VAIABLE Co., Ltd. With the WEB3 type crowdfunding “VAI! UP”, it is possible to use the service without a w allet. Compatible with Japanese blockchain Astar

WEB3 type crowdfunding “VAI! UP” makes it possible to use the service without a wallet. Compatible with Japanese blockchain Astar
The new project is Go Green Group’s “Water Quality Improvement Project by Recycling Disposable Body Warmers,” and Artwork Drawn by AI Appears in Return

VAIABLE Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Toshima-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Kutsuki Sadamitsu, hereinafter referred to as VAIABLE [VAIABLE]) operates a crowdfunding service using NFT (Non Fungible Token) “VAI! UP” (buy-up)”, it is now possible to use this service even if the supporting user does not own a wallet. This makes it possible to easily support projects without a wallet or crypto assets.
In addition to art works drawn by various artists, art NFTs will also include art works created by AI according to the content of the project. We will respond to a wide range of needs in
[VAI! About UP (buy-up)】
VAIABLE provides the WEB3-type crowdfunding service “VAI!UP” (formerly known as VAI! Crowdfunding), and for social problem-solving projects that do not aim to directly purchase products, art works and NFTs are returned as gifts. We aim to promote the resolution of social issues by utilizing
“VAI! UP” service site
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Until now, “VAI!UP” has provided services that enable cash payments without the need for crypto assets in order to facilitate the participation of both users and project creators in WEB3 services. There was still time left.
In response to this issue, VAIABLE utilizes the technology of ProofX Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Liam) to enable viewing, collection, and distribution of return gift art works off-chain without a wallet. It is possible to grant NFT issuance reservation rights, and users can easily use the “VAI! UP” service without needing a wallet or crypto assets.
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[The new project is a project to improve water quality by recycling disposable body warmers]
In addition, as a new crowdfunding project, we have added the “Water quality improvement project by recycling disposable body warmers” implemented by Go Green Group Co., Ltd. .
So far, the Go Green Group has collected about 80 tons of used body warmers in cooperation with about 10,000 individuals, about 300 companies and civic groups, and about 100 schools.Go Green Cube, which promotes water quality improvement. has been successfully
In this crowdfunding, we will promote the Momoyama Go Green Project, which will purify and investigate the pond in the town hall of Senboku Tadaoka-cho, and plan to request a disability employment support organization for Cube mass production work, so that a wider range of beneficiaries. It is a project that aims to increase and build an ecosystem.
[Return gift NFT works are created by AI in addition to various artists] With the cooperation of the Art Association for the Disabled (Headquarters: Iruma City, Saitama Prefecture, Representative Director: Toyotoshi Kumamoto), etc., the project’s return gift Art NFT has a variety of people, such as those with disabilities. A total of 6 works, 5 works selected from about 450 works by artists with backgrounds and works created by AI based on the contents of the project (related application: Japanese Patent Application No. 2022-107233), are lined up. You can receive your work as a return gift. *
In addition to the conventional Polygon, we will add Aster, a blockchain from Japan, to the lineup of NFT blockchains, contributing to the revitalization of Japan’s WEB3.
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* Artist works will be sent directly by NFT, and a wallet is required to receive them. In the future, we plan to expand the target works that do not require a wallet.
“VAI! UP” is always looking for projects and art works to be posted, so if you are interested, please contact us from the WEB page.
VAIABLE Co., Ltd. aims to provide services that lead to the resolution of social issues, including “VAI! UP”, and will continue to actively utilize cutting-edge technologies such as WEB3 and AI.

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