(Voluntary organization) Association to Save Ao-chan In order to save 1-year-old Ao-chan, who lives hard in a small body, we have started a fundraising campaign with a target amount of 530 million yen for overseas heart transplantation.

(Voluntary organization) Meeting to save Ao-chan
In order to save 1-year-old Ao-chan, who lives hard in her small body, we have started a fundraising campaign with a target amount of 530 million yen for overseas heart transplantation.
The target amount is 1.5 times the most recent example due to the impact of the weaker yen. Thank you for your support

Diagnosed with a congenital heart disease, he underwent four heart surgeries, but due to severe heart failure (a state in which the heart’s pumping function has declined and the heart is unable to pump out the blood it needs), the only way to save him is a heart transplant. In order to save Aoi Sato (hereinafter referred to as Ao-chan) who was diagnosed with Start a fundraiser. Due to the recent depreciation of the yen, the target amount is 530 million yen*, which is about 1.5 times the cost so far.
*Using an average exchange rate of 148.19 TTS during the month of October 2022
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-Pediatric Organ Transplant Situation in Japan-
The number of organ donations (donors) per million people in Japan is 0.61 per year in the United States, about 1/62 of the 38 in the United States, and about 1/15 of the 9 in Korea per year. is the situation. [Image 1d111437-3-a36203ec94207f06ba68-0.png&s3=111437-3-387dab1a085f58e1e9c946ccc31808d9-1365x724.png
Among them, although pediatric organ transplantation is legally permitted, there are an average of 2 cases per year for children under the age of 6, an overwhelmingly small number of donations to patients waiting for transplantation. As a result, the waiting period is prolonged, and it is not uncommon for patients to die during the waiting period due to complications such as complications from the assisted artificial heart.
[Image 2d111437-3-db5868b6021c62d49d2b-1.png&s3=111437-3-768c07366e1a7d3f65838d2d95df8e3c-960x720.png
In addition, heart transplantation in the United States is not covered by insurance, requires high medical costs, and poses many challenges, such as the risk of physical strain due to long flights on medical charter flights.
Furthermore, due to the invasion of Ukraine that began in February and the sudden depreciation of the yen due to the difference in interest rates between Japan and the United States, all expenses such as medical expenses and travel expenses have risen sharply. This is the situation. Therefore, the hurdles for overseas heart transplantation are higher than ever.
-Cost breakdown-
Due to the depreciation of the yen, this year’s fundraising target amount is 530 million yen, which is a larger amount than ever before, but the breakdown is as follows. (*Actual costs may vary depending on the exchange rate and length of stay.)
■ Donation target: 530 million yen
・ Medical expenses (deposit US $ 2.5 million): 370 million yen ・ NY state hospital treatment additional tax (9.63% of medical expenses): 36 million yen
・ Travel expenses (medical jet, air ticket, ambulance): 81 million yen ・Stay expenses (period from travel to waiting for
donor-surgery-hospitalization after surgery-recovery/rehabilitation): 9 million yen
・Medical contingency: 32 million yen
・ Save party expenses (communication expenses, office expenses, leaflet printing expenses, etc.): 2 million yen
* Recipient: Columbia University Hospital, New York, USA
-Future Activities-
・Street fundraising activities
-Monday, November 14, 2022, 14:30-Donation starts in front of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare after the press conference [Image 3d111437-3-5d277dfcd10f7af8cb82-6.png&s3=111437-3-843473d587deb76abb25785c30ff071a-2000x1125.png
– On Saturday, November 19, 2022 from 11:00 to 13:00 and on Sunday, November 20, 2022 from 11:00 to 13:00, a street fundraising activity will be held in front of Sugamo Station (or at the entrance of Sugamo Jizo-dori Shopping Street). .
-Inquiries about donations-
[Image 4d111437-3-e75de2a83158cc049c5e-2.png&s3=111437-3-5021f2d73c63191dc1850326c6dfbd2c-273x273.png
・Meeting to save Ao-chan
– Phone number: 03-6555-4571
– Email address: info@ao-sukuukai.jp
– Homepage URL: https://ao-sukuukai.jp (search for “Meeting to Save Ao-chan”) -Donation method-
・Donation method by bank transfer
[Image 5d111437-3-db3615ffb5b53346cb4c-3.png&s3=111437-3-276b1592b6ccc2d6cb682a32f92584bd-2950x854.png
[Image 6d111437-3-5c9a0d49f8f274c4dae5-4.png&s3=111437-3-cc989fb011327357b244c6ee88445961-273x273.png
・Donation method by crowdfunding
– Site name: “I’m here today” Heart transplant for 1-year-old Ao-chan – URL: https://congrant.com/project/aosukuukai/5423
– Payment method: credit card payment, bank transfer
-About Ao-chan’s situation-
Ao-chan (Aoi Sato) was born on October 31, 2021 in Toshima Ward, Tokyo. Immediately after being born last year, he was diagnosed with a congenital heart disease, and although he has undergone four surgeries so far, he developed severe heart failure (a condition in which the heart’s pumping function has declined and is not able to pump the necessary blood), and the only option for the future is a heart transplant. Diagnosed as helpless.
Although he is living with an assist artificial heart and a pacemaker in his small body, the situation calls for an early heart transplant.

[Image 7d111437-3-4d090d476ffe22e896ad-5.jpg&s3=111437-3-7434f458d481f70ba0017b5c1e5bfb81-1280x1278.jpg
-Message from parents-
“We are four children.
Our daughter, Aoi, who is less than a year old, has survived four open-heart surgeries, and is still alive with an external heart, an assist artificial heart, and a pacemaker.
Due to the severe visitation restrictions of the corona misfortune, we can only meet for a short time every day. I wanted to do something to protect Aoi’s emaciated arm, which had countless drip marks, as she stretched out her hand and smiled, wanting to live. That there is a world other than a hospital bed. Painful treatment is not the norm. And I want you to know that there is something called everyday when family and friends are by your side.
The older sister, who is waiting for her sister to return, repeats the opening words to everyone she meets. From now on, Aoi will begin to walk, start to speak, learn to play tricks, and grow little by little with her family.
I am very aware that this is a completely selfish request, but would you please help our family? We ask for your warm support and cooperation.
Father: Shoichiro Sato
Mother: Sayaka Sato
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