Ventuno Co., Ltd. Ventuno, which supports people’s health and beauty with seaweed, medicinal whitening cream, “F-Cure Piena Scrubihaku” is now on sale at Taiwan’s major drugstore “Cosmed”!

Ventuno Co., Ltd.
Ventuno, which supports people’s health and beauty with seaweed, medicated whitening cream, “F-Cure Piena Scrubihaku” is now on sale at Taiwan’s major drugstore “Cosmed”!
-Popular products that have won the “2022 Anti-Aging Grand Prize” will be available in stores from November 25 (Friday)-

Ventuno Co., Ltd. (Fukuoka City, Chuo-ku, President: Hayato Nakano, hereinafter referred to as our company), which develops health foods and cosmetics using the seaweed ingredient “fucoidan”, will open a major Taiwanese drug store ” We are pleased to announce that we will start selling the medicated whitening cream “F-Cure Piena Scrubihaku” at Kosemi (Cosmed).
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In recent years, in Taiwan, the sales of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics have continued to grow steadily over the past 10 years (excerpts from the data of Taiwan’s Economic Affairs Department), and the demand for cosmetics continues to rise. Furthermore, Taiwanese people are known to be the most pro-Japanese in Asia, and Japanese cosmetic products are highly rated by word-of-mouth sites in Taiwan.
In light of this situation, we have started selling “F-Cure Piena Scrubihaku,” a medicinal whitening cream that makes your skin beautiful, from November 25 (Friday) to about 300 stores of the major Taiwanese drugstore chain “Cosmed.” We will start selling.
Award history
The medicated whitening cream “F-Cure Piena Scrub Haku” was selected by experts at the “2022 Anti-Aging Grand Prize” of the Taiwanese fashion magazine “BAZAAR”, and was selected from about 100
participating brands in the essence category. We won the grand prize. In the comments of dermatologist Dr. Mei-Ching Lee, a member of this contest, this product was evaluated as “a whitening essence with vitamin C as the main ingredient, with a creamy texture that absorbs well and feels good on the skin.”
Product Summary
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Product name: F-Cure Piena Scrubihaku
Price: 990 Taiwan dollars
Contents: 30g (for about 30 days)
Active ingredients: Vitamin C/2-glucoside, 2K glycyrrhizinate Features:
・Contains active whitening ingredients that suppress melanin production and prevent blemishes and freckles
・Multi-moisture that gives moisture and brings out transparency ・Four additive-free formulations with carefully selected ingredients necessary for your skin
About image model
With the launch of “F-Cure Piena Scrubihaku” in Taiwan, Taiwanese actress Li Jiaying has been appointed as an image model from November. Along with the release, store fixtures and product landing pages have been changed to designs featuring Li Jiaying.
[Image 3d81049-13-6dccdc9e7300d72523d7-4.jpg&s3=81049-13-880306b7784999abcf6c6f3a3ce25785-344x516.jpg
Li Jiaying
Born February 14, 1983 in Taipei City
Debuted in 2003 after being scouted by a famous producer in Taiwan. Since 2004, she has been active in music videos and commercials, and won the “Smiling Beauty No. 1” TV program.
Since 2005, she has been active as an actress and has appeared in numerous works such as dramas and movies.
Overview of pharmacies to be sold
[Image 4d81049-13-13d8555e2476f865f3f3-5.png&s3=81049-13-e73d48afb0a920a1d7fb5d4225aa04db-206x67.png
Store name: Cosmed
Area: Taipei City, New Taipei City, Keelung, Yilan County, Taoyuan City, Hsinchu City, Hsinchu County, Miaoli County
Taichung Changhua County Nantou County Chiayi City Chiayi County Yunlin County Tainan City Kaohsiung City
Pingtung County Taitung County Hualien County Penghu County Kinmen County Lianjiang County
About Ventuno
Our company name “Ventuno” is derived from “21” in Italian and was founded in 1990 with a view to the 21st century. Since its founding, the company has focused on fucoidan, the slimy component of seaweeds such as mozuku and mekabu, and under the slogan, “Let’s live beautifully together.” We are expanding our business.
Company Profile
[Image 5d81049-13-8451da64dc36cb7bb65c-6.jpg&s3=81049-13-98a294e8403041c3ad282174c8867b45-255x180.jpg
Ventuno Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and President: Hayato Nakano
Location: 2-1-1 Omiya, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City
Established: January 1990
Capital: 20 million yen
Description of business: Wholesaling and mail order of health foods and cosmetics
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