Unirita Co., Ltd. Co-sponsored online seminar Wing Arc 1st x Unirita “Start now! Recommendations for data utilization to promote manufacturing industry DX” held on Wednesday, December 7

Unirita Co., Ltd.
[Co-sponsored online seminar] Wing Arc 1st x Unirita “Start now! Recommendations for data utilization to promote manufacturing industry DX” held on Wednesday, December 7
-Introduction of DX promotion examples for the manufacturing industry and demonstrations assuming use at production sites-

Unirita Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Hiroyuki Kitano, TSE Standard Market: 3800, hereinafter referred to as Unirita) is Wing Arc 1st Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO : Jun Tanaka, hereinafter referred to as Wing Ark 1st) will hold a free online seminar “Start now! Recommendations for data utilization to promote manufacturing industry DX” from 14:00 on Wednesday, December 7, 2022.
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In this seminar, both companies, which have supported the business execution and management of various companies in the field of “data utilization” for more than 20 years in Japan, will discuss how to start now for the manufacturing industry, which is said to still have a lot of analog work. Introducing digital technology.
Manufacturing DX is indispensable in the manufacturing industry, where efficiency and automation are being promoted worldwide. And “data utilization” is indispensable for achieving DX in the manufacturing industry.
In order to raise the maturity level of “data utilization”, it is necessary not only to solve system problems according to each stage, but also to provide appropriate support such as utilization know-how and human resource development. We will talk about the know-how and technology that both companies have cultivated for more than 20 years, from preparing and collecting the necessary data to visualizing and analyzing data that will lead to successful manufacturing DX. In addition to introducing examples of promoting DX in the
manufacturing industry and demonstrating its use at production sites, we will also have a panel discussion between the two companies and answer the concerns of the participants.
Title: Start now! Recommendations for utilizing data to promote DX in the manufacturing industry
Sponsored / Co-sponsored: Wing Ark 1st Co., Ltd., Unirita Co., Ltd. Date and time: December 7, 2022 (Wednesday) 14: 00-15: 30
Holding method: Online holding by Zoom webinar
Participation fee: Free *Pre-registration required
Participation capacity: 100 people
Application: Please apply from the following URL
https://waha-transformer.com/seminar/wingarc_unirita_manufacturing.html For more information, please visit the seminar page on the Waha! Transformer product site.
・Start now! Recommendations for using data to promote DX in the manufacturing industry (Waha! Transformer product site)
https://waha-transformer.com/seminar/wingarc_unirita_manufacturing.html What is “Waha! Transformer”?
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“Waha! Transformer” is a purely domestic no-code ETL tool boasting over 20 years of operational performance since its launch in 1999. We have installed more than 2,300 licenses, mainly in major companies. In accordance with the Japanese business environment, we have linked and processed various data from core systems to cloud databases, Web APIs and Excel files. The latest version “Waha! Transformer V6.0” was released this fall.
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Unirita Co., Ltd. https://www.unirita.co.jp
Unirita’s strengths are “data management”, “service management” and “process management” in the IT field. Leveraging these strengths, we provide products and services that contribute to business in a digital society and improve operational efficiency and productivity. In addition, in order to support the DX of customers who support sustainable social infrastructure, we are working to expand our business to solve IT, business, and social issues with digital technology.
[Inquiries regarding products and services]
Unirita Corporation Cloud Service Business Headquarters IT Innovation Department https://waha-transformer.com/contact.html

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