Umi to Nihon Project Public Relations Secretariat Ten fifth and sixth grade elementary school students put dow n locally produced candles to raise fish “Know the future of the sea to age age” Waido no Um i” was held!

Sea and Japan Project Public Relations Office
Ten 5th and 6th grade elementary school students grate locally produced candles to become age fish kids – Oma age fish campaign – “Let’s learn about the future of the sea – Let’s judge and learn! Wild sea”. did!
November 9, 2022 (Wednesday) 10:15-12:25 Oma Municipal Okudo Elementary School
The Executive Committee for Creating the Future of the Sea and Oma aims to arouse interest in the hometown sea and to protect the rich sea through the experience of handling, cooking and eating local white fish “Candle Atka mackerel”. In order to nurture the spirit of taking action on one’s own initiative, we collaborated with Okudo Elementary School in Oma Town to hold the event “The Future of the Sea: Let’s judge it and learn about it! Wide Sea” on November 9th.
This event is part of the “Nippon Foundation ‘Sea and Japan Project'” that connects people through the sea in order to pass on the rich and beautiful sea to the next generation.
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Event overview
・Outline: In the home economics kitchen of an elementary school, you will receive one-on-one guidance from a lecturer, and prepare the local “candle atka mackerel” from scratch and grate it into three pieces to make atka mackerel cutlet. In addition, we make curry rice with minced Atka mackerel called “Uo-kko Curry” and put Atka mackerel cutlet on top to make “Atka Mackerel Cutlet Curry” and eat it with everyone.
・Schedule: November 9, 2022 (Wednesday) 10:15-12:25
・Venue: Oma Town Okudo Elementary School
・Participating children: 10 (5th and 6th graders from Okudo Elementary School) ・Cooperation: Fishing boat “Seiryu Maru” Junji Aratani, Okudo Fisheries Cooperative Women’s Division, Oma Town Board of Education Three slices of local candle atka mackerel! I tried it myself and it worked! These days, there are many children who prefer meat to fish, even though they live in the seaside town of Oma. Combined with the children’s favorite curry and rice, we created a menu that allows you to experience “Fish is delicious!” By trying to handle fish from scratch, the aim is to create a sense of accomplishment that you can do it yourself, and to arouse interest in locally caught fish and make you feel like eating it.
Candle Atka mackerel is small, around 20 centimeters long, and thin before it gets fat. Because they live in groups, they get caught in large numbers in the nets used to catch squid and cod, but they learn in advance that they are not being used locally. The children looked at the fish up close in the kitchen and touched it, and seemed satisfied. First, Mr. Junji Aratani, an instructor, showed us how to handle a kitchen knife and taught us how to use a kitchen knife. After that, we were divided into three groups and tried to handle it with one-on-one guidance from each instructor. Remove the scales, separate the head and internal organs, and grate into three pieces. Some children struggled with the first experience, but all of them were able to handle the fish well!
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Pour over the “sea curry” containing minced Atka mackerel and tsuruarame and enjoy!
After finishing the most difficult fish handling experience, the children seemed to be filled with a sense of accomplishment. After that, they happily put batter on the Atka mackerel and prepared curry ingredients in a pot. Ingredients include atka mackerel minced with skin and bones, and powdered local seaweed and tsuruarame. An original curry with a rich flavor of the sea, devised by chef Shinpei Kurihara for the children of Oma Town. Curry is completed when the cutlet is crispy. Pour it over the Atka mackerel cutlet and enjoy it with everyone.
First of all, eat the Atka mackerel cutlet. I heard a nice crisp sound. Some children even had three refills! Actually, the child did not like fish. It seems that he realized the deliciousness of fish, which he was not good at, because he handled, cooked and ate the fish that live in the wide (our) sea that can be seen right next to the school. This experience must have given them the opportunity to take action on their own, saying, “Let’s make the future even better by protecting the bountiful sea!” We all finished eating and were full. Thank you for the blessings of the sea!
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Comments from participating children and teachers
・It was my first time to grate three pieces, so it was difficult. ・Uokko cutlet curry was delicious, so I want to make it at home with my family. ・I learned that such delicious fish live in the sea of ​​Oma. ・I learned that we are polluting the sea. From now on, I want to protect the sea.
・(Impression from the teacher) I was worried about what would happen with Sanmai Oroshi, but I am grateful that I was able to have a valuable experience with careful one-on-one guidance.
-Organization Profile-
Organization name: Sea and Oma Future Creation Executive Committee URL:
Activities: To protect the various treasures of the sea and to help Oma children grow up knowing about the sea. Activities to create a movement to eat locally caught fish happily and deliciously
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The Nippon Foundation “Sea and Japan Project”
The sea supports the lives of Japanese people in various ways, and sometimes gives us peace of mind, excitement, and inspiration. This is an all-Japan project in which children and people all over the country see the current state of environmental deterioration in the sea as something that belongs to them, and spread the circle of action to pass on the sea to the future. is.

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