Using “rice” as a communication tool Minamusu GOHAN PROJECT, the 10th anniversary of its founding, strengthe ns escort-type consulting support from the launch of new business projects for companies and public works to execution

Minamusu GOHAN PROJECT, the 10th anniversary of its founding, using “rice” as a communication tool strengthens accompanying consulting support from the launch of new business projects for companies and public works to execution
Developing a unique social contribution project with “food and creativity” as its strengths in 0-1. Utilizing this know-how, full-fledged start of side-by-side consulting support from the launch of new businesses and projects for the private sector, public and local governments, etc.

The GOHAN PROJECT, which connects people, towns, and culture through food and creativity, celebrates its 10th anniversary and further strengthens its business.
(One company) Minamusu GOHAN PROJECT

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In 2011, he launched the GOHAN PROJECT, using rice, which is the staple food of the Japanese people, as a communication tool. It has been 10 years since the Minamusu GOHAN PROJECT (Representative Director: Keiko Takahashi) was established in 2012.
During this time, the GOHAN PROJECT was launched with the concept of connecting people, towns, and culture with “food” and “creativity.” We have launched various contents and projects such as parent-child participation type food education / traditional food business, regional revitalization / tourism branding, product planning and development / creative design, large gourmet event, etc. We have been engaged in solving problems in the region. I was.
We have developed a number of unique projects and services that make use of the know-how based on the actual experience of creating original content from scratch in a dirty field and the “creative power of ideas” in “marketing and branding strategies”.
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◆Further strengthening of consulting support services for the launch of new businesses such as private companies and public works as the brains for accelerating the growth of our clients.
On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of our founding, we have launched new businesses such as marketing research strategies and branding designs for private companies and governments, making use of our achievements in launching various social problem-solving original content and new businesses in 0-1. , management business consulting, store production, product planning, development, product design, promotional PR production, etc. We utilize our comprehensive know-how and original content cultivated on-site from upstream to downstream to provide detailed advice and strategic planning. From the client’s point of view, such as construction, we will accompany you from practical work to implementation and further focus as the brain for accelerating growth.
◆ Inquiries regarding this matter
[Minamusu GOHAN PROJECT public works original in-house content] ■ [Food x Parents and Children x Learning] “Traditional Food Class for Parents and Children”
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Starting with the Agency for Cultural Affairs project “Traditional Food Cooking Class for Parents and Children”, we are researching secret techniques that make it difficult to make mistakes at home, covering a wide range of age groups from 2 years old to 70s. We have developed an easy-to-understand and enjoyable course program. In addition, there is a unique shojin-modoki cooking class that looks and feels just like the real thing, such as the shojin-MODOKI cooking class (Shojinrinbizen), in which vegetables and plant-based
ingredients are likened to meat and fish. Regular food workshops have been held since 2012.
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■ Tea theme [Culture x Food & Agriculture x Art Community] “Sennin Chakai GreenTeaPicnic(R)︎”
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It started with the adoption of the Inokashira Park 100th anniversary project. The spring water in the park is said to have been used by Ieyasu Tokugawa to make tea during his falconry break. Festival)” will be held! Currently, the “first tea garden” is born at a kindergarten in Toshima Ward! Experience-based events such as “history learning party”, “Japanese confectionery art meeting”, “green tea making from fresh leaves”, “marriage matchmaking tea party”, “zoo zoo zoo tea party”, etc. Many unique cultural community contents!
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■ [Creating a forest with sustainable food and agriculture] “Yummy Forest (R) ︎” Agroforestry Project
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The concept of “Yummy Forest” is based on the concept of “food crisis” and “social issues” that will come to Japan due to “climate change”. With a desire to preserve forests (forests that can be eaten), he established the Environmental Research Institute for Delicious Forests. In the future, agroforestry researchers and various experts in Japan and overseas will work together to build a flat and high-purity [agroforestry R&D platform] and [safe food Securing], [Maintaining an environment where living things on earth can coexist], [Creating a community where people support each other in a healthy way], utilization of abandoned farmland and idle land that is difficult to use, general public with a view to satoyama and environmental conservation We aim for a sustainable new value of agro-forest ecology that mixes “forest” x “food and agriculture” x “learning and community” such as developing content for users.
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■ [Restaurant/shopping district activation event] Wandering Gourmet Investigation Corps “G Meshi 88”
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Using the shopping street owner who knows everything about the city as a billboard, you can pick up and eat shopping street gourmet food with rice in one hand! A one-of-a-kind large-scale gourmet event that involves the entire city, such as creating fans by fusing the virtual and the real, attracting the media, and creating a drama-style promotional video featuring the owner of the shopping district. Total planning produce.
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[Minamusu GOHAN PROJECT is engaged in the following initiatives] 01.Support for revitalizing and revitalizing agriculture, forestry, livestock and fisheries
02. Solving social issues through digital/IT, design, etc.
03. Consulting business associated with the launch of various new businesses 04. Projects related to the spread and enlightenment of Japanese culture and research and development of overseas markets
05. Projects related to excavating, producing, protecting,
regenerating, and supporting traditional culture and local resources 06. Business to improve sociality and healthy development of children 07.Business related to holding and managing workshops, various seminars, and lectures
08. Branding design business for regions and traditional crafts 09. Business related to the development and support of craftsmen of “manufacturing” such as fine arts, works of art and traditional crafts, and human resources related to the revitalization of local communities
10. Development and promotion of systems that use the environment and natural energy
11. Marketing research/marketing strategy, branding strategy/planning business 12. Any other business necessary to achieve the purpose of this corporation ・Food education business
・Urban agriculture/food/agricultural business (organic rice
cultivation, tea tree cultivation, organic vegetable cultivation) [Business performance of Minamusu GOHAN PROJECT]
■ 2012 Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture “Food snacks with rice in one hand in Utsunomiya” Producer support, total planning and operation production
2012 Merry Road Takanawa Shopping Association “Homemade syrup shaved ice cafeteria” Local production for local consumption community cafe total planning and production
■ 2012 Produced the total planning and operation of Setagaya Monodzukuri School “Okome no Terakoya Workshop”
■ 2013-2014 “Wandering Gourmet Investigation Group G Meshi★88(R)︎ in Koenji” Produced the total planning and operation of the promotion for attracting customers to the shopping district
■ 2016-2017 Inokashira Park 100th Anniversary Project “Inokashira Sennin Tea Ceremony 2017” Tourism branding total planning and operation production
■ 2018-Present “Sennin Chakai Green Tea Picnic(R)︎” Tea culture community design, cultural enlightenment, urban agriculture Total planning and operation production
■ 2016-Present Produced total planning and operation of food education business for parents and children
■ 2018 Kawasaki City Board of Education “Tea Making Experience for Parents and Children” Total Planning and Operation Producer
■ 2018 Toshima City Tourism Promotion Plan Formulation Committee (Keiko Takahashi)
■ 2018 Toshima Ward Miraikan Daimei “Toshima Food Culture Study Group” total planning and operation production
■ 2012-Present Organic rice cultivation, tea tree cultivation, organic farm “Planting rice project (R)︎” launched
In addition, regional branding, product planning and development, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Food Education National Convention, Tokyo Food Education Fair, etc.
[Award History]
・Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries “Food Action Nippon Award” 2012 “Food Snacking Contest”
・Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries “Food Action Nippon Award” 2014 “GOHAN PROJECT Recycling Scheme”
◆ Inquiries regarding this matter
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