“Use 100% domestic beef” ・ “Hamburger shop carefully selected by meat craftsmen” Opens in Akihabara Ok achimachi area on Wednesday, October 26th!

Matsuya Butcher
“Use 100% domestic beef” ・ “Hamburger shop carefully selected by meat craftsmen” Opens in Akihabara Okachimachi area on Wednesday, October 26th!
Hamburger set meal

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United Get Co., Ltd. opened a hamburger specialty store “Matsuya Butcher Shop” in the Akihabara Okachimachi area on October 26, 2022. Because it is a shop operated by a butcher shop, we will send out hamburgers that can provide high-quality meat at a low price. ◆Matsuya butcher shop story
In the Meiji era, the founder Mokichi Matsui opened a meat wholesale business, which later expanded to become “Matsuya Butcher Shop”. In Japan at the time, beef culture was spreading with the civilization and enlightenment, but it was still far from being a part of the dining table of the common people.
“I want to cheer up Japanese people with meat.”
“I want to deliver delicious meat to all dining tables”
After 100 years, the thoughts of the first generation continue to live on in the hearts of the fifth generation.
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◆Secret of deliciousness 1 “Use of 100% domestic beef”
Our hamburger steak is made with 100% domestic beef.
If you insist on using 100% domestic beef, the price will inevitably go up. We offer a regular size (200g) set meal for ¥1580 (tax included). We can offer hamburgers unique to a butcher shop at a low price without sacrificing taste or freshness.
◆ Secret of deliciousness 2 “Original sauce and toppings that bring out the umami of meat”
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The image of a hamburger steak is “meat”, but our shop focuses on “changes in taste”, and the sauce and toppings are all original. We offer carefully selected sauces and toppings developed to bring out the original flavor of meat.
You can choose the basic sauce from (onion sauce, steak sauce, special grated ponzu sauce).
We also have additional items (namida wasabi oil, horseradish sauce, spicy spicy flakes, fried garlic) available.
For toppings, we recommend (cheddar cheese, that curry, raw egg, cabbage salad)! “Egg” can be a soft-boiled fried egg on the iron plate. It is also excellent as TKG over rice.
“That curry” can be served with a hamburger. It is excellent even if you eat it with a hamburger steak and the sound of the iron plate. ◆ Secret of deliciousness 3 “Charcoal-grilled to accentuate the meatiness” Experience the umami of meat. I will spare no effort for that. By using a charcoal fire for grilling, excess fat is removed and the meat is finished with a firm texture.
You can enjoy the hamburg steak with the faint aroma of charcoal fire. ■ Store overview
Store name: Matsuya butcher shop
Address: 5-4-2 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Access: Okachimachi Station South Exit 5 minutes on foot
3 minute walk from Exit 2 of Suehirocho Station
5-minute walk from Exit A1 of Ueno Hirokoji Station
Business hours: 11:30-22:30 (last order 30 minutes before each) Lunch: 11:30-14:30
Dinner: 17:00-22:30
Closed: Sundays, public holidays
■Operating company information
Company name: United Get Co., Ltd.
Representative: Kensuke Sumida, Representative Director
Address: Omotesando LAB2F, 3-5-43 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo ■ Inquiries regarding this release
Store name: Matsuya butcher shop
Person in charge: Sumida
Phone: 03-5846-8806
E-mail: hamburg.matsuya@gmail.com
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*Please contact the person in charge when posting to the media using the above photo data.
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