Vanishing Company Co., Ltd. 1 question per day! Updated daily A must-see for dog and cat owners. Released a quiz site to learn about pets “Learn loosely, owner test”

Vanishing Company Inc.
[1 question a day! Updated daily] A must-see for dog and cat owners. Released a quiz site to learn about pets “Learn loosely, owner test” Loose on the outside but firm on the inside. Supervised by a veterinarian! Solve quizzes every day and get rid of wrong care
Vanishing Company Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Representative: Sayaka Toki) released the dog and cat quiz site “Learn loosely, owner test” on November 22, 2022, THANKS PETS DAY. . URL:
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Get out of the wrong care! “Loose learning, owner test” for knowledge about dogs and cats

“What is owner test?”
“Loose learning, owner test” has one quiz about dogs and cats every day. We create problems of various genres such as care, food, and illness under the supervision of a veterinarian.
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“If you read the explanation, you will have a better understanding.” For those who find it difficult to solve every day or who want to review, you can challenge the quiz by selecting “Date order” or “Difficulty order” from the past quiz page. Since the difficulty level is automatically tallied by the user’s answers, you can see the change in the accuracy rate in real time.
App features
・Veterinarian supervision
In order to deliver the correct information, both questions and explanations are supervised by a veterinarian.
・Questions according to the season
Seasonal quizzes on common illnesses and physical condition management methods will be set for prevention.
・Updated daily
You can acquire 365 pieces of knowledge in one year just by solving this quiz every day.
supervising veterinarian
Mr. Ippei Higashi
Director, IS Animal Hospital, Chiba Prefecture
Website (
● Mr. Takuya Ishimura
Director of Sirius Dog and Cat Hospital, Kanagawa Prefecture Website (
● Mr. Ayumi Oumae
Director of Nagi Dog and Cat Vaccine Clinic, Fukuoka Prefecture HP (
● Mr.N.N
Fukuoka Prefecture, veterinarian
*Since he is the family doctor of our company, we will not disclose his real name and hospital name.
(Names are listed in alphabetical order)
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Introducing the veterinarian who supervised the problem
Representative comment
“Loose learning, owner test” wants to reduce the number of animals that get sick or die due to improper care! That’s why we started development. The beta version was released in October, and the functions were improved based on the opinions and requests received from owners. In the beta version, we were able to receive 1000 PV on the first day, which exceeded our goal, and we are happy to be of service to our owners. We will continue to add new functions to make the app more beneficial not only for pet owners, but also for the veterinarians who cooperate with us. We will continue to do our best to achieve our goal of realizing a society where humans are happy and animals are happy.
Representative Director Sayaka Toki
Vanishing Company Co., Ltd.
Company name: Vanishing Company Co., Ltd.
Location: Pine Crest 719, 2-3-10 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Representative: Representative Director Sayaka Toki
Established: April 2022
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