“Violet Evergarden” x MAYLA! The second special tie-up sandals will start accepting orders from 12:00 on Friday, November 25, 2022!

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“Violet Evergarden” x MAYLA! The second special tie-up sandals will start accepting orders from 12:00 on Friday, November 25, 2022!
MAYLA, a brand that develops women’s fashion with the catchphrase “Body temperature rises by 2℃”, will pre-order the iconic shoes object sandals for the second special tie-up project with “Violet Evergarden” on November 25, 2022. It started at 12:00 on Sunday (Friday). Sales page: https://mayla.jp/SHOP/sha2440.html
Feature page: https://mayla.jp/main/collection/violet-evergarden/ – VIOLET EVERGARDEN ICONIQUE SHOES OBJET SANDALS
– Violet Evergarden Iconic Shoes Object Sandals —
[Image 1

With the theme of violet bathed in soft light surrounded by violet and bougainvillea flowers, these sandals express MAYLA’s delicate yet bold design. Please enjoy a pair of shoes packed with the world view of “Violet Evergarden” in every corner. On MAYLA’s official Twitter and tie-up feature page, a story narration movie of this product by Yui Ishikawa, the voice actor who plays the role of Violet, is also available.
-Sales Overview-
Product Name: – Violet Evergarden Iconic Shoes Object Sandals – Sales start: November 25, 2022 (Friday) 12:00 to January 9, 2023 (Monday) 12:00 Sales location: MAYLA official EC site
Sales price: ¥ 29,700 (tax included)
-Product Summary-
[Illustration drawn by Kyoto Animation]
[Image 2

[Image 3

[Akora – Akora -]
[Image 4

[Segen – Segen -]
[Image 5

[Design packed with commitment]
The color “Akora”, which seems to embody the appearance of Violet, uses a high-class satin fabric with a delicate luster as a base, and MAYLA’s original another color “Segen” has an elegant texture. I used pearl white leather fabric. The frill cut insole is printed with a tie-up logo and violet flowers. The wood grain heel with glossy gloss finish has an antique finish.
[Image 6

In the center of the ribbon, which is made up of multiple layers of satin fabric, an emerald bijou that resembles a brooch shines, creating an eye-catching accent. The fluffy frills are inspired by a violet skirt, and the beautiful three-dimensional silhouette complements the back style. The ankle charm has a cameo-like antique finish on Violet’s profile.
[Image 7

[Purchase privilege]
・Shoe box
Based on the product theme “GARDEN ~In the light~”, we have created a limited edition box that depicts a flower garden wrapped in violets and bougainvillea flowers. On the inside, we designed the story text of “GARDEN ~ Hikari no Naka ~” and a scene of Violet wrapped in light and flowers. Please enjoy decorating the box with your shoes in your room.
[Image 8

・B5 clear file
A limited B5 clear file with illustrations drawn by Kyoto Animation is included. [Image 9

[About MAYLA]
Official website: https://mayla.jp/
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/mayla_classic
Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/maylaclassic/
[Inquiries regarding this release]
Dolls Co., Ltd.
Email: info@mayla.co.jp
(C) Kana Akatsuki, Kyoto Animation/Violet Vergarden Production Committee Details about this release:

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