Venture from Shinshu University: Verne Crystal Co., Ltd. Advance to the public examination of Shinshu Venture Contest 2022!

Verne Crystal Co., Ltd.
Advance to the public examination of Shinshu Venture Contest 2022!
Verne Crystal Co., Ltd., which manufactures and sells unique high-performance crystal materials, has advanced to the public examination of the Shinshu Venture Contest 2022, which will be held on December 10, 2022.
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The Shinshu Venture Contest 2022 provides a place for individuals and companies with new business plans and ideas to “revitalize Shinshu” with the catchphrase “You create! The future of Shinshu!” It is held annually with the aim of promoting its realization. There are three divisions: Entrepreneur Division, Idea Division, and High School Student Division.
 Verne Crystal Co., Ltd. (Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture;
Representative Director: Atsushi Tanaka; hereinafter referred to as our company) applied for the Entrepreneurship Category with a business plan of “Development of locally produced water that utilizes the characteristics of the land using inorganic crystal materials.” After a rigorous document review, we proceeded to the final public review on December 10th.
 Locally produced water, which is unique to the region, has become the foundation of the unique food industry of the region. However, today, local water contains not only minerals but also heavy metals, and it is necessary to remove them. We will propose a plan to realize value creation based on “locally produced water” that brings out the uniqueness of the land, using “Shindai Crystal”, an inorganic crystal material that can selectively remove only heavy metals, as our core technology. .
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We are currently strengthening cooperation with partner companies that implement our high-performance crystals in society. If you are interested in our efforts, please feel free to contact us.
【company overview】
Company name: Verne Crystal Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Atsushi Tanaka
Date of establishment: January 11, 2022
Capital: 1 million yen
Address: 〒380-0928 4-17-1 Wakasato, Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture Shinshu University Faculty of Engineering
[Business description]
Development, manufacture and sale of functional materials such as various crystals
Design, manufacture and sale of equipment and parts using materials Providing related information, software and data services
Provision of technology and know-how and consulting
[About this inquiry]
Please contact us using the inquiry form on our website.

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