W Osaka A limited-time collaboration with the Ifstyle brand “Her lip to” produced by Haruna Kojima at the art pastry bar “MIXup”!

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[W Osaka] A limited-time collaboration with the Ifstyle brand “Her lip to” produced by Haruna Kojima at the art pastry bar “MIXup”! -Afternoon tea and brunch to color the holiday season, and the brand’s first take-out cake-

Luxury Lifestyle Hotel W Osaka (Location: 4-1-3 Minamisenba, Chuo-ku, Osaka, General Manager: Go Kondo) is heart relation Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CCO: Haruna Kojima) “Her lip to CAFE”, a collaboration with the lifestyle brand “Her lip to” operated by It will open at MIXup (1st floor).
[Image 1d11305-1198-e8857581f58067c1852c-0.jpg&s3=11305-1198-2a00b00f4655e1c3c69afeb25e82cb41-3000x2001.jpg
Her lip to AFTERNOON TEA image
The collaboration for the first time in half a year is afternoon tea and brunch, and the brand’s first take-out cake
“HER LIP TO AFTERNOON TEA” provided at our hotel’s “LIVING ROOM” in June this year. Thanks to all of you, the second collaboration between W Osaka and Her lip to has been realized half a year since the event was fully booked every day.
This time, at the art pastry bar “MIXup” on the 1st floor of our hotel facing Midosuji, the main street of Osaka, the producer Haruna Kojima and the W Osaka chef team carefully compared the image. We will deliver a menu that looks and feels good for the holiday season. Reservations for this collaboration will start from 18:00 on Thursday, November 24, 2022.
Overview of Her lip to CAFE
Period December 1st (Thursday) to December 31st (Saturday), 2022 Location MIXup (1st floor)
Phone: 06-6484-5812 (restaurant reservations Mon-Wed/Sun 9:00-18:00, Thu-Sat 9:00-20:00)
*E-mail is not accepted
Website: https://www.tablecheck.com/ja/shops/w-osaka-mixup/reserve An original menu that expresses Her lip to’s holiday in detail by W Osaka’s chef

