UPBOND will launch an NFT project in the spring of 2023 that enables secondary creation and secondary sales of Megahouse and IP

UPBOND Co., Ltd.
UPBOND will launch an NFT project in the spring of 2023 that enables secondary creation and secondary sales of Megahouse and IP
Launch of “Desktop Army NFT” to realize “Fun to Craft”

UPBOND Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Shun Mizuoka; hereinafter referred to as UPBOND), which develops wallets using blockchain technology for the social
implementation of Web3, has announced Megahouse Inc. (Bandai Namco Group, Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo, President: Akihiro Sato, hereinafter referred to as Megahouse) will start the “Desktop Army NFT Project” and start a new secondary creation community service for creators in Japan and overseas.
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As the first NFT project to start this time, the 3D figure data of “Sylphy II”, the flagship character of the original content “Desktop Army (DTA)” that Megahouse has been developing since 2016, will be sold as NFT.
Users who purchase NFT can customize the 3D figure data and not only enjoy it themselves, but also sell it on the marketplace through the project page. , we plan to provide a place for the formation of an epoch-making and completely new IP community officially recognized by content holders.
It is possible to realize “Fun to Craft” (a mechanism for returning part of the revenue from marketplace sales to customized users), in which part of the revenue from marketplace sales is returned to customized users. (Advance application is required for sales. In addition, we plan to use Polygon for blockchain.)
It is a service not only for conventional DTA fans, but also for those who want to enjoy digital manufacturing, those who are interested in Web3, and those who want to earn money by selling their own derivative works.
In addition, we are planning to hold a digital contest where you can participate from all over the world with customized 3D figure data. Details of the project are scheduled to be launched in the spring of 2023, and will be updated on the DTA website (https://dt-a.jp/) as needed.
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What is Desktop Army?
An original deformed figure series developed by Megahouse since 2016. The base figure has many hard points, and it is characterized by its excellent user customization that allows you to enjoy recombining a wide variety of optional weapons. In addition, we actively encourage collaboration with other companies’ products and secondary creation activities by users.
So far, all 75 types have been released, and the total number of shipments is 900,000.
Comment from UPBOND CEO Mizuoka
While many Desktop Army fans are enjoying the secondary creation, the project team decided what kind of play would be fun if it could be done digitally, and how to incorporate elements unique to blockchain to make it more enjoyable. have been discussing. In the future, I hope that this will be the first step towards a world where fans around the world can turn their passions into work through fan creations of their favorite characters.
■ Desktop Army Official Website: https://dt-a.jp/
■Megahouse Co., Ltd. Official site for hobby and figure products “MegaHobby”: https://www.megahobby.jp
■ UPBOND Co., Ltd. Official Website: https://www.upbond.io/
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