Vop Co., Ltd. “I want you to complete this song sung by YOSHI” In response to the strong feelings of the b ereaved family of YOSHI, who died suddenly, the band will continue and a vocalist audition will be held.

BAP Co., Ltd.
“I want this song sung by YOSHI to be completed.” In response to the strong feelings of the bereaved family of YOSHI, who passed away suddenly, the band will continue and a vocalist audition will be held.

YOSHI’s mother, who responded to the interview,
“YOSHI loves YOSHIKI very much, and he was very happy that he would be with YOSHIKI for a long time. I think,” he said.
Regarding the fact that YOSHI-san sang only one chorus and the song was left unfinished,
“I would like YOSHI to create a world-class band that YOSHI has dreamed of realizing with his band members, and “complete the song” with YOSHIKI and a new vocalist, and let YOSHI participate in it as the soul. I would like to support this project forever,” he said. In response to the strong feelings of the bereaved family, the staff held discussions repeatedly, “continuing the band”, “completion of the unfinished song sung by Mr. Advance” to YOSHIKI himself.
For YOSHI’s sake as well, we decided to continue and hold an audition to recruit vocalists.
Details of the vocalist audition will be announced on the official website and official SNS at a later date.
YOSHI was selected as the vocalist of the band in the audition program “YOSHIKI SUPERSTAR PROJECT X” produced by YOSHIKI, aiming to make his debut by the end of the year. It was right before YOSHIKI said, “I think everyone is a star. They’re diamonds in the rough. They’re already shining. Let’s polish them together.”
YOSHIKI responded to the interview and said about YOSHI,
“The last time we talked together in LA was two weeks ago. YOSHI said, “YOSHIKI-san, I will definitely conquer the world. Talented, confident, pure hearted, and a great artist, including her fashion sense,” she said tearfully.
Hulu Site https://www.hulu.jp/yoshiki-superstar-project-x
Official site https://yoshikisuperstar.com/
Official Instagram https://www.instagram.com/yoshikisuperstar/ Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/yoshiki_s_star
Official TikTok https://www.tiktok.com/@yoshikisuperstar
Official Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyCvk59QxtgaXpyN35WLMLQ Official Energy Drink: Coca-Cola Japan Energy Drink “REAL GOLD X/Y” https://c.cocacola.co.jp/real_xy/
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