Up to 50% off shooting equipment Black Friday sale has started at PERGEAR Japan official. Pergear/Viltrox/Seven Artisans etc.

Ingreat Japan Co., Ltd.
[Up to 50% off shooting equipment] Black Friday sale has started at PERGEAR Japan official. Pergear/Viltrox/Seven Artisans etc.

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On the PERGEAR official website (https://pergear.co.jp/), which has equipment that makes shooting fun, during the Black Friday sale period from November 20 (Sun) to November 30 (Wed), 2022, up to We are having a 50% off sale.
 From Pergear’s popular product “Viltrox 13mm F1.4”, which is always ranked high, to Pergear CFE type-B memory cards and Accsoon M1 video transmitters, many products will be significantly discounted within the year.
“Don’t miss this great opportunity!”
Campaign overview:
Sale homepage: https://bit.ly/3ADxQmz
Sale product category: http://bit.ly/3UVk0E9
Period: Sunday, November 20, 2022 to Wednesday, November 30, 2022 No coupon code required
*Some product sales have not started yet. For example, TTArtian’s sale starts on November 24th.
We will update the latest sale information on Twitter.
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■Recommended product introduction
・『Viltrox 13mm f/1.4』
[Image 2d70183-224-65796bff4d2f01e649c7-1.png&s3=70183-224-2c6d4d26b3a01f0e1ee97a3ace3c1df4-557x406.png
It features a 13mm wide-angle and f/1.4 large aperture, fast and accurate autofocus performance, and a lightweight internal focus optical design with high-precision stepping motors that can track subjects quickly and sensitively for dynamic photography. Perfect for shooting. Whether it’s humanitarian photography, portrait photography, landscape architecture photography, starry sky and food photography, or Vlog video production, this lens is an ideal choice.
Regular selling price: 55,700 yen
Sale price: 51,130 yen
Product page: https://pergear.co.jp/products/viltrox-13mm-f1-5 ・”Pergear CFE type-B Pro 512GB high-speed memory card”
[Image 3d70183-224-2708ba717dce4a0c6a21-2.png&s3=70183-224-1170a391fa28577f2d730fdd69a74dbc-494x315.png
●The 512GB Pro version has a maximum read speed of 1200MB/s and a maximum write speed of 700MB/s.
Regular selling price: 25,970 yen
Sale price: 22,074 yen
Product page: https://bit.ly/3yswlqo
● 1TB Ultra series has a maximum read speed of 1600MB/s and a maximum write speed of 1300MB/s
Sale price: 46,863
Regular selling price: 52,070
Product page: https://bit.ly/3SZv95E
・『Pergear S10 laser engraving machine』
[Image 4d70183-224-68868c892616ec60af6e-3.png&s3=70183-224-8ebb40c318b65d23d16ce62c4508b53a-532x470.png
The entire structure is designed for rapid installation, typically 10-20 minutes to complete installation. The new laser’s focal area is 50% smaller than other normal lasers, with both precision engraving and high energy. The laser output of fixed focus lasers is more stable than that of zoom lasers
Sale price: 62,300 yen
Regular selling price: 66,330 yen
Product page: https://bit.ly/3Ecnawr
・『InfiRay T2 Pro Thermal Monocular』
[Image 5d70183-224-2334fad0daf30c2790d8-4.png&s3=70183-224-1d3f91c201c506e9064644617eadcece-412x334.png
The InfiRay T2 Pro thermal monocular is a handheld device that uses thermal imaging to see in the dark. It has a long range viewing distance of up to 1300m and is specially designed for viewing in difficult or hazardous environments.
Sale price: 47,684 yen
Regular selling price: 53,831 yen
Product page: http://bit.ly/3GF0vvl
・『Atomstack A20 Pro Laser Engraving Machine』
[Image 6d70183-224-6e5ff8f918254bf8d991-5.png&s3=70183-224-1c1c6ce0b7a44adcc67c8412eae60dc4-405x353.png
“Many materials cannot be engraved and cut with either 5W or 10W.” With 30W laser power, it can engrave more than 40 kinds of materials and cut solid wood with a thickness of 12-15mm in one time. With high-performance air assist,
Not only does it cut faster, but it also gives you better results and a cleaner surface.
Sale price: 113,399 yen
Regular selling price: 139,999 yen
Product page: https://pergear.co.jp/products/atomstack-a20-pro ● Pergear to expand the fun of shooting
“Pergear” is a brand that has a wide range of photographic equipment in a reasonable price range with high quality, and has fans all over the world, mainly in Europe and the United States. I want more people to freely combine what suits them and pursue the fun of shooting. That is our wish at “Pergear”.
In recent years, new DIY categories such as 3D printers, engravers, and engine models have been introduced.
■ Ingreat Japan Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Online sales of camera lenses, photographic equipment, electronic equipment, etc., mainly made in China. We have the latest products as soon as possible, and we are actively conducting promotions such as releasing review videos to convey the features of the products. Location: Eastern Cross Akiba, 1-29-3 Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo Established: 2016
URL: https://pergear.co.jp/
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/pergear_japan
Business description: Development and sales of photographic equipment and electronic equipment, agency sales of products related to in-house developed products

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