read this… (laughs).
――In that sense, it might look a little fresh to people who have recently started watching plum sticks.
Tsuruno: That might be true. Because plum sticks often start with wachawacha. Also, “Cross Ginger Hurricane” is a type of work that makes your heart burn and heat up.
Toyama: The main premise is that you have to have that mentality. I don’t know why it’s like that, but I think it’s absolutely useless without it.
Tsuruno: I’m in charge of the opening this time, but I always think about the efficiency of the choreography, but I think it’s different for this work, and I’m making the choreography while thinking that a little unreasonableness is necessary. Otherwise, there would be no point in doing this.
Toyama: However, at the moment, rehearsals have just started, and it’s hard work, so I can’t feel any positive emotions (laughs). After the dance, everyone gets down on their knees and poses like they’re in pain.
Tsuruno: From now on. From now on! (smile)
――I would also like to ask about your rehearsals. Is there a difference between having a guest performer and just playing Umebo? [Image 4

(C)Katsumi Minamoto
Toyama: I’m shy, so I’m always nervous when it comes to guest performers. You can directly feel “Oh, it’s fun!” Opinions were actively expressed from the beginning, and until before, while adjusting the movements, it felt like it was OK! . (Naraki) I find myself enjoying each and every one of those things, like Kazuya being funny.
Tsuruno: There are a lot of people who care about Umebo, so I did my best to liven things up and go get laughter, and there was a part where I was happy that the guest performers were happy. But now it’s become a lot of fun to do it with just plum sticks. I think again, I like plum sticks. Through this work, I feel that the energy that is born from me is directly to Umebo.
Toyama: Come to think of it, let’s get back to talking about “Cross Ginger Hurricane”. Before I went to study abroad, Tsuru-chan (Tsuruno) was not the aggressive comedy girl she is now, and I got the impression that she was shy. Of course, he was a passionate dancer, but he wasn’t the type to make people laugh or act funny. However, when I returned to Umebo, I became extremely aggressive. I really remember thinking to myself, “Why is it so funny!?”
Tsuruno: That feeling may be more present now.
Toyama: Tsuru-chan’s laughter batting average has improved as he’s gotten older, and he’s been able to use techniques from various angles to make shots. That’s why I have expectations that the goal scoring rate will be higher than when it was first performed. I’m looking forward to it.
Tsuruno: But I can only hit hits. Not a home run… Our Yusuke Umezawa and now graduated Takataku Iino can only hit home runs! Even though I’m thinking hard, working hard, and hitting hits all the time, these two hit home runs in an instant… The hits I hit are small laughs. We’ve been mass-producing couscous for a long time…
Toyama: That’s not true. I’ve been hitting home runs lately. I played it when I played Foyubo (Foyu meets Umebo “Only 1, NOT No.1” / to be performed from July to August 2022). Home run!
Tsuruno: No, no! Mass production of small laughs when using the Foyu stick!! Not a home run!! (laughs)
–(smile). Finally, please give a message to everyone who is looking forward to the performance of “Shin Cross Ginger Hurricane”. [Image 5

(C)Katsumi Minamoto
Tsuruno: Those who watched it 7 years ago will be able to go back in time and think “Ah, Umebo hasn’t changed”, and there are parts that make you feel like 7 years have passed. I think there is. For those who see Umebo for the first time, this is what Umebo is, this is entertainment, this is heat! I want to deliver that with “Shin Cross Ginger Hurricane”.
Toyama: I think that “Cross Ginger Hurricane” itself is a work that must have the original spirit of Umebo, the passion. When we were challenging ourselves in a contest, we first thought that it was important to know how we were dancing and how we tackled it. Umebo says that “dance is a feeling” is fundamentally there, and if you don’t express that feeling and deliver excitement, whether it’s crying or laughing, you won’t be moved. I always think that it’s important how much the members put their hearts into their performances, but “Cross Ginger Hurricane” is a work that requires the passion of feelings that can’t be created in a superficial way. Somewhere, there is also a place to see our way of life. We ourselves continue to play Umebo, and we all love it, and we all have that feeling, and that’s why we’ve been able to do it so far. So, rather than asking you to look at yourself, I want you to look at these wonderful members. I hope you enjoy it. It’s selfish, but it’s different from the performance of Sonjosokora. I think it’s interesting that these guys have different feelings. I hope you enjoy it.
Interview and text = Kana Nagasawa Photography = Katsumi Minamoto ■ Performance overview
[Written and Overall Director] Ito Konjin [Umebo]
[Choreography and supervision] Umebo
Masato Ito, Yusuke Umezawa, Teruichi Tsuruno, Shoji Toyama, Takuya Shiono Masahiko Sakurai, Kazuya Naraki, Kazuki Amano, Yuki Noda, Tadamasu Tawada [Daily guest (in order of appearance date)]
November 20 (Sun) 13:00/18:00…Kensuke Takahashi
November 23 (Wednesday/holiday) 13:00/18:00…Yuki Kogoshi
November 24th (Thursday) 14:00/19:00… Chiba [w-inds.]


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