User Satisfaction ★4.9! Notice of the start of the member-only course

Dan Ran Co., Ltd.
User Satisfaction ★4.9! Notice of the start of the member-only course “More! Akamaru Course” that you can play with limited games will start
DanRan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Dai Okamoto) develops and operates an educational app for children “Play with touch! We are pleased to inform you that the course has started. In this course, you can enjoy the world of “Akamaru” more, such as playing games limited to paid members and increasing the types of games that can be played in one day. This app is a game for children based on the popular picture book “Akamaru” series (written by Daisuke Shimizu and published by Poplar Publishing), which has sold over 260,000 copies.
What is “Play with touch! Which one is Akamaru?”
“Play with touch! Which one is Akamaru?” is an educational game app for babies and toddlers.
Includes over 20 games that foster recognition of colors, shapes, sizes, numbers, and more. More games will be added regularly in the future.
Parents and children can play together, or you can let your child play while you are a little busy at home or while you are out and about. [Image 1

The original “Akamaru” series is a popular picture book with a cumulative circulation of over 260,000 copies. Children can play with peace of mind because they are familiar characters in picture books. Just like reading a picture book, you can deepen communication with your child by playing with this app while talking to your child. [Image 2

Download the app here
-iOS version-
-Android version-
What is “More! Akamaru Course”?
This is a member-only course that allows you to play a wider variety of Akamaru games in response to the voices of users who say, “I want to play more games!” We have prepared a large number of games unique to the app, such as “Memory Game” and “Find Differences”, that allow you to enjoy a different way of enjoying picture books. We plan to add more games and features exclusive to this course in the future. [Image 3

[Memory game form]

[Image 4

[Find mistakes]
-Overview of “More! Akamaru Course”-
・Course limited benefits
More games to play in one day
All games will be playable
480 yen per month
*We offer a one-week trial period for first-time purchasers only. * After downloading or updating, we are conducting a campaign where you can play unlimited games limited to “More! Akamaru Course” for one day only 24 hours after the first launch. Please take this opportunity to try it!
Features of this application
* You can wear colors and shapes with the cute “Akamaru”!
With the colorful character “Akamaru”, which is widely supported in picture books, you can develop cognitive skills that you want to acquire in early childhood, such as colors, shapes, numbers, and sizes! While playing fun games, you will acquire the ability to think for yourself.
[Image 5d100546-2-24770f65f06760ed03df-2.png&s3=100546-2-4d60ad73ecba8e2512e660e1f217cb14-2532x1170.png
* With audio! A simple game that can be played from 1 year old The questions are all simple, such as “Which one is red?” and “Which one is circle?” Even young children can quickly understand how to play and want to work alone. All questions and answers are also played by voice, so even children who cannot read can play by themselves. You can use it as a toy for children during busy times such as housework. Of course, you can also use it as a tool for communication between parents and children while having fun together as a family, such as reading the questions and having your child answer them.
* 1 Since the play time of the game is fixed, you can decide the time and play. Each game has a time limit of 1 minute. Parents and children can set rules such as “Only one time today” and “Let’s finish with the next time”.
* Since it is from a picture book, you can play with confidence The “Akamaru” series (written by Daisuke Shimizu) is a popular picture book series that has sold over 260,000 copies sold by Poplar. It is widely supported as a series that naturally nurtures children’s ability to think. This application also fully incorporates that essence.
user’s voice
This app has been played by many users and has received a high rating of ★ 4.9 (*) in app store reviews. Here are some excerpts from the comments received in store reviews.
– It will come in handy when you get bored while traveling on the train, or when you can’t stand waiting in line at a restaurant or pediatrics! It’s safe to say that the source is clear because it’s from a picture book.
―I am fascinated by how the Akamaru characters in the picture book move. It’s fun to see the games change every day. As a parent, you can rest assured that your child will be playing games with educational elements.
-It’s cute and gentle, so I feel that both mothers and children can enjoy it together. I also liked the fact that you can choose between “color” and “shape”.
(*) As of the end of October 2022
What is the Akamaru series?
The “Akamaru” series (written by Shimizu Daisuke) is a baby picture book series published by Poplar since 2017. The first work “Akamaru which one? has sold over 140,000 copies and won 5th place at the 2018 MOE Picture Book Store Grand Prize Papa Mama Award. It is a popular series that can be said to be a new standard for baby picture books, with a cumulative total of 5 books in the series exceeding 260,000 copies.
The basic concept of this series is “Yubisashi Asobi”.
[Image 6d100546-2-f7259c1654c9931142b1-5.png&s3=100546-2-26b1dbddb04012510e0f41bdc4cf10c6-1452x817.png
Answer questions such as “Which one is the red one?” and “Which one is the big one?” Instead of just memorizing what is written, you can think for yourself and come up with the answer, so you can grow your jito = the ability to think for yourself.
Like the book series, this app also aims to help children develop their ability to think for themselves through thinking and playing with their own hands.
Poplar’s official website “Akamaru Dokana” bibliography page Product Summary
Title “Play with Touch! Which one is Akamaru? 』
Genre Educational app
Development and production DanRan Co., Ltd. ( Compatible models iOS/Android
Delivery time From early June 2022
Price structure Basic play free, services for paid members available -Right notation-
(C) Daisuke Shimizu/POPLAR (C) Dan Ran
About the developer
The developer, DanRan Co., Ltd., is a company that provides digital services for children. It was established in April 2022 as a joint venture by Eversense, which operates apps such as “ninaru,” an app for pregnant women, and Poplar, a children’s book publisher.
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