Umi to Nihon Project Public Relations Office ritokei x Yurakucho micro FOOD & IDEA MARKET Enjoy seafood gourme t carefully selected from about 400 islands nationwide! We will hold “Island Fish Food Week” to eat and compare the fish of the island.

Sea and Japan Project Public Relations Office
ritokei x Yurakucho micro FOOD & IDEA MARKET You can taste carefully selected seafood gourmet from about 400 islands nationwide! We will hold “Island Fish Food Week” to eat and compare the fish of the island.
November 14th (Monday) to November 18th (Friday), 2022 -micro FOOD & IDEA MARKET-

Rito Keizai Shimbun, a specified non-profit organization, will hold a collaboration event “ritokei x Yurakucho micro FOOD & IDEA MARKET “Island Fish Food Week” will be held.
Rito Keizai Shimbun Co., Ltd., which specializes in information dissemination and regional support projects for inhabited remote islands in Japan, collaborates with the Nippon Foundation “Umi to Nihon Project” for the purpose of connecting the treasures of the island nations that exist on the islands of Japan to the future. As a project, we focused on one of the island’s treasures, the fish. Kesennuma Oshima (Miyagi Prefecture), Ieshima (Hyogo Prefecture), Kasadojima ( Prefecture), and Shimano Urashima (Miyazaki Prefecture) are carefully selected from about 400 islands nationwide as an opportunity for you to fully enjoy the finest gourmet cuisine of remote islands known to those in the know. We offer a menu with seafood.
This event is part of the “Nippon Foundation ‘Sea and Japan Project'” that connects people through the sea in order to hand over the sea to the next generation.
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Taste and compare “island fish” sent directly from four islands! From November 14th (Monday) to 18th (Friday) during “Island Fish Food Week”, at “micro FOOD & IDEA MARKET” in Yurakucho, Kesennuma Oshima (Miyagi Prefecture), Ieshima (Hyogo Prefecture), We offer a menu using seafood from Kasado Island ( Prefecture) and Shimanoura Island (Miyazaki Prefecture).
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-Overview of ritokei×micro FOOD & IDEA MARKET “Island Fish Food Week”-
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From Miyagi Prefecture in the north to Miyazaki Prefecture in the south. “Island fish” that the islands are proud of
Oysters from Kesennuma Oshima (Miyagi Prefecture)
Oysters from Kesennuma Oshima are characterized by their size. We offer gratin of oysters that grow large and have plenty of flavor, cultivated in plankton-rich waters where mineral-rich water from the mountains flows into the rias coast.
[Image 3d77920-1274-a39ca8c9529731a85399-10.png&s3=77920-1274-38528c054771b180d797796e81b34145-636x359.png
Small shrimp from Ieshima (Hyogo Prefecture)
In Ieshima, red shrimp and tiger shrimp that are about 5 to 7 centimeters in length and are often caught in the summer by bottom trawling are called koebi (small shrimp). Shrimp curry is a typical home-cooked dish of Ieshima. You can enjoy the rich shrimp flavor. [Image 4d77920-1274-1dcf7e8d4710ec4e5b87-9.png&s3=77920-1274-ecbf7a2ec30a73aef035c85d9a2dee7c-609x319.png
“Flound” from Hirado Island ( Prefecture)
Hirado is one of the leading port towns in Japan for wild flounder catches. Due to the fast current, the meat is firm and has a delicious taste. This time, we will serve sautéed flounder with a dugrét-style sauce, one of the French dishes.
[Image 5d77920-1274-6fa99f3ae753a64fec5c-11.png&s3=77920-1274-8fef3163e45ebac125d96700649feb37-610x347.png
Amberjack from Shimano Urashima (Miyazaki Prefecture)
Farmed in a clean, well-drained environment, the fresh, firm amberjack is characterized by its plump texture and sweet taste. This time, we will offer it with black vinegar sauce.
[Image 6d77920-1274-635742e5bea543220396-12.png&s3=77920-1274-eb0950873cb31d793eb15d6638c18eec-610x346.png
-Organization Profile-
Organization name: Rito Keizai Shimbun Co., Ltd.
Group site:
Company media:
Activities: With the mission of “connecting island treasures to the future”, we publish “ritokei”, a media specializing in inhabited remote islands of about 400 inhabited islands in Japan where about 1 million people live, and a company aiming for SDGs. Developing regional development projects in collaboration with local governments, key people on the islands.
[Image 7d77920-1274-69adfa91e3ac721358ea-6.png&s3=77920-1274-ddacee3a1834b409ccbbc994c25847be-512x147.png
The Nippon Foundation “Sea and Japan Project”
The sea supports the lives of Japanese people in various ways, and sometimes gives us peace of mind, excitement, and inspiration. This is an all-Japan project in which children and people all over the country see the current state of environmental deterioration in the sea as something that belongs to them, and spread the circle of action to pass on the sea to the future. is.

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