Vulnerability management cloud “yamory”, EOL management function released sequentially

Vulnerability management cloud “yamory”, EOL management function released sequentially
~Preventing security risks due to the end of maintenance~

From November 17, 2022, the vulnerability management cloud “yamory” (, hereinafter referred to as “yamory”) operated by the Visional Group will be equipped with a software EOL management function (End of Life). management function), we will release a function to extract and manage software with an old release date. In January 2023, we plan to start EOL detection and management functions. This enables efficient EOL response without omissions and prevents the risk of cyberattacks and system failures.
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EOL of software that is difficult to manage with personal support Software such as OSS reaches EOL after a certain period of time, and maintenance ends. Therefore, software users need to manage the life cycle of the software they are using by themselves, and take measures such as version upgrades before reaching EOL.
If you continue to use software that has passed its EOL, even if a vulnerability is discovered, the patch will not be applied, and you may become a target of cyber-attacks, or there is a risk of system failure due to the inability to deal with serious bugs. There is a nature. In order to prevent such problems, it is necessary to thoroughly manage the software supply chain, extract obsolete software, and then decide whether to continue using it.
However, doing this for all of the software in use is extremely burdensome in terms of man-hours, so in many cases, the reality is that only major software can manage EOL.
EOL management is now possible with yamory
Therefore, yamory will release the EOL management function as follows. In addition to conventional vulnerability management, EOL management is also possible, realizing all-in-one risk management necessary for IT systems.
1) It is possible to extract software with an old release date and manage it (starting today)
In particular, OSS may be managed by an individual or a small team, and there are cases where actual maintenance ends without a clear EOL date. In order to prevent such risks, it is necessary to periodically extract and check software with an old release date. With the functions added this time, you will be able to sort by date and search by software release date. In addition, by using the memo function, you can visualize the status of support for each software and prevent omissions. As a result, it is possible to use it for EOL measures of all software used in the company’s IT system.
2) Enables EOL detection and management (scheduled for release in January 2023) For software that clearly declares EOL, it is possible to detect and manage when EOL is approaching.
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Sortable by release date
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It is possible to enter a correspondence memo for each software [Image 4

Searchable by release date and presence/absence of correspondence notes -For companies considering using yamory-
If you are having trouble with EOL management or software life cycle management, please feel free to contact us using the form below. URL:
[About Vulnerability Management Cloud “yamory”]
“Yamory” is a cloud service that automatically detects vulnerabilities in IT systems and manages and counters them. In addition to software vulnerability management, by providing security diagnosis and cloud configuration management (CSPM), it realizes all-in-one vulnerability countermeasures necessary for IT systems. We will streamline comprehensive vulnerability countermeasures for increasingly complex IT systems, aim for a world where technology can be used with peace of mind, and support the acceleration of DX in society.
Operating company: Assured Co., Ltd.
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