VC Japan Co., Ltd. New product Watch type golf navigation “T9 Minnie Mouse Edition” is now on sale!

VC Japan Co., Ltd.
[New product] Watch type golf navigation “T9 Minnie Mouse Edition” is now on sale!
Voice Caddy has finally collaborated with a Disney character!
VC Japan Co., Ltd. (3-38-10 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Kento Hayashi) will release the Disney collaboration “T9 Minnie Mouse Edition” of the clock-type golf navigation “T9” on Saturday, December 3rd.
Watch-type golf navigation systems are rapidly gaining popularity in the golf industry in recent years.
“Voice Caddy” sells the clock-type golf navigation “T series”, and the “T8” released last year was so popular that it sold out in Japan. Meanwhile, in April of this year, the latest model “T9” black was released, and as the successor model of “T8”, this product is also very popular.
From that “T9”, “T9 Minnie Mouse Edition”, which is a collaboration with the Disney character “Minnie Mouse”, will be newly released.

[Image 1

T9 Minnie Mouse Edition
[Product Features]
1. The design is cute.
With a special design only for the T9 Minnie Mouse edition,
Until now, from color variations that men prefer, such as black and gray, We stepped into design and color development targeting female golfers. [Image 2

Exclusive design for T9 Minnie Mouse Edition
In addition, you can enjoy bands with different colors and accessories that are not found in the regular T9 with this T9 Minnie Mouse Edition.

[Image 3

I’m glad that two basic types of bands and accessories are included. Photo credit: VC Japan Co., Ltd.
2. Of course, the function as a watch-type golf navigation system remains the same.
“Shot & Putt Tracking” and “Tempo Practice Mode” introduced from T9, Smart course view / smart green view / smart putt view / distance display between three points / hazard distance display / real green undulation, etc. are indispensable functions for course management. 【price】
T9 Minnie Mouse Edition is 50,000 yen (excluding tax).
Voice Caddy, which develops and sells products that combine design and function, has been well received by many customers.
【Release date】
On sale from Saturday, December 3rd on the official website, Amazon, Rakuten, and other golf goods mass retailers.
[Reservation sales]
Pre-orders are now being accepted on Voice Caddy Japan’s official website, Amazon, and Rakuten!
Also, if you pre-purchase from the website, it will be shipped sequentially from November 28 (Monday), which is earlier than the release date, so you can get it earlier than everyone else.
Also, as a pre-order bonus, you will receive a Voice Caddy original ball towel. [Image 4d107318-6-cd0927e4af3183f5efa2-5.jpg&s3=107318-6-8ab451ad4a7504c1e9d77a46d063c47e-1100x1100.jpg
You can get a ball towel as a reservation privilege.
We want you to enjoy more fun and stylish golf with the T9 Minnie Mouse Edition. VC Japan Co., Ltd. official website product page
Rakuten product page
Amazon product page

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