Understand multiculturalism by learning examples of life troubles of foreigners through manga! Crowdfunding started

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Understand multiculturalism by learning examples of life troubles of foreigners through manga! Crowdfunding started

Manga fosters the ability to accept Japan, which is heading towards a multicultural society, and the ability to survive in Japanese people who are going out into the world! Created a 4-panel manga about 100 episodes of actual life troubles (misunderstandings caused by differences in culture and values) of foreigners living in Japan, and produced a collection of hints for multicultural understanding. We started crowdfunding with the aim of creating a society that enjoys differences.
■What do you do? Crowdfunding challenge until December 27th! Otonaki, a joint company that solves social issues with the power of content, has started a project to raise funds for manga production on the crowdfunding platform “GoodMorning”. The challenge period is from Friday, November 11, 2022 to Tuesday, December 27, 2022. We look forward to hearing from you, spreading the word, and supporting you. ・Crowdfunding page URL
■What kind of manga? Purpose of the project and examples of manga (samples) A 4-panel manga about real life troubles of foreigners living in Japan. Misunderstandings arising from differences in culture and values ​​lead to simulated experiences of a foreigner’s point of view, and the content is to notice the cultural gap between Japanese society and foreign countries. There are laughter, there is learning, please see the two sample works with comments from the episode provider. [Image 1d98778-2-935ea4e342334c2c9368-0.jpg&s3=98778-2-745090715e738e03ef244d15c7ca1617-906x509.jpg
[Image 2d98778-2-5e7a48182985506e91e2-1.jpg&s3=98778-2-c5a8544c9e4c6ab148f08a1a6e584f72-890x501.jpg
[Image 3d98778-2-f435a14ba63fe640c0f0-2.jpg&s3=98778-2-9bfe9cd3ad7b226634e650306359e6aa-901x507.jpg
[Image 4d98778-2-43a0a6c59314bde1dcd3-3.jpg&s3=98778-2-56129b92715c05013d3a408423dc0909-900x507.jpg
Commentary from the person who told you the episode:
“It seems that a young Vietnamese man thought the hot spring symbol (♨) was coffee and entered a public bath thinking it was a cafe. It’s a mark you don’t see over there, and it must be a misunderstanding because it’s steamy. 』
[Image 5d98778-2-c3a724fa078aa1258be7-4.jpg&s3=98778-2-3ec68c3b557eccea6a8a5f9a2de11e96-877x493.jpg
[Image 6d98778-2-24d0ea53aa062d75e30a-5.jpg&s3=98778-2-69dfe963d338e46bf94e9305363ebf4a-885x497.jpg
[Image 7d98778-2-fb84e7a17b334bba0261-6.jpg&s3=98778-2-77623f14bf844d47ea71f18d3a8be93f-885x498.jpg
[Image 8d98778-2-836bb65502c1412e285a-7.jpg&s3=98778-2-a92e8871151fe2971ad43bc7b2a2d531-889x500.jpg
Commentary from the person who told you the episode:
“When I saw a vase of chrysanthemums on the teacher’s desk, I was surprised, thinking, ‘Teacher bullying!? Later, when I asked my students about it, they said, “It’s a beautiful Japanese flower.” 』 ■Why? I want to spread opportunities for multicultural understanding Today, Japan is moving toward multiculturalism and multinationalism at an unprecedented speed. One of the reasons is the acceptance of foreign workers against the backdrop of domestic labor shortages. The number of technical intern trainees and specified skilled workers has increased 2.15 times over the nine years from 2012 to 2021 (151,477 → 325,789 / Immigration Services Agency statistics).
Also, regarding the future of Japanese people, there have been increasing reports that people can earn more money by working abroad. Ten years from now, when elementary school students reach adulthood, the psychological barrier between Japan and other countries (the world) will be so low that they can easily cross over, and working abroad should be the standard choice.
The essential skill there is “multicultural understanding”.
It is necessary both for the multiculturalization of Japanese society and for the migration of Japanese people abroad. In the midst of this, I created the manga I mentioned at the beginning of this article as a way to start living in Japan. We assume the following usage. ・”Japanese who work with foreigners” learn the obvious difference. ・“Foreigners” learn about Japanese customs and culture before and after coming to Japan.
・”Teachers of elementary and junior high schools and high schools” use it as a collection of fun examples in diversity education.
・Used as a supplementary teaching material for an episodic Japanese language education with a “Japanese teacher”.
・Used as a supplementary teaching material for Japanese language education in “local Japanese classes and cultural exchanges”. ・Use it as a collection of cases where “a company that hires foreigners” happened due to an obvious difference.
・Use it as a collection of cases where “landlords who provide housing for foreigners” happened due to obvious differences.
Crowdfunding is ongoing until 23:59 on Tuesday, December 27, 2022. We look forward to hearing from you, spreading the word, and supporting you. ■ About Otonaki LLC
[Image 9d98778-2-4e602cadfc8d1fa45520-9.jpg&s3=98778-2-32602752723b53c27536130b18cf1b88-250x250.jpg
Established in 2021. With the vision of “creating a world where values ​​intersect”, we develop and sell multicultural exchange support tools. In addition to “Learning Japanese Life with Manga”, COMIGRAM, which combines illustrations and two languages, is now available. [Image 10d98778-2-b3572912a7a05fe2c5cf-10.jpg&s3=98778-2-9716545d3332e03ec9d895099db02c11-3508x2480.jpg
An example of COMIGRAM
・COMIGRAM public page
[Image 11d98778-2-b1b326cfe2a966a1c98b-11.png&s3=98778-2-7c6bdb9f1a80497a7718fe2b0ac5684d-700x495.png
A poster summarizing COMIGRAM
・Sales page (poster)
・Click here if you want to know about other products
■ Inquiries
Please contact the following for this project and our products. LLC Otonaki
Head office location: 2232 Kunigami, Wadomari-cho, Oshima-gun, Kagoshima Prefecture 891-9101
Representative employee: Mizushima Takeru
Contact: https://comigram.com/contact/
Details about this release:


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