Uniho Co., Ltd. New information Nagakute City’s new rental garage house “FOREST VILLA” preview and completion site tour will be held!

Uniho Co., Ltd.
[New information] New rental garage house “FOREST VILLA” in Nagakute City will be held for a preview and a tour of the completed site!
Construction of a new rental garage 2,100m from Ghibli Park, which has just opened and is a hot topic November 18th (Friday) and 19th (Saturday), 2022 (for those who wish to move in), December 3rd (Saturday) On the 4th (Sunday) (simultaneously held for those who wish to move in and those who are considering land utilization), a new rental garage house “FOREST VILLA” in Maruyama, Nagakute City, Aichi Prefecture, will be held for those who wish to move in and consider land utilization. We will hold a tour of the completed site for customers.
APT G + COLOR series of high-value-added wooden rental housing with a built-in garage as standard equipment.
A spacious garage with shutters can be used not only as a security measure for cars, but also as a training room, work space, warehouse, etc.
At the tour, you can actually see the details of such a carefully selected garage house.
[Image 1

▲ Exterior perspective
New construction with built-in garage
Large SUVs can be parked with plenty of room, and there is a large garage where bicycles, tools, tires, etc. can be stored. In addition to enjoying hobbies and sports, you can choose how to use it according to your needs, such as remote work in the spacious garage.
In addition, each garage has an electric shutter and supports EV charging. We have adopted facilities that allow you to enjoy your life while also considering the environment.
[Image 2

[Image 3

▲ Garage utilization example (reference image)
The width of the garage shutter is 3.0 to 5.0m, and the effective ceiling height in the garage is 2.5m.
There is also a flat parking lot other than the garage for those who want to use the large space for hobbies and remote work.
Please take a look while imagining how to use it in your own life! The living space on the 2nd floor is also comfortable. There is also a room with a loft.
A private space that brings comfort to the family, the living and dining rooms are designed with comfort in mind.
The floor plan can be selected from one room or 1LDK, and all rooms have lofts for convenient storage.
[Image 4

▲1LDK living room (reference image)
Starting with security cameras and other facilities that ensure a safe and secure life,
We have adopted things that make everyday life comfortable, such as reheating, a bathroom dryer, and a delivery box.
By having a loft, you can make effective use of the space and make the living space look neat.
At the preview, you can see the actual specifications and equipment together with the staff.
“FOREST VILLA” is a rental garage house with a high degree of freedom that can be used according to your own lifestyle.
For those who want to enjoy hobbies and sports, and those who want to use it in various ways, please come and see it in person and talk to the staff. We look forward to welcoming everyone!
[Image 5

[Exhibition overview] Free admission
Event name: “FOREST VILLA” private viewing and completion site tour Date: 1. November 18th (Friday) and 19th (Saturday), 2022 Private viewing for residents No reservation required
2.December 3rd (Sat) and 4th (Sun), 2022 Completed site tour for those considering land utilization (reservation only)
3.December 3rd (Sat) and 4th (Sun), 2022 Private viewing for residents No reservation required
* Reservation is required only if the brokerage shop directly guides the customer
Hours: 10:00-16:00
Building structure: 1LDK + loft + garage x 7 units
1R (one room) + loft + garage x 6 units
Participation fee: Free
Location: Nagakute City, Aichi Prefecture Land readjustment project around Maruyama Park Nishi Station Block 3 4, 5
Linimo Koen Nishi Station: 3 minutes on foot, 2.0 km by car from Nagakute Interchange
Organizer: Uniho Co., Ltd.
*If you come by car, you cannot park on the premises. The parking lot will be announced on the day of the event.
[Click here for reservations and inquiries]
*12/3.4 Reservations are required to visit the completion site tour for those considering land use.
◆ Uniho Co., Ltd. Development Division (For those who wish to make a reservation for 12/3.4)
TEL: 0120-564-003
Reservation: https://kaihatsu.uniho.co.jp/event/
◆ Uniho Co., Ltd. Administration Department
TEL: 052-703-1480
Contact: https://secure.s-bs.jp/site/491/form/kaisha/
Property details: https://www.uniho.co.jp/chintai/new-build/forest-villa/ Details about this release:


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