Utena Co., Ltd. Utena, a cosmetics manufacturer, and Welcia Group, a drug store, cooperate to support the harvesting of yuzu fruits in Kitagawa Village, Kochi Prefecture.

Utena Co., Ltd.
Utena, a cosmetics manufacturer, and Welcia Group, a drug store, cooperate to support yuzu fruit harvesting in Kitagawa Village, Kochi Prefecture.

Utena Co., Ltd., together with the Welcia Group (Welcia Pharmacy and Yodoya), has concluded a comprehensive partnership agreement with Kitagawa Village, and is working to support Kitagawa Village centered on the yuzu industry. On November 17, 2022, as part of our support activities, Utena employees and Welcia Group employees visited Kitagawa village and helped us pick yuzu fruit.
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Utena employees, Welcia Group employees (Welcia Pharmacy Co., Ltd., Yodoya Co., Ltd., Pupre Himawari Co., Ltd., Kokumin Co., Ltd.), Kitagawa Village Industrial Policy Division, Yuzu Farm
Utena and the Welcia Group (Welcia Pharmacy Yodoya) support the yuzu production area as partners in Kitagawa Village, Kochi Prefecture. Kitagawa Village in Kochi Prefecture is one of Japan’s leading yuzu producing areas, continuing to cultivate yuzu since the Edo period. Its high quality is highly evaluated, such as exporting to the EU in the form of fruits and vegetables for the first time in Japan. However, the reality is that there are various issues facing the yuzu industry in the future, such as the declining population, the aging of yuzu farmers, and problems with successors. Due to a shortage of workers, it is said that there are years when the harvest season has to end without harvesting all the fruits.
Since 2019, Utena and the Welcia Group have supported yuzu fruit harvesting. As a company that develops and sells products using Kitagawamura yuzu, we continue to support production areas related to these products so that they can continue to produce them.
In this harvest support, Utena employees and Welcia Group employees participated in the harvest while receiving guidance from the farmer. Although I was surprised by the sharp thorns of the yuzu trees, I was able to carefully harvest the yuzu fruits that were grown with love by the people of the farm.
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Yuzu trees have sharp thorns. Harvest fruits in high places with high branch shears.
-Comment from Kitagawa Village Industrial Policy Division-
The yuzu farmers in Kitagawa Village are aging, and not only the usual cultivation but also the harvesting work has become a heavy burden. As a village, I feel that gathering human resources to support us and building a system to accept them is an issue. We would like to accumulate know-how to expand the circle of support through
opportunities such as this time where companies participate. I also hope that through these activities, many people will feel closer to Kitagawa Village.
-Comments from Welcia Group employees-
The job of a drug store is to deliver products to customers, but I felt that it was a great opportunity to think from the producer’s point of view like this. Population decline in hilly and mountainous areas is a problem throughout Japan, and I feel that someone needs to focus on that and revitalize the region. I would like to encourage each and every employee to take an interest in such an extraordinary experience as a harvest volunteer.
-Comments from Utena employees-
This time, employees from a wide range of departments, including marketing, sales, and research laboratories, participated. When I actually harvested the fruit, I was hampered by the thorns of the yuzu tree, and harvesting fruit from high places was more difficult than I had imagined. Until now, I have been involved in the use of materials in products, but I once again realized that I am a member of supporting Kitagawa Village under the Comprehensive Partnership Agreement.
Efforts so far
Utena extracts high-quality oil from yuzu seeds from Kitagawa Village, which were originally supposed to be thrown away, and has been using it in its hair care brand “Yuzu Oil” since 2016. In addition to the effective use of seeds, we are also working on solving various problems such as branding of Kitagawa Village Yuzu, support for Yuzu farmers, and hometown education for children.
On May 9, 2022, Kitagawa Village, Utena, and Welcia (Welcia Pharmacy Yodoya) signed a comprehensive partnership agreement. We will continue to develop yuzu products, support the harvesting of yuzu fruits, and work closely with them as a partner to develop Kitagawa Village with a focus on the yuzu industry.
Hair care brand “Yuzu Oil” & Yutowa facial soap made with yuzu from Kitagawa Village, Kochi Prefecture
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The hair care brand “Yuzu Oil” is a hair care series that uses yuzu from Kitagawa Village, Kochi Prefecture. Hair oil for curls and swells, and oil mist for dryness and high damage.
● Yuzu oil brand website
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Yutowa Facial Soap, which was released on November 1, 2022, was created in collaboration with Utena, a cosmetics manufacturer, in response to the desire of students from Kitagawa Junior High School to let people all over the country know about Kitagawa Village’s high-quality yuzu. This product was jointly developed with the support of drugstore Welcia. While enjoying the refreshing scent of yuzu, you can cleanly remove blackheads and dirt from your pores.
● Yutowa facial soap introduction page
●Inquiries about dealers
Inquiry form: https://www.utena.co.jp/contact/
[About Utena]
Since its founding in 1927, Utena Co., Ltd. has adopted the corporate philosophy of “contributing to society with sincerity and taking pleasure in satisfying people.” We have developed cosmetics with the desire to support the beauty of everyone. Utena’s corporate slogan, “Let’s bloom, beauty that has never existed,” expresses Utena’s determination to deliver products with sincerity, aiming to create new beauty from perspectives and ideas that customers may not even be aware of. I’m here. We will continue to propose “Human care products” that pursue the natural beauty of human beings.
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