United Arrows Co., Ltd. A special collaboration commemorating the 55th anniversary of broadcasting All Night Nippon x Beauty & Youth United Arrows 7 kinds of fashion items that enrich your daily life are now available

United Arrows Co., Ltd.
Special collaboration commemorating the 55th anniversary of
broadcasting All Night Nippon x Beauty & Youth United Arrows 7 kinds of fashion items that enrich your daily life
Reservations will be accepted at UA Online and ZOZOTOWN from Saturday, November 19th.

“Beauty & Youth UNITED ARROWS” (hereafter, BY) developed by UNITED ARROWS Co., Ltd. (location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Yoshinori Matsuzaki) is celebrating the 55th anniversary of the radio program “All Night Nippon”. We have planned 7 kinds of commemorative collaboration fashion items. Reservations will be accepted on “UNITED ARROWS ONLINE” and “ZOZOTOWN” from Saturday, November 19th.
[Image 1d3197-136-7cb97bd5449c86e93936-24.jpg&s3=3197-136-c490c59704356c28335d9aac4fb156d8-1100x550.jpg
Kanon Maejima, announcer of Nippon Broadcasting System, on the left, and Masahiko Ueyanagi, the personality of Nippon Broadcasting System’s “Masahiko Ueyanagi Asaborake” on the right.
Nippon Broadcasting’s long-running program “All Night Nippon”, which continues to be loved by listeners all over the country as “a pronoun of late-night radio”, will celebrate its 55th anniversary this year. With the desire to make this memorial year even more exciting with listeners, a collaboration between All Night Nippon and BY has been realized. Since the policy of All Night Nippon and the concept of BY are in common, “Aiming to enrich people’s daily lives”, we will develop fashion items that add color to your life and excite your heart.
In addition to six types of sweatshirts and T-shirts with themes of “Midnight” and “Neon”, limited T-shirts designed by singer and talent Fumiya Fujii are also available. Wear it, listen to it, and celebrate the 55th anniversary of All Night Nippon Broadcasting together. Product details
Item Theme: “Midnight”
With respect to the masterpiece of MIDNIGHT. The Midnight Collection is nostalgic for those who know, and fresh for those who don’t know. ・Long sleeve T-shirt
Price: 6,930 yen
Color: Black (2 types)
Size: S, M, L, XL (unisex)
[Image 2d3197-136-5eb4e62a02fdb4d62637-21.png&s3=3197-136-e674fd0c1c9b268b4488f8c56025ef99-952x720.png
[Image 3d3197-136-d6189084bc1cd7a114bc-25.jpg&s3=3197-136-59583a0e04267af298d36e949a90a31c-960x720.jpg
Item theme: “Neon”
The feeling of throbbing peculiar to the middle of the night, the immoral feeling of eavesdropping on an adult’s story. A neon sign that evokes such old memories. It is a popular motif for young people as it is retro and cute.
・Hood parka
Price: 11,000 yen
Color: White, navy
Size: S, M, L, XL (unisex)
[Image 4d3197-136-972d13e7474c7c446148-19.png&s3=3197-136-78c727e5bb7eefa3e09d856852feb5dc-959x720.png
[Image 5d3197-136-51ccaa485a3d88528f2c-20.png&s3=3197-136-0d3c9845419f0feb6750b77ddee0d969-953x720.png
・Short-sleeved T-shirt
Price: 5,940 yen
Color: White, navy
Size: S, M, L, XL (unisex)
[Image 6d3197-136-ac26bfac4b124f7d31f2-22.png&s3=3197-136-29b45218e02595350776f60b80861791-949x720.png
[Image 7d3197-136-562b21ff5206f1ebccd4-23.png&s3=3197-136-c6c286fceff1574273af1bcfab8f9ad5-960x720.png
・T-shirt designed by Fumiya Fujii
Price: 5,940 yen
Color: White
Size: S, M, L, XL (unisex)
[Image 8d3197-136-2d3d4fe11921664e3788-18.png&s3=3197-136-18ff1e8b5809f212ed94fd6b105f8957-947x720.png
◆Comment from Fumiya Fujii
“The design of the T-shirt was inspired by the LOVE & PEACE feeling of AM radio listeners. The melody written in the center is the melody of youth for me. It makes me feel sweet and sour.”
*All prices include tax
About product reservation and delivery
Reservation acceptance period: Saturday, November 19, 2022 to Sunday, December 25, 2022
Reservation sites: United Arrows Online, ZOZOTOWN
Delivery schedule: Around mid-February 2023 (planned)
About “All Night Nippon”
[Image 9d3197-136-44353e2db2c396e691c4-15.jpg&s3=3197-136-028c2ba520b8b7a9ed7c900338a92636-1621x260.jpg
It started on October 2, 1967, and is synonymous with late-night radio, which celebrated its 55th anniversary this year.
More than 400 personalities have been in charge so far, including musicians, comedians, actors, and cultural figures who color the times.
Even after 55 years, it has gained overwhelming support from the younger generation.
About Beauty & Youth United Arrows
[Image 10d3197-136-3fa316701ab1a41ca1c6-0.png&s3=3197-136-24aa3c7766f2c899c07862710c88bfdb-1222x866.png
“Beauty” backed by cleanliness and dignity with a focus on quality. “Youthfulness” is obtained from free ideas and intellectual curiosity regardless of age. A select shop with an emotional sensibility for the purpose of wearing the essential “beauty” and “youthfulness” of the era / next generation and enriching their lives.
About United Arrows Co., Ltd.
[Image 11d3197-136-072ca578a28ef505b9f3-2.png&s3=3197-136-a592506ec1f82f848809c3d4f22a2e06-1817x798.png
Founded in 1989. We operate a select shop that mixes and sells products such as designer brands procured from Japan and overseas with our own sense, original planning men’s clothing, women’s clothing and miscellaneous goods. Developed brands and labels such as UNITED ARROWS, BEAUTY & YOUTH UNITED ARROWS, and UNITED ARROWS GREEN LABEL RELAXING.
Details about this release:

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