Using the motifs of cats and animals, she draws everyday life. Imabari towel handkerchief “Cat life” series by painter Reiko Kamano is now on sale from Hemmings.

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Using the motifs of cats and animals, she draws everyday life. Imabari towel handkerchief “Cat life” series by painter Reiko Kamano is now on sale from Hemmings.

Hemmings Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo/Representative Director: Hiroyuki Mizuno) will release the Imabari-made towel handkerchief series “Cat Life” from November 22, 2022, which is a transfer print of the work of Reiko Kamano, a painter living in Kamakura. did. Reiko Kamano’s work, which depicts everyday life in a fun way, using cats and animals as motifs.
Bright colors and lovely details. The “Cat Life” series, in which the world of the work is made into a clear transfer print and applied to a high-quality towel, will add color to your daily life as a familiar art work that you can carry around.
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A work by Reiko Kamano, in which many animals appear, mainly the white cat Chao. In each work, which cuts out a scene from everyday life, there are many depictions of animals in the main characters that are expressive and make you laugh out loud, as well as many commonplace things in everyday life.
[Image 2

“grind the beans”
A towel that reproduces the details of the work is like a small work of art. The hand towel is perfect for the theme of the work, “everyday life,” and can be enjoyed as a familiar piece of art that can be incorporated into everyday life.
[Image 3

For commercialization, select 12 types from among many works. The series name “Cat life” was named according to this selection. [Image 4

“Canned Cookies”
Product information
[Product Name] “Cat Life” by Reiko Kamano Towel handkerchief (12 types in total) [Price] 1,430 yen (tax included)
[Size] 25 x 17.5cm
[Material] 100% cotton
[Country of origin] Japan
[Specifications] Comes in a craft package
[Release date] November 22, 2022
[Image 5

[Image 6

Two types, vertical and horizontal, to suit the work.
[Image 7

[Image 8

“Ranch” detail
Even the fine lines of the work are delicately reproduced.
[Image 9

With name of Imabari.
The color of the towel piping matches the artwork. The back side has the name of the towel production area Imabari.
[Image 10

Comes in a craft package printed with each work.
Reiko Kamano wrote the title letters of “Cat Life”.
Comes in a perfect gift package. Recommended for yourself or as a gift. Reiko Kamano profile
[Image 11
[Twitter: @reikokamano] [Instagram: @coshirin]
Graduated from Setsu Mode Seminar (returned to school after studying abroad in Paris, France).
Started painting in 2016 after running a variety store and producing accessories and objects.
It depicts the splendor of ordinary life through the appearance of cats and animals.
2022 Giant Mango Selection vol.8 Taiwan Long Gallery
2022 #CAT_MARCHE Isetan Shinjuku Main Building 1F Promotion Space 2021 C/STORE Shimane Art Museum Museum Shop
2020 Cat Exhibition Kochi Tsutaya Bookstore
2020 ANIMAL MUSEUM Karuizawa New Art Museum Shop
2020 Mitsukoshi Isetan online store
2020 Tainan Cat Cat Cat Show -It’s All About Cats-
2020 Two-person exhibition Chiba City Cafe & Gallery NAJA
2020 Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum Museum Shop
2020 kazahanaplus cat and together exhibition Setagaya vessel MOTO 2019 Cat NEKO Art Exhibition Isetan Shinjuku Art Gallery
2019 Postcard Exhibition Hankyu Umeda Main Store
2019 Postcard Exhibition Shibuya Hikarie
2019 Nekofun Osaka Hoimai Gallery
2019 Solo Exhibition Cat’s Joy Osaka Hoimai Gallery
2018 Giant Mango Selection vol.4 Taiwan Long Gallery
2018 Traveling cat exhibition Umegaoka gallery visit
2018 Solo Exhibition Higashi Koenji Cafe Cocochi
2018 Nekofun Osaka Hoimai Gallery
2018 Sakkanozakka Exhibition Kanonji City, Kagawa Prefecture 2018 Tote Exhibition Osaka Hoimai Gallery
2018 Solo Exhibition Osaka Hoimai Gallery
2017 Art Field Isetan Shinjuku Art Gallery
2017 Occupational Cat and Lazy Cat -Cat NEKO Art Exhibition- Isetan Shinjuku Art Gallery
2016 Solo Exhibition Cat and Vessel Chitose Funabashi Vessel MOTO He has also held solo and group exhibitions in various places. Inquiries about product requests
Cat Life Towel Handkerchief Item Page Please contact Hemmings Co., Ltd. for other stores.
By giving shape to what everyone thinks of as “kawaii” and giving shape to what we think of as “cool,” we will create a world that is a little more fun than it is today.
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* Hemmings Co., Ltd. is a group company of Super Planning Co., Ltd. Details about this release:


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