“Unusual” is the best compliment! The protein world’s genius who tackles unusual things!? “My Routine”

Ueni Trading Co., Ltd.
“Unusual” is the best compliment! The protein world’s genius who tackles unusual things!? “My Routine”
~ Unknown current situation will be released on the web from 11/25 (Friday) ~
Ueni Trading Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo, President: Mitsuyoshi Miyagami), which develops innovative products such as protein and sports supplements and strengthens the health food division, develops protein “Myroutine”. created a health food division three years ago, and has collaborated with companies around “My Routine MAX”, which celebrated its second anniversary, to create a variety of proteins, “My Routine MOMO”, a protein for women, and individual workouts. We are developing a variety of products such as “My Routine Personal” that can be selected according to purpose, and we are developing new markets every day to deliver unique “exciting products”. The unknown current situation will be released on the web only from 11/25 (Friday).
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We launched a health food division three years ago, and centered on “My Routine MAX,” which celebrated its second anniversary the other day. We are developing various products such as “My Routine Personal” that fits outfits and can be selected according to purpose, and we are creating new products every day to deliver unique “exciting products”. my routine series
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▲YouTube Myroutine official channel “Recommended autumn protein full of power! Hen
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▲ “Muscle Bonus Campaign” to be held in 2021
About My Routine MOMO

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My routine MOMO was born in April 2022 as the first protein for women in the series. In order to raise awareness of the brand, we held a “#MOMO Butt Contest” that anyone can participate in on SNS, and held a campaign to give ale to those who are working hard on their beautiful butt makeup every day. For the Excellence Award, we presented a photo session by a professional photographer and an original package that is only one in the world.
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▲ Photo session
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▲ Only one original package in the world IG account (@smile_chan_fitness) About Variety Protein
In the rapidly expanding protein market, we have created a product that is easy for people who do not train on a daily basis to pick up, and a product that even people who drink protein on a regular basis can enjoy. We have developed the first collaboration product with Myroutine, and we continue to develop a new lineup of “variety proteins” that will please customers, such as protein with “atari lottery” as well as taste reproducibility.
My routine support athlete
MY ROUTINE support athletes support athletes working to improve their performance in various sports and competition genres, such as professional athletes and student athletes.
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▶ From top left: Mizuho Kuribayashi, Yuma Nakamura, Junya Kato ▶ From bottom left: Haruka Asai, Seiryu Yamana, Chinami Kawamura
[Table 3: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/25284/table/1132_1_afdf96b122ce625672a7e35d2219aa45.jpg ]
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[Table 4: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/25284/table/1132_2_88e42ac58c268feb8dca18fde6e24762.jpg ]
We have developed innovative products such as collaboration products centered on proteins, and have expanded the lineup to categories such as sports supplements and high-protein curries.
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“For a more beautiful, freshly picked body.” This is a series for women who want to be beautiful and healthy, aiming for a beautiful, rounded line. Formulated with two types of protein (whey and soy) with different absorption speeds, it is designed to make it easier for the body to take in protein sustainably. In addition, it contains collagen and dietary fiber (indigestible dextrin), which is good for beauty, and supports a beautiful feminine body.
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Ueni Trading Co., Ltd.
A specialized trading company that handles brands such as watches, fashion accessories, and fragrances. We have the largest market share (*) in the import and wholesale of overseas brand products.
Based on the achievements and know-how that we have cultivated over many years as an import wholesaler, we are also developing the business of Japanese authorized distributors and original brands. While serving as the exclusive agent for Samurai, Jaguar, and Gure in fragrances, as a manufacturer, we are developing a large number of brands with a wide range of business models, such as developing the Aqua Bubble brand and jointly developing products with leading talents in various fields.
(*In-house research)
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