Visualize your brain fatigue! ! Preventing Serious Accidents through Demonstration Experiments with Tachikawa Bus

Visualize your brain fatigue! ! Preventing Serious Accidents through Demonstration Experiments with Tachikawa Bus
-Measures to prevent overworked driving using a fatigue stress measuring instrument-

LIFE-BEING Co., Ltd. (Location: Tachikawa City, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yoichi Tanaka) uses the “Fatigue Stress Meter VM600”, which is handled as a corporate health measure service, to measure the degree of fatigue of employees with the cooperation of local companies.・The measurement of the stress state will be conducted as a pilot test (demonstration experiment).
As the first step, drivers working at the Fussa Office of Tachikawa Bus Co., Ltd. (Location: Tachikawa City, Tokyo, President: Yasuaki Yamada) were asked to operate the bus for about two weeks from November 14, before and after the bus service. Afterwards, we will check your health by measuring your brain fatigue (autonomic nerve function activity) and stress level (autonomic nerve function balance) using a “fatigue stress meter”.
[Image 1d104229-3-5481ea17f67be54faa74-0.png&s3=104229-3-c9d6571b9b38f2cb1ec395e18784c00d-394x227.png
Happiness check and stress check
This pilot test will be the first case for our company to be conducted for bus drivers.
We believe that it will help to build a health management system for the purpose of ensuring safety in automobile transportation. We will also contribute to the realization of measures for passenger safety and security services of companies that support community transportation.

Background of the initiative
In response to the fall accident of the Karuizawa ski tour bus in 2016, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has formulated a comprehensive safety plan for commercial vehicles and has taken measures to ensure safety and prevent recurrence. Serious accidents, such as bus rollovers and fire accidents on expressways, that are thought to be caused by driver illnesses during bus operation have yet to decrease.
The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism is expanding efforts to promote the health management of drivers in order to prevent accidents caused by health conditions for automobile transport companies.
In order to prevent serious accidents due to overworked driving, drowsy driving, etc., subsidies are provided to businesses that are willing to work on advanced operation management such as checking fatigue status and calling attention using IT equipment. It also shows measures to prevent “health-related accidents” such as support. [Image 2d104229-3-aed460c471ce68010b40-5.jpg&s3=104229-3-78cc3f6d1a44ff0a673961b565050a10-485x505.jpg
Reported number of health-related accidents
[Image 3d104229-3-7354cf23a9b47f0687aa-1.jpg&s3=104229-3-060c6e4c8d94266a979d238232d89c1e-630x683.jpg
Breakdown of Drivers by Disease
(Source: Website of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism) About the VM600 fatigue/stress measuring instrument (simple
fatigue/stress measuring system)
Just lightly place the thumbs of both hands on the electrodes of the sensor. Analysis and evaluation of the fluctuation data of
electrocardiogram and pulse wave is performed via the Internet, and the current “fatigue level and stress” measurement results are displayed on the application installed on the smartphone or tablet. Autonomic nerve balance and deviation values ​​are expressed by quantifying autonomic nerves using vital data and analyzing big data. The “fatigue degree” that could only be judged subjectively until now is pursued with high precision and high sensitivity at a frequency of 600Hz.
You can also see how relaxed you are now. It is possible to
appropriately identify those who need care and medical care before the onset of fatigue and stress-related diseases, and to encourage prompt response.
[Image 4d104229-3-c4e9b3971fd52751e6c4-11.jpg&s3=104229-3-e4b4c3f4454480fade8176f03dae0b95-490x327.jpg
Fatigue stress meter VM600

[Image 5d104229-3-779a71dfc473a599e296-6.png&s3=104229-3-dfaaa178c39f0bb52ddfed71241c644c-280x280.png
Fatigue stress meter (LIFE-BEING website)