[Image 2d11305-1198-45138945ae194e2c73e8-5.png&s3=11305-1198-307793839f054def5abac2e51579f9c1-1400x550.png
Afternoon tea includes a welcome drink, sweets and savory, and cocktail desserts.
The “Griotte Cherry and Chocolate Mousse” modeled on the brand’s signature cherry is a dish that symbolizes Her lip to, which will continue to appear in “HER LIP TO AFTERNOON TEA” in June. The cherry and vanilla cream soaked in spices in the chocolate mousse spread mellowly in the mouth, creating a mature taste. The “Chocolate Raspberry Financier” with raspberries is a classic style reminiscent of a mini cupcake, and has a gorgeous holiday-like impression, but it is a high-quality item that allows you to feel the depth of chocolate. Savory’s “Roast Ham and Brie Cheese Sandwich” is an addictive taste that brings out the saltiness of roast ham and the scent of brie cheese on bread kneaded with sweet brown sugar and black sesame. In addition, as a welcome drink, we will offer “Christmas Rose”, a gorgeous non-alcoholic carbonated cocktail that is unique to Her lip to, made by mixing rose, lychee, and raspberry with soda.
The menu, which makes you feel the holiday mood with plenty of red fruits, is a discerning gem that has been carefully calculated to balance not only the beauty of the appearance but also the taste of adults.
■ Afternoon tea overview
Time 13:00~, 15:00~, 17:00~
Price ¥7,000 per person (tax and 15% service charge included) *Reservation required, 90 minute system
Menu contents
– Welcome drink – Christmas rose (non-alcoholic)
-Sweets-Vanilla caramel macaron / Griot cherry and chocolate mousse / Blueberry and vanilla cream fromage mousse / Chocolate raspberry financier / Red fruit scone with clotted cream
-Savory- Roast Ham and Brie Sandwich / Stewed Beets and Beef Cheek Quiche with Sour Cream / Mozzarella Cheese Mousse and Fruit Tomato Tart Basil Sorbet
*With free flow of coffee and tea
[Image 3d11305-1198-6b28d2549527a6dd1268-4.png&s3=11305-1198-250fb118ee54790edc204f7f238ade79-1800x395.png
Afternoon tea image
This time, two types of brunch menus are also available! You can also enjoy Haruna Kojima’s standard breakfast menu
[Image 4d11305-1198-b479acea138be65a1391-1.png&s3=11305-1198-46aca5ee08e55e70457c3a3171a475df-1250x930.png
2 types of brunch
For brunch, we will develop a total of two types of menus, including gratin toast using avocado, which is a staple of breakfast by producer Haruna Kojima.
“Spinach bread gratin with avocado and smoked salmon” is a discerning gem that luxuriously put smoked salmon and plenty of avocado like Her lip to rose on bread gratin finished with milk bread. “French toast berry sauce and maple syrup” is soaked in a rich pouring dough with plenty of vanilla, and finished with an adult taste with the elegant sweetness and sourness of the berry sauce. Enjoy an elegant brunch time with a welcome drink to heighten your holiday mood.
■ Branch overview
Time 9:00~, 11:00~
Price ¥3,900 per person (15% tax and service charge included) *Reservation required, 90 minute system
Menu contents
– Welcome drink – Christmas rose (non-alcoholic)
– Soup – Chef’s Recommendation
-salad-flower green salad
-yogurt-mixed berries
– Special Plate – Spinach Bread Gratin with Avocado and Smoked Salmon           Or French toast with berry sauce and maple syrup
*With free flow of coffee and tea
Her lip to brand first! Two types of original cakes for the holiday period are available for takeout
[Image 5d11305-1198-e35e4fad83cb18f46a8f-2.png&s3=11305-1198-c61db16b983b32b055280fd24ec19ffa-1050x772.png
takeout cake
We will offer the first original cake of Her lip to brand for takeout. “Snowflake Apricot Rose Tart” is a cake with a mellow
melt-in-your-mouth texture, with apricot confiture and rose mascarpone cream on top of the tart dough. “Holy Cheese Berry Mousse” is a cake with a slightly mature and refreshing taste that puts phrase des boisagere and mousse in fromage mousse.
The cake, which is indispensable for the holiday season, is a special item that allows you to enjoy the world view of Her lip to, with its delicately decorated appearance and beautiful visuals and taste. ■ Overview of takeout cake
“Snowflake Apricot Rose Tart”, “Holy Cheese Berry Mousse” ¥950 each (tax included)
* Afternoon tea + takeout cake set ¥ 7,950 (tax included), brunch + takeout cake set ¥ 4,850 (tax included) are also available in limited quantities.
* Various cakes will end as soon as they are sold out for the day. In addition, customers who do not make reservations for meals can also purchase.
-How to purchase a takeout cake-
From 11:00 each day, you can purchase at MIXup stores, including customers who do not use meals.
The cake will end as soon as the day is gone. Please note.
* Reservations are accepted for a limited quantity plan with afternoon tea or brunch.
*All photos are images. Menu contents and offering times are subject to change without notice.
About Her lip to
A lifestyle brand established in 2018 by Haruna Kojima as a producer. After the apparel line that made use of her own fashion sense was well received, she, who is also a beauty freak, launched the beauty line “Her lip to BEAUTY”. In July 2022, we will open the concept store “House of Herme” that develops Her lip to, and in September 2022, we will launch the lingerie brand “ROSIER by Her lip to”. did.
About W-Osaka
On March 16, 2021, it will open along Midosuji, the main street in Osaka, as the first hotel in Japan for Marriott International’s luxury lifestyle hotel brand “W”. The design of the simple and stylish black-based exterior was supervised by Tadao Ando, ​​a world-famous architect from Osaka. Inspired by the vibrant neon lights of Osaka, the energetic city of Osaka, and the culture and history of Japan, the interior of the hotel is a playful space with eye-popping color schemes and tricks. A total of 337 guest rooms, including 50 suites, 6 bars and restaurants, a spa, fitness center, indoor pool and banquet rooms, as well as W’s high-quality and unique experience represented by “Whatever/Whenever(R)”. Through our services, we offer an experience unique to W Osaka. W Osaka aims to be a “destination hotel” that is not just a hotel to stay at.
Official website: http://wosaka.jp
Instagram: https://instagram.com/wosakahotel
Facebook: https://facebook.com/WOsakaJPN
About W Hotels Worldwide
W Hotels, one of the brands developed by Marriott International, has been a sensation in the hospitality scene for about 20 years since its birth under the bold ideas and culture of the city that never sleeps for 24 hours in New York. have been redefined. The W Hotels network, which is expanding around the world, currently has more than 60 hotels, and W Hotels, which surprises wherever it expands, will create a new hotel brand that jumps over the existing concept of luxury. . W aims to ignite guests’ desire to indulge, rebel against the routine, and unleash their thirst for life. The brand’s inspiring design, W’s signature “whenever/whatever” service, and vibrant living room guest experience are often imitated, but catch up with W. I can not do it. Innovative, inspiring, and inescapably hot, W supports your insatiable desire to stay up-to-date with local news, see more, feel more, go farther, and enjoy late into the night. I will. For more information about W Hotels, please visit https://w-hotels.marriott.com/en-US/ or follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. W Hotels Worldwide participates in Marriott Bonvoy(TM), Marriott International’s global travel program. Marriott Bonvoy offers members an exceptional global brand portfolio, Marriott Bonvoy Moments experiences and unparalleled benefits, including points toward free hotel nights and nights earned toward elite status. Visit marriott.com for free membership
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