Vespla Visualization of brain health contributes to the promotion of voluntary health behavior and increased health awareness among patients

Visualization of brain health contributes to promoting voluntary health behaviors and increasing health awareness among patients Hamamatsu City “Large-scale effect verification of health management apps for maintaining/promoting brain and body health” Report on the analysis results of the demonstration

Vespla Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yosuke Toyama, hereinafter: Vespla), with the cooperation of Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture (Mayor: Yasutomo Suzuki, hereinafter Hamamatsu City), from April 28, 2022 We are conducting a large-scale verification of the effectiveness of a health management app for maintaining and promoting brain and body health for Hamamatsu citizens.
In order to realize Hamamatsu City’s “prevention and health promotion city”, it is important for citizens to voluntarily work on prevention and health. Vespla, which was adopted for the Hamamatsu City Demonstration Experiment Support Project in 2021, has been evaluated as a “good app for the brain” and We are working on collecting knowledge to promote voluntary health management of citizens by using the estimated BHQ function (* limited function for demonstration) that predicts and visualizes BHQ*1, which represents the health condition of the brain from the results of using the app. increase.
Brain Impact (President: Yoshinori Yamakawa (Kyoto University Graduate School of Management, Brain Healthcare Business Ecosystem Endowed Course, Specially Appointed Professor) led by the BHQ project, analyzed the results of this demonstration, and visualized brain health. It was suggested that participants’ health awareness was improved by the app that supports brain health maintenance.
■ Demonstration overview
Implementation details: We will ask you to take a questionnaire about your lifestyle and health awareness, and measure your health management record and estimated BHQ (continuously used during the period) using an app that is good for your brain.
Eligible people: People over 20 who live/work/study in Hamamatsu City and can use smartphones
Application period: April 28, 2022 to September 30, 2022
Participation benefits: In addition to being able to use the estimated BHQ function that AI estimates the health condition of the brain from the results of using the app for demonstration purposes only, a lottery will provide applicants with a BHQ dock experience as an incentive.
Figure 1. Demonstration outline
[Image 1d7987-66-113baa6e95e32a1f6075-0.png&s3=7987-66-1a874266a92d23dc840a5848b8671da8-1036x324.png
■ Demonstration results
-Participant attributes-
 256 people (male: female = 31%: 69%) participated in this
demonstration. Looking at the age distribution of the participants, we found that most men in their 40s participated, and women in their 50s participated the most.
In addition, when we surveyed the attributes of the participants, we found that 49% of the participants had chronic diseases such as lifestyle-related diseases, compared to the national average of 40%. ) was found to be higher than
Figure 2.Presence or absence of chronic diseases of participants (voluntary questionnaire respondents)
[Image 2d7987-66-9a98e5c6576a1bea99f4-1.png&s3=7987-66-37135d1c21201d19215e5c0d0dad65ff-970x447.png
-Motivation for Participating in the Demonstration-
When we asked the participants about their motives for participating in the demonstration, many of the main motives for participating in the demonstration were “because the visualization of brain health seemed interesting” and “because I wanted to maintain my brain health.” It turned out to be the result
Figure 3. Main motivations for participating in this demonstration [Image 3d7987-66-528c882750b6060a4a37-2.png&s3=7987-66-9f601235e472c54c30f401d47b47b97a-960x406.png
 When we analyzed data such as the health awareness of the
demonstration participants, it was suggested that health awareness could be improved by supporting behaviors aimed at maintaining brain health and visualizing the health status of the brain. Details of these results are scheduled to be announced at academic conferences in Japan and overseas.
■ Future prospects
Based on the results of this demonstration, in order to promote healthy behavior to prevent dementia, we plan to provide a package program using BHQ in cooperation with local governments and health insurance associations to prevent the onset of dementia for each individual. By doing so, we aim to reduce the burden of medical expenses and maintain the health of your brain and body.
Through the construction and provision of this demonstration platform, Vespla aims to contribute to brain health by creating an environment where brain health research can be conducted more efficiently. *1 BHQ (Brain Healthcare Quotient): An index for brain health management calculated by analyzing brain image data using MRI. It has been approved as an international standard for “numerical indices that express the physical characteristics of the brain that indicate health-related conditions” in the recommendation document H.861 of the international standardization organization ITU-T, and is expected to be used around the world in the future. We are here.
■ What apps are good for the brain?
[Image 4d7987-66-7f6fb2926bc472246c5d-3.jpg&s3=7987-66-71cacc235a8ef57b0bd5caacaf5f2641-780x494.jpg
This is an app that allows you to manage multiple activities such as exercise, brain training, and diet, developed based on research (*) conducted by the Karolinska Institutet, a world-renowned authority on dementia research.
(*) The world’s first study that proved that a combination of dietary guidance, exercise guidance, cognitive training, lifestyle guidance, etc. is effective in suppressing the progression of mild cognitive impairment.
Anyone can easily maintain a healthy brain just by “walking and exercising”, “brain training in spare time”, and “eating foods that are good for the brain”. AI (artificial intelligence) sets reasonable daily targets according to age, gender, and physique, so you can feel a sense of accomplishment every day, and many elderly people continue to use it. For brain training, users can play several types of brain training games, such as spotting mistakes and puzzles, in a battle format. In addition, there is a virtual walk “Walking Challenge” that can convert the total number of steps to the fifty-three stages of the Tokaido, a “medication reminder” that prevents you from forgetting to take your medicine, and a “cognitive function test” that allows you to understand your cognitive function (from the second time). It is equipped with a wealth of functions such as “Family site (paid for family only)” that allows you to share data, photos and videos of “Brain-friendly apps” with your family. He has received numerous awards, including the Nursing Care IT Business Contest and the Cabinet Office ImPACT BHQ 2017 Scientist Jury Award.
■ What is BHQ dock?
At the BHQ dock, we will analyze the results of imaging the brain by MRI and give you a BHQ report after the analysis. With the BHQ report, you can see the “brain health condition” compared to the average value of the same age, and the change in “brain health condition” over time by continuously measuring the number.
Image of BHQ report
[Image 5d7987-66-285ac6cbff97520aeabd-4.png&s3=7987-66-928a64d91313ae71127ee610b3dc313e-886x550.png
■ Contact information
Vespla Co., Ltd.
General Incorporated Association Brain Impact BHQ Project Secretariat Contact:
About Vespla Co., Ltd. (
Vespla Co., Ltd. provides a brain health maintenance application “Brain Good App” for dementia prevention and a cognitive function test for a driver’s license that allows you to easily try the cognitive function test when renewing your driver’s license, using ICT. We provide brain and body health services through our healthcare services.
About Brain Impact (
The general incorporated association Brain Impact promotes
international standardization activities for various initiatives related to the brain health management index BHQ, and also provides a database of brain information as a public shared resource. We plan to use the results of this research to further promote brain science research and return research results to society. Brain Impact Chairman Yamakawa also holds the following positions.
・Professor, Biointerface Research Unit, Institute of Innovative Research, Tokyo Institute of Technology
・Kyoto University Brain Healthcare/Business Ecosystem Endowed Chair Specially Appointed Professor
・Visiting Professor, Headquarters for Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration, Kobe University
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