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unbot For Chinese EC staff/brands Paid report “Latest EC & SNS market trends in China (2022)” officially launched

[For Chinese EC staff/brands] Paid report “Latest EC & SNS market trends in China (2022)” officially launched

Unbot Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President: Hideyoshi Nakamachi), which provides EC store management support for the Chinese and Southeast Asian markets, is for brand-like EC staff in China and those involved in digital marketing in Greater China. We are pleased to inform you that we will sell the paid report “Latest EC & SNS Market Trends in China (2022)”.
Features of this report
Unbot, which has acquired Tmall and Tmall International official TP and has a history of winning 5-star ratings, the highest rank among EC management agencies, will launch the first edition in 2021 “The latest EC & SNS market trends in China. (2021)” was well received, so we decided to sell the updated version in 2022.
In the 2022 update, we have prepared more detailed content, from basics to applications, such as introducing basic knowledge of Chinese EC, updating data, and the latest trend information, making use of the voices of customers who purchased last year. We will support the understanding of the Chinese market for those in charge of Chinese EC and those involved in marketing in Greater China.
It is a book that condenses the know-how of Chinese EC management and Greater China digital marketing that unbot has independently cultivated for 10 years.
\Recommended for such people/
1, I would like to know the overall market situation and scale in China as a factor to consider when developing our own products in China.
2. We are considering expanding into China using cross-border e-commerce, and would like to understand the scheme and current trends.
3, I would like to know marketing methods and consumer trends when expanding into China.
4, I would like to know the basic information and how to use the major platforms of China’s e-commerce.
Basic information
◇ Report title: “Latest EC & SNS Market Trends in China (2022)” ◇ Sales price: 100,000 yen (excluding tax)
*Customers who purchased last year will receive a 20% discount of 80,000 yen (excluding tax).
◇ Delivery data format: PDF data ◇ Number of pages: 113 pages *Subject to change report sample

[Image 1d30089-30-c36641ae6886804cf40c-6.png&s3=30089-30-63dbe98a80baa858317a257c616ca88c-1304x702.png

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[Image 4d30089-30-4203bc36edbc16faed29-8.png&s3=30089-30-4e0f57eb7ecee0f786a41f13a809ead5-850x480.png
Sale of trial version
For those who are interested in the contents of this report and are considering purchasing it, a trial version of the paid report is also available on our media note “Chai Topi! @ China Information”. Please see the link below.
◇ Chai Topi! @ China information URL: ◇ Paid report trial version URL: How to apply
If you are considering purchasing this report, please contact us from the “Contact Us” section below, specifying “Regarding reservations for the latest EC & SNS market trends in China (2022)” and filling in the necessary information.
◇Inquiry form
Main contents of the report
Chapter 1 Chinese EC Market Overview and Consumption Trends
1-1 Chinese market environment
1-2 Chinese EC market environment
1-3 Consumption trends of Generation Z (after 95)
Chapter 2 Chinese EC Market
2-1 Overall global EC market
2-2 About domestic EC general trade in China
2-3 About China domestic EC cross-border EC
2-4 China’s cross-border EC policy
2-5 Future prospects for Chinese EC
Chapter 3 Main EC/SNS Platforms in China
3-1 Introduction to Chinese EC and major platforms
3-2 Introduction of major platforms for Chinese SNS
Chapter 4 China Digital Marketing
4-1 Changes in consumption trends in China
4-2 KOL Marketing
4-3 Live commerce marketing
4-4 Marketing using representatives
Chapter 5 2021 Double Eleven Bulletin
5-1 Overview of Double Eleven
5-2 Review of Double Eleven in 2021
5-3 Double Eleven 2022
About unbot Inc.
[Image 5d30089-30-d84bbce626055adb82ae-4.png&s3=30089-30-e017fabd91d04633997193be86e9b602-850x176.png
unbot Co., Ltd. has operating bases in China (Shanghai/Beijing), and as a global EC partner, supports EC store operations for the Chinese and Southeast Asian markets, and develops a digital marketing business that specializes in the Chinese region. In addition, we provide the data management platform (DMP) “TERAS” developed from our own EC store management know-how, and “IP entertainment content” that disseminates the appeal of entertainment such as Japanese manga, anime, and idols to overseas markets. “I’m working on a business.
Since its founding in 2011, with the mission of “the company that creates the most memories in the world”, IT We aim to create “memories” by utilizing the power of , expand corporate value, and achieve further development.
Company name: unbot Co., Ltd.
Representative: Hideyoshi Nakamachi, President and Representative Director Location: Kearney Place Gotanda 5th Floor, 8-8-15 Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-6421-7802
Fax: 03-6421-7812
Established: November 2014 (Established: September 2011)
Business description:
◇ Media planning
・SNS operation
・KOL/KOC promotion
・Live commerce planning/operation
◇ EC-related services
・China domestic & cross-border EC operation
・ ASEAN cross-border EC operation
・Video creative production
◇Business Development
・Introduction of DMP/CDP
・Effect measurement of PR measures
・IP & Entertainment
Details about this release:

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