USEN Media Co., Ltd. Rapid increase in inbound restaurant reservations Reservations in October 2022 exceeded 25 times the month before, following the lifting of the ban on accepting individual travel “SAVOR JAPAN” conducted a trend survey

Rapid increase in inbound restaurant bookingsReservations in October 2022 surpassed 25 times compared to the month before, following the lifting of the ban on accepting individual travel.Savor Japan conducts trend survey

Operated by USEN Media Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Eisuke Naruchi), a group company of USEN-NEXT HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Yasuhide Uno) SAVOR JAPAN, a gourmet website for foreign visitors to Japan, conducted a trend survey on inbound restaurant reservations. [Image 1

October 2022 survey results (target period: September 23 to November 8) Inbound restaurant reservations, 25.1 times higher than August, 5.8 times higher than September
The number of restaurant reservations made through “SAVOR JAPAN” surged after the lifting of the ban on overseas individual travel (FIT) was announced on September 23, 2022, and has been trending upward ever since. Since October 11th, when the ban on acceptance has been lifted, the number of students has increased further, and the upward trend continues as of November.
・The number of restaurant reservations is 25.1 times higher than in August and 5.8 times higher than in September
・Average 3.04 people per group (2.7 people for lunch, 3.1 people for dinner), 13.9% reservation rate for families with children
・74.9% of preferred time slots are for dinner, with Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays being the most popular, 145.8% compared to weekdays ・Budget average unit price is 7,764 yen/person (Lunch: 5,663 yen, Dinner: 8,468 yen) *Select at time of reservation
・The average number of days from reservation to visit is 33.7 days (currently 3 days minimum, 88 days maximum)
・Reservation requests for December/January increased from mid-late October ・Demand increases during events such as Halloween, Christmas, and year-end and New Year holidays
A restaurant introduction site for foreign visitors to Japan that started service in February 2015. Available in four languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean. In March 2019, the number of users was certified as No. 1 in the inbound specialty gourmet site industry. (Surveyed by Tokyo Shoko Research in March 2019)
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Inbound demand showing recovery, high average spend per customer, weaker yen is also a tailwind
After the announcement of the lifting of the ban on overseas individual travel (FIT) (target period: September 23rd to November 8th), the results by country/region of reservation were as follows: Hong Kong (39.2%), Taiwan (16.7%), Singapore ( 12.0%), followed by the United States (10.2%), South Korea (6.8%), and Australia (6.5%). Recently, reservations from Taiwan have increased rapidly.
The number of page views (PV) and number of visitors (UU) for “SAVOR JAPAN” in October increased by 3.3 times PV and 2.6 times UU compared to August, and increased by 2.3 times PV and 2.0 times UU compared to September. I’m showing
In terms of restaurant areas, Tokyo and Osaka are the top tourist destinations, and the top 10 are Tokyo (44.8%), Osaka (13.9%), Hokkaido (9.2%), Fukuoka (6.9%), Kyoto (6.6%), Okinawa (3.5%), Ishikawa (2.9%), Hyogo (2.6%), Aichi (2.3%) and Gifu (1.7%). [Image 4

By genre, “Japanese food” accounted for 82.2% of all reservations. While sushi, kaiseki, and sashimi, which can be said to be synonymous with Japanese cuisine, are ranked high, meat dishes such as
teppanyaki, yakiniku, sukiyaki, and steak account for 40.0% of all genres, and Japanese beef and domestic brands are popular. In the result that I can see. Looking at the details, you can see that a wide range of genres of “food” are in demand, from Japanese food to French and Italian.
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The inbound market has been booming since the announcement of deregulation. From the results of the survey, we can see that customers are quick to respond to the news of deregulation and are looking forward to visiting Japan across the sea to enjoy “food”. From now on, inbound demand for the restaurant industry is expected to increase further towards the end of the year and early spring. There has been a series of news about the opening of international routes, and it has been decided to resume and increase the number of flights, especially on regional routes such as Seoul and Taipei. Coupled with the popularity of Japan and the depreciation of the yen, expectations are high for the economic effects of a recovery in consumption.
■ Inquiries about publication in “SAVOR JAPAN”
■ About this survey
Aggregation target: Number of reservations sent to member stores nationwide through “SAVOR JAPAN”
Reservation date data: Aggregated data starting from the reservation reception date (including request reservation)
Desired visit date data: Aggregated data starting from desired visit date ・Requests when citing the results of this survey
When citing the results of this survey, please specify “SAVOR JAPAN / USEN Media Co., Ltd. (USEN-NEXT GROUP) survey” in the credits. Also, when quoting on the web, please add a link to “SAVOR JAPAN”
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Currently, more than 16,000 restaurants are posted as a gourmet site for foreigners visiting Japan. Content that focuses on quality, such as introductions to high-quality restaurants, reliable quality translations, and videos taught by top chefs about Japanese food etiquette, has attracted the support of many foreign tourists, and the number of users has increased in March 2019. was certified as the No. 1 specialty gourmet site for inbound tourists. (Surveyed by Tokyo Shoko Research)
– Facebook (English version) – Facebook (traditional Chinese version) – Instagram (English) – Instagram (Korean) ■Company Profile
Company name: USEN Media Co., Ltd.
Location: Meguro Central Square, 3-1-1 Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Representative: Eisuke Naruchi, President and Representative Director Established: June 16, 2017
With the mission of [contributing to the present and future of restaurants], we promote efforts to connect “stores” and “people” through media. “Hitosara”, a gourmet media with the highest number of chefs posted, “Hitosara CHEF’S MALL”, an inbound gourmet site, “SAVOR JAPAN”, SNS and video channels, and “Customer Attraction DX” in collaboration with external partners. We are focusing on providing services that support store management, such as creating new business opportunities and improving efficiency.
– Hitosara
-Hitosara CHEF’S MALL
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