Volumetric video version digital trading card “JUDO Coreca” First appearance at Judo Grand Slam Tokyo 2022!

X Creation Co., Ltd.
Volumetric video version digital trading card “JUDO Coreca” First appearance at Judo Grand Slam Tokyo 2022!
NFT digital trading card “Coreca” new experience provided free of charge at the tournament venue

X Creation Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Masahiro Kawakami), which develops and services
NFT/blockchain content, is joined by Canon Marketing Japan Inc. (President: Masachika Adachi, hereinafter Canon MJ). , In the “Sports x Technology Utilization Promotion Project” promoted by the Japan Sports Agency, which supports the promotion of DX in sports fields, the volumetric video version digital trading card “JUDO” will be a new experience with the digital trading card “Coleca” using NFT. Koreka” will be announced at “Judo Grand Slam Tokyo 2022”.
[Image 1

-Volumemetric video version NFT digital trading card image with serial number- In this initiative, Canon MJ, together with the All Japan Judo Federation (Chairman: Yasuhiro Yamashita), and Canon Inc. (Chairman, President and CEO: Fujio Mitarai, We will provide new ways of enjoying and viewing experiences using volumetric video technology developed by Canon).
X Creation will contribute to new ways of enjoying sports through the unique technology of NFT digital trading cards in the efforts of Canon and Canon MJ to contribute to the creation of new value in sports through technology and creativity. increase.
[Overview of “JUDO Koreka”]
Volumetric video version digital trading card distribution using NFT

[Image 2d70217-34-84f75db01e183a53255e-5.jpg&s3=70217-34-b8990fa9fb9dcdd6771d9df82c191b24-1818x2700.jpg
We will distribute a digital collectible card with a serial number, which is the only one in the world filled with the new charm of judo, as a privilege for visiting the venue of the “Judo Grand Slam Tokyo 2022”.
JUDO Coreca will be available in the following 3 types and a total of 16 items. The visual of the card will be released on SNS etc. at any time. 1. “VOLUMETRIC” card
A video card showing the dynamics of the technique
2. “JUDOKA” card
A digital card that artistically expresses the player
3. “EVENT” card
 Grand Slam Tokyo 2022 Commemorative Digital Card
-Distribution Content-
Yasuo Inoue/Shohei Ono/Wolf Aron/Teru Sone *random order
-Distribution Schedule-
December 3rd (Sat) and 4th (Sun), 2022
-Distribution venue-
Judo Grand Slam Tokyo 2022: Tokyo Gymnasium
-how to get-
You can get JUDO Koreka by downloading the dedicated app “PREMA Wallet” (free), starting the app, and touching the posters displayed in the venue.
*Cannot be used on some Android devices and devices that do not have NFC compatible functions.
-Exclusive app “PREMA Wallet”-
Click here → https://premanft.com/
– Volumetric video version NFT digital trading card image Top photo: front Bottom photo: back-
[Image 3d70217-34-8d2c1592582dfb029ec3-0.png&s3=70217-34-990b0b64e2231f3abe8bdd20e5ef43ad-2160x1440.png
[Image 4d70217-34-8a6daf5351d625d71f00-4.png&s3=70217-34-9a19bc22d4f2088e43e3eed8342f35f1-530x351.png
Volumetric video version NFT digital trading card image Left photo: front Right photo: back
Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, various problems have become apparent in the sports industry, such as the cancellation or postponement of competitions, a decrease in the number of athletes, and a decrease in television broadcasting.
In response to this situation, the Japan Sports Agency has solicited a public offering for the 2022 sports industry growth promotion project, “Sports x Technology Utilization Promotion Project”.
In this project, Canon MJ will propose a “support project for the promotion of DX in sports”, “1. Efforts to provide a new way to enjoy watching games in situations such as games and competitions”, “2. NFT, etc. 3. Efforts to increase fan engagement by using DX” and “3. Efforts to contribute to profit structure reform of organizations that incorporate DX” were adopted, and measures for this project will be implemented with the All Japan Judo Federation until the end of March 2023.
-FY2020 Sports Industry Growth Promotion Project “Sports x Technology Utilization Promotion Project”-
[Image 5d70217-34-e8e37d23a5e7f44d2cd3-2.png&s3=70217-34-3a5f73de7ea568c7aae923354a832240-231x112.png
In recent years, the introduction of DX, video distribution using the latest technology, and initiatives such as remote viewing have expanded, and new services such as NFT and club tokens using blockchain technology have been created.
The use of technology not only provides opportunities to make sports more accessible and increases the added value of sports, but also creates new sources of revenue. In the corona disaster, such movements are expanding rapidly, and urgent response is required.
In light of this situation, in this project, we will conduct a wide-ranging survey of the current situation and excellent initiatives in Japan and overseas regarding the use of DX and technology in sports venues. We will organize the handling of sports data, which is becoming more valuable due to
Through these efforts, we aim to revitalize the sports world and promote the growth of the sports industry with the power of
-Main cooperating companies and organizations-
All Japan Judo Federation: https://www.judo.or.jp/
Canon Marketing Japan Inc.: https://canon.jp/corporate/profile Taiyo Kikaku Co., Ltd.: http://www.taiyokikaku.com/
[Image 6d70217-34-e9507fd9a7bd43a7b903-3.jpg&s3=70217-34-b8faec945cee46f9f8fa1064d7accef5-669x490.jpg
Company name: X Creation Co., Ltd. (https://xcreation.co.jp/) location:
– Head Office – 14F Toranomon Hills Business Tower, 1-17-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001
-Jimbocho Office- 2F Sengokuya Building, 1-18-1 Kanda Jimbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0051
Representative: Masahiro Kawakami, Representative Director/CEO Business description: Blockchain-related business
Contact: https://xcreation.co.jp/#!/contact
Email: info@xcreation.co.jp
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