[Image 6d104229-3-69ce4e536dfe5ee8e98f-10.png&s3=104229-3-c835a8572960e9f8e8f2119d7c2ad057-1036x220.png
“Fatigue stress” becoming a social problem
The identity of fatigue is neither physical fatigue nor mental fatigue. In fact, the fatigue of the brain (nerve) is the identity. In other words, the signal from the brain is “fatigue”. Fatigue is often taken lightly, but it is actually one of the three major biological alarms along with “pain” and “fever”.
It is important to visualize and rest before suddenly collapsing. By quantifying the autonomic nerves using vital data and analyzing big data, the balance and deviation values ​​of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves are shown, and the state of brain fatigue and stress is visualized.
About future development
Due to the rapid changes in social conditions and the working environment in recent years, many working people are feeling strong anxiety and stress in their work and professional life. LIFE-BEING Co., Ltd. will support companies that actively promote health management with a “fatigue stress meter” that increases the health value of each employee.
After the completion of the pilot test, which was conducted with the cooperation of the employees of Tachikawa Bus Co., Ltd., we plan to analyze and verify the evaluation and summarize the survey results. In addition, for local companies that are considering measures to prevent serious illnesses and mental disorders, we will lend out fatigue stress measuring instruments (rental business) to employees as a trial experience. We would like you to thoroughly implement your obligation to take care of your health through this monitoring. As priority industries and occupations,
・Professional drivers of taxis, trucks, etc. who are required to take measures to prevent health-related accidents
・Medical and nursing care service industry, which is said to be a workplace with high health risks due to irregular work and overwork ・IT services, restaurants, sales, production processes, etc., who are said to have a strong tendency to be highly stressed
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism subsidy for automobile accident countermeasures
The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism supports the efforts of bus, taxi, truck, and other automobile transportation companies to prevent drivers from overworked driving and prevent traffic accidents caused by drowsy driving by introducing advanced equipment. To this end, we subsidize the cost of acquiring equipment that satisfies certain requirements and has been certified by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. Continuing from the previous year, the Vital Monitor VM600 (manufactured and sold by Fatigue Science Laboratory) and the Fatigue Stress Meter MF100 (manufactured and sold by Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.) were selected as target devices. 1/2 of the purchase amount will be subsidized.
[Image 7d104229-3-3c35fcb8aac1ce52bf8b-8.png&s3=104229-3-9e13f884764117745a133f298514e8c3-312x312.png
Accident prevention support promotion project

About Tachikawa Bus Co., Ltd.
Tachikawa Bus has a history of more than 90 years since its
establishment, and is continuing to move forward toward its next 100th anniversary.
As a member of the Odakyu Group, we provide services from fixed-route buses and highway buses in the Tama area, centered on Tachikawa City in Tokyo, and from local governments.
We operate a commissioned community bus.
As a regional infrastructure, we will contribute to customers and the region with convenient and friendly services, putting safety and security first.
【Company Profile】
Company name: Tachikawa Bus Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 2-27-27 Takamatsucho, Tachikawa, Tokyo Representative Director: Yasuaki Yamada
Business description: General passenger car transportation business (route bus) General Chartered Passenger Car Transportation Business (Chartered Bus) Travel agency, real estate business, real estate rental business Website:
About LIFE-BEING Co., Ltd.
In Tachikawa City, Tokyo, we are developing a health management and well-being practice support and health policy service business. We also rent, sell, and lease “fatigue stress measuring instruments” that visualize mental health conditions, and handle smartphone app “Hiromil (Fatigue/Stress Scan)” for individuals.
As a “health support navigator for working people”, we will contribute to the realization of a healthy and sustainable society through the spread and promotion of “human health” and “corporate health”. [Image 8d104229-3-442bff26d342d45ad577-9.png&s3=104229-3-578082610b52bc74d4d7884ff5c26e1e-222x222.png
LIFE-BEING Co., Ltd. Official Homepage
【Company Profile】
Company name: LIFE-BEING Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 1-4-4 Nishikicho, Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo Sunny Building 2nd floor CS-120
Representative Director: Yoichi Tanaka
Business: Practical support for health management and well-being and health policy services

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