VIVOTEK plays a role in revitalizing regional tourism in Ise City — Bringing back the bustle of the past with AI people counting solution

Vivotech Japan Co., Ltd.
VIVOTEK plays a role in revitalizing regional tourism in Ise City — Bringing back the bustle of the past with AI people counting solution VIVOTEK Stereo People Counting Camera SC8131 Case Study

VIVOTEK Inc. (Head office: Taipei, Taiwan TWSE: 3454, hereinafter referred to as Vivotech) aims to provide the most trusted intelligent surveillance solutions in society. We installed stereo counting network cameras SC8131 in 7 locations, including a long-established restaurant, and provided a 3D people counting solution.
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Introduction background
Since 2020, the Japanese tourism industry has been hit hard by the global pandemic of the new coronavirus infection. Due to the impact of restrictions on immigration from overseas due to border measures, many tourist destinations continue to face difficulties in accepting foreign tourists. On the other hand, Ise City, which is surrounded by the sea and mountains and is blessed with history and famous places, has been affected by the corona crisis in each shopping district in the city center.
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The area around Ise is world-famous for its gourmet foods such as spiny lobster, oysters, and Matsusaka beef, as well as many tourist attractions. Among them, Ise, which is famous for Ise Jingu and its surrounding townscape and scenic scenery, has been making various efforts to revitalize the region. We are promoting tourism in Ise. In cooperation with Ise Machizukuri Co., Ltd., activities are being carried out to restore the brilliance of Ise City to its
pre-coronavirus splendor, such as promoting the opening of vacant stores in the central city of Ise.
Issues before introduction
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Until now, Ise City has been counting the number of people walking in the area by conducting a traffic survey once a year, mainly using the traditional method of manual and visual inspection. However, since this is done once a year, it was insufficient as quantitative data for the purpose of marketing. Under these circumstances, we adopted a scientific method that combines people flow data, IP cameras, and AI analysis to enable 24-hour surveys. We believed that an accurate, cost-effective, easy-to-install, and secure solution with exportable data reports would help create commercial value.
Decisive factors and solutions
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VIVOTEK installed stereo counting network cameras SC8131 in seven locations, including the city center of Ise City and a
long-established restaurant with a history of 150 years, to provide a 3D people counting solution.
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This network camera provided by VIVOTEK, which has high research and development capabilities cultivated through over 20 years of experience, is equipped with deep learning and video surveillance functions, and is capable of counting people and tracking people flow with an accuracy of 98% or more.
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Machine learning constantly optimizes the camera’s analytical capabilities. Images are digitized and used in shopping malls and stores as reference materials for store layouts and sales promotions, enabling more accurate management decisions and operational
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In the past, store operations were determined by analyzing data on the products sold and the amount of sales. With the introduction of the SC8131 this time, it is now possible to immediately know changes in the traffic volume outside the store, and quickly determine whether the increase in sales is due to the store’s sales promotion efforts or the increase or decrease in traffic on the day. made it possible to judge. In addition, the SC8131 sales model is a one-time purchase and does not incur monthly fees, so it is one of the attractions that it can be introduced at a reasonable price compared to other products. Post-implementation effects and customer feedback
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Through comprehensive AI solutions, VIVOTEK converted video footage into data and aimed to optimize regional tourism and commercial activities with Ise Machizukuri Co., Ltd., which is working to revitalize the city center. In this case, VIVOTEK not only cooperated with ForceMedia to achieve seamless integration, but also cooperated with the system of EBILAB, a local company, to identify the
characteristics of the weather and the flow of people by day of the week, as well as the It has also become possible to measure the effects of the project, and it has become possible to implement more effective planning and management based on the analysis of the results.
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In the Ise shopping district, the installation of this AI camera will start on December 13, 2021 (Monday), and the traffic volume will be measured from the same day until March 31, 2024 (Sunday).
Comment from Haruki Odashima, Representative Director of EBILAB Co., Ltd. Two VIVOTEK cameras have been installed at Ebiya stores. Thanks to this, the amount of traffic in front of the store, which I wanted to visualize, can now be checked in real time. By grasping the situation in front of the store with data, we are maximizing the investment effect by improving the display of signboards.
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Currently, based on the achievements of Ebiya stores, we have installed it not only for other companies but also for local governments, and it is being used for optimal store development and community development. We will continue to use VIVOTEK cameras to promote measures based on data.
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VIVOTEK Inc. Corporate Information
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VIVOTEK Inc. (TAIEX: 3454) is a global IP surveillance solution provider aiming to provide society’s most trusted and intelligent surveillance solutions. Vivotech, with its advanced video and audio technology, is highly trusted by many distributors and system integrators to meet end-user demands for intelligent security, control and management solutions.
Vivotech is a global provider of IP cameras, network video recorders, video management software and intelligent edge AI video analytics. Since its establishment in Taiwan in 2000, Vivotech has formed strategic alliances with over 180 authorized distributors in over 100 countries around the world, and has branch offices in the United States, the Netherlands, India, Mexico, and Japan. I’m here. In 2017, he joined the Delta Group, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, and is the security and intelligence core of the Delta Building Automation business.
About the Japanese corporation Vivotech Japan Co., Ltd.
Vivotech Japan Co., Ltd., a Japanese subsidiary, was established in 2018. In addition to aiming for further business expansion in Japan, we are developing proposals, marketing, sales, and support for products and services that meet domestic needs.
For inquiries about Vivotech’s products and services, please contact us using the contact information below.
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Vivotech Japan Co., Ltd.
TEL: 03-5733-1280 / EMAIL:
Location: Delta Shibadaimon Building, 2-1-14 Shibadaimon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0012
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