Up to 30% off Nordic watch brand About Vintage will hold a Black Friday sale from November 18th to 28th! All-black limited edition model of the popular 1960 Racing Chronograph

About Vintage Co., Ltd.
[Up to 30% off] Nordic watch brand About Vintage will hold a Black Friday sale from November 18th to 28th! All-black limited edition model of the popular 1960 Racing Chronograph
The all-black model sold out every year on Black Friday is now available as a popular sports chronograph model! Quantity is limited to 200, and you can save 30% by combining with Watch Roll!

About Vintage (Headquarters: Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark in Northern Europe) is a watch that produces simple and functional watches based on the concept of “good design that can be stored in a safe and high quality watches at a reasonable price”. Brand. About Vintage will hold Black Friday, the biggest sale event of the year, again this year.
Period: November 18th (Friday) to 28th (Monday), 2022
About Vintage’s Black Friday will feature great discounts, plus a limited edition all-black model designed for Black Friday.
[Image 1d88743-12-9b1f471b3368c0432ef2-2.jpg&s3=88743-12-4a111b6e8adcc3719d0da4ac8e1b0075-1500x1500.jpg
1960 Racing Chronograph, All Black/Orange
The 1960 Racing Chronograph is a new addition to our flagship line from 2022. The new work released in October is a popular series that sold out within a week of pre-ordering without waiting for general sales.
In addition to a design that strikes a perfect balance between vintage aesthetics and 80s geometry and functionalist modernism, Bauhaus-style lines, and a tachymeter and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with anti-reflection coating, Encased in a surgical 316L steel case with an outer diameter of 40mm.
[Image 2d88743-12-8a9f70285958ca0f6221-1.jpg&s3=88743-12-827a586ed7960a9bfe55be05b68118d2-1500x1000.jpg
For Black Friday this year, not only the dial but also the lugs and case are finished in black.
About Vintage chronographs are very popular for their simplicity as well as functionality, but with the addition of a new genre of models called sports chronographs, their functionality has evolved. 1960 Racing has a tachymeter in addition to the usual stopwatch function. The tachymeter uses the one-second function of the right subdial and the numbers on the bezel to calculate the average speed based on the number of seconds it takes the vehicle to cover a certain distance, for example 1km. It is a mechanical construction that tickles the romance of a man who is perfect for chasing motor racing.
[Image 3d88743-12-3d395d913b326fdbc512-4.jpg&s3=88743-12-4efc72b18102f2a4711aa0d5081258ad-1500x1500.jpg
Recently, ragspo watches = luxury sports watches have gained popularity in Japan, but among them, the luxury and sportiness of the chronograph model is particularly popular as a model that goes up a notch.
Save 30% on the set price
Such 1960 Racing Chronograph, All Black / Orange is a great value set with a watch roll (black) that can hold 3 watches.
Black Friday price: ¥ 52,300 (24,600 yen discount 30% off)
[Image 4d88743-12-1ffdc54e22f867760a28-5.jpg&s3=88743-12-28f05a538094d3af6e10b3782c813cf4-3527x2428.jpg
(*This is an image of the watch roll. Other watches are not included.) This 1960 Racing Chronograph was sold as a build-to-order model in July this year. It was a very limited production with only the number that was ordered, but we received a lot of favorable comments, so we resold the 1960 Racing Off White & Black model as a separate model after the start of sales. It was so popular that it sold out immediately.
About Vintage’s Black Friday All Black model is a limited quantity product that is sold out every year, but About Vintage has many other limited quantity models, so if you receive a notice of the start of the Black Friday sale, you can buy it before it is sold out. Don’t miss the items.
You can sign up for notifications at the link below.
https://jp.aboutvintage.com/products/1960-racing-chronograph-all-black-orange You can also get up to 30% off many other bestsellers!
[Image 5d88743-12-71c4c96726c5c1a6129f-3.jpg&s3=88743-12-bc464da258ecbc3b8a7a5a658369a919-1200x800.jpg
1820 Automatic Steel/Two Toned (mechanical)
Normal ¥71,800 → Sale price ¥50,260 (30% OFF, ¥21,540 off)
[Image 6d88743-12-1ea983df9e5e5f74246d-6.jpg&s3=88743-12-c234b76971eaa942bac61353f823513a-1500x1000.jpg
1970 Glacier GMT Automatic, Steel/White
https://jp.aboutvintage.com/products/1970-glacier-gmt-automatic-steel-white-swiss-made The new mechanical model announced in November is also Black Friday price! Using luxurious Swiss movements and materials, the dignified design is reminiscent of the glaciers of Iceland.
Normal ¥ 139,000 → Sale price ¥ 118,150 (15% OFF, 20,850 yen discount) How about a luxury quality About Vintage watch that you can use for a long time to prepare for Christmas gifts or to reward yourself for working hard this year?

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