Unison Systems Co., Ltd. Our “Thumb Studio” was used for the lecture (live distribution) of the mayor of Kitakyushu on “Tokyo Tech OPen innovation (TTOP)”!

Unison Systems Inc.
Our “Thumb Studio” was used for the lecture (live distribution) of the mayor of Kitakyushu at “Tokyo Tech OPen innovation (TTOP)”!

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Unison Systems Co., Ltd. (head office: Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture; CEO: Tsutomu Imamura; hereinafter referred to as “our company”) is an event related to industry-academia collaboration “Tokyo Tech OPen innovation (TTOP) – beyond the boundaries of academia, to the world.” creating an ecosystem that will bring about change in society!-, hereinafter referred to as “TTOP” (distributed from Tokyo Institute of Technology Tamachi Campus, Minato-ku, Tokyo on November 10 (Thursday) and November 11 (Friday)) We are pleased to announce that our “Thumb Studio” has been adopted for Kitakyushu Mayor Kenji Kitahashi to deliver a lecture live.
URL: https://www.ori.titech.ac.jp/ttop/2022/
– Live streaming of high-quality lectures at “Thumb Studio”, the largest green screen studio in Kitakyushu-
“Thumb Studio” is the largest studio in Kitakyushu City, which has been operated by our company since October this year. In this live distribution, we supported the lecture using technologies such as CG synthesized video, chroma key synthesis for the background of the lecture, and a function that uses AI to transcribe the spoken part in real time at the time of distribution.
■ Efforts of Kitakyushu City’s “Ecosystem of
Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration”
In 2020, Kitakyushu City established the Kitakyushu SDGs Startup Ecosystem Consortium, and was certified as a “Startup Ecosystem Promotion Base City” in the Cabinet Office’s “World-class Startup Ecosystem Base Formation Strategy.” . A “startup ecosystem” is an activity in which industry, academia, and government (entrepreneurs and their supporters, companies, universities, financial institutions, public institutions, etc.) work together to create startups. It was named after an ecosystem that leads to technology, collection of funds, and constant development. This idea is said to have originated in Silicon Valley in the United States. At TTOP, Mr. Kitahashi, Mayor of Kitakyushu, gave a lecture on a wide range of topics, including the history of the foundation of this ecosystem, current efforts as an academic research city, startup bases, accumulation of IT companies in collaboration with schools, and efforts with the Tokyo Institute of Technology. rice field.
■ Background of this live distribution support
As mentioned above, Kitakyushu City is home to a wide range of industries, from manufacturing to environment and energy-related companies, and is working out various policies through
industry-academia-government collaboration. As part of this, Kitakyushu City and our company have been in discussions since the conception of “Thumb Studio” and have begun construction. At this TTOP, as mentioned above, in introducing the ecosystem of
industry-academia-government collaboration that Kitakyushu has been working on for many years, we supported the live distribution as a company that supports this policy. Our “Thumb Studio” will continue to provide a new video production platform here in Kitakyushu.
When using the studio, you can also contact us from the link below. URL: https://thumb-studio.unixon.co.jp/#/
■ Lecture
[Image 2d86464-10-a9594798246319985b8b-1.png&s3=86464-10-6f47cb15bc723164e9e55e3c602cb130-2844x1592.png
Actual delivery screen 1.
[Image 3d86464-10-91503cd9f00b17ea2150-2.png&s3=86464-10-50ec5e1170918e2c230348e9774ab6c9-2852x1582.png
Actual delivery screen 2.
[Image 4d86464-10-a81a751a246d5f309b3e-4.png&s3=86464-10-8f2eaac52bdecfd140be9b5ced0910dc-2784x1552.png
Streaming in the studio
[Image 5d86464-10-25b286bd072ab22f8dfe-5.png&s3=86464-10-3011f7a8f2cc3e838c3b90f774c80423-2754x1606.png
State of rehearsal 1.
[Image 6d86464-10-ffe24a84c2718342a1e9-6.png&s3=86464-10-6a6b84f2cba461d3f5c73ab25ef7fc11-2878x1574.png
State of rehearsal 2.
[Image 7d86464-10-7d35035b38308be4414a-0.png&s3=86464-10-79912cb7d6e9e0c8d112d304a4ad4221-2820x1512.png
State at the end of distribution
-About TTOP-
■What is TTOP?
TTOP is an industry-academia collaboration event related to open innovation and venture-related activities, which will be held over two days on November 10th and 11th, 2022, and will be divided into five sessions, sponsored by Tokyo Institute of Technology. This event, which has been held since 2019, will be held for the fourth time. This event was launched with the aim of spreading the culture of
industry-academia collaboration in Japan, where academia and business, which are attracting attention around the world, bring about innovation. In this field, where there are still many problems in Japan, it is an advanced initiative to think about the next-generation industry-academia collaboration platform. This year’s theme is “Ecosystem”. The background to this is that even in open innovation and startups, the current global trend is to incorporate multiple players and stakeholders into the system and build an ecosystem. You can watch it online again this year, and you can also watch the archived distribution for about a month after the event.
event name :
“Tokyo Tech Open innovation (TTOP)
―Go beyond the boundaries of academia and create an ecosystem that will change the world! ―』
Date: November 10th (Thursday) and 11th (Friday), 2022 (2 days) Day 1: Open Innovation Symposium Session (13:00-18:00)
Day 2: Startup session (10:20-17:30)
Format: Online
(The startup session will be a face-to-face pitch and networking session.) A virtual exhibition room and an archive (approximately one month after the end) are maintained.
Organizer: Open Innovation Organization, Research and
Industry-Academia Collaboration Office
Application method: Online application required for viewing (archive viewing is also possible)
Official website: https://www.ori.titech.ac.jp/ttop/2022/
■ Efforts of Unison Systems
Unison Systems Co., Ltd. is an IT vendor celebrating its 31st anniversary. Until now, we have developed systems specialized for broadcasting stations, but in recent years there has been an increase in the number of opportunities for general companies to handle video. Did. Images reflect facts, and it is believed that business analysis using images will continue to expand in the future. We will propose video utilization plans for companies through video clipping and processing technology using IT.

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