W Osaka Tequila Latin Night! -Held a cheerful one-night event where you can enjoy 33 types of tequila-

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[W Osaka] Tequila Latin Night! -Held a cheerful one-night event where you can enjoy 33 types of tequila-

Luxury Lifestyle Hotel W Osaka (Location: 4-1-3 Minamisenba, Chuo-ku, Osaka, General Manager: Go Kondo) is a DJ event “Weekend Black Box Session” held once a month on the weekend. As an event, we will hold a one-night event “Tequila Latin Night!”

“Tequila Latin Night!”
Date: November 26, 2022 (Sat) 20:00 ~ 24:00 (Last entry 23:00) price
 2,000 yen per person (tax and service charge included) with 1 shot of tequila/standing
 5,000 yen per person (tax and service charge included) Tequila cocktail free flow + 1 Latin food/standing
 1 seat capacity 4 people 60,000 yen (tax and service charge included) W Osaka original label champagne magnum bottle + tequila cocktail free flow + BLACK BOX Latin food platter
[additional drink]
 1 ticket 1,000 yen ※The number of tickets required varies depending on the tequila.
Place LIVING ROOM (3rd floor)
Contents: Tequila, tacos and other Mexican dishes, playlist by DJ Reservations/Inquiries Phone: 06-6484-5812 (restaurant reservations) Email: w.osaka.restaurantreservations@whotels.com
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event image

We offer 33 types of tequila that are becoming popular in Japan. The super premium tequila “1800 Cristalino”, which uses 100% blue agave and will be released on November 8th, and “Espolon Tequila” with a pop skeleton that landed in Japan in 2020. We are waiting for you with 33 types of tequila, from classics to popular products and new products, such as the luxury craft tequila “Clase Assur Tequila Ultra” in a black ceramic bottle decorated with pure platinum, silver 925, and 24K.
Cuervo Especial / Cuervo Especial Silver
1800 Anejo / 1800 Reposado / 1800 Silver / 1800 Cristalino
Classa Sur Tequila Prata / Classa Sur Tequila Reposado / Cresea Sur Tequila Ultra
Cavadeoro Anejo / Cavadeoro Extra Anejo / Cavadeoro Extra Anejo Cristalino Patron Anejo / Patron Reposado / Patron Silver
Don Julio Anejo / Don Julio Reposado / Don Julio Branco
Don Julio Real / Don Julio 1942
Esporon Anejo / Esporon Reposado / Esporon Blanco
Sauza Silver / Sauza Gold / Sauza Blue / Sauza Blue Reposado Tequila Car Anejo / Tequila Car Reposado / Tequila Car Blanco Olmec Tequila Reposado / Olmec Tequila Silver
Los Dansantes Joven Espadin
[Image 2d11305-1191-603260b575397bb1c97e-2.jpg&s3=11305-1191-1e4c374d871845b7a05e54f060f4ded4-3900x2922.jpg
event image
[Image 3d11305-1191-0cf0d67608d6021a3dfb-3.jpg&s3=11305-1191-17fe7f50bfa7e12418d27b9b47e62cfa-3900x2600.jpg
Living Room
-About tequila-
The name tequila comes from the name of the place called “Tequila” in the state of Jalisco in the Midwestern part of Mexico, where the Cuervo distillery is located. The main raw material is a kind of dragon tongue orchid called “Blue Agave”. Tequila must contain at least 51% blue agave grown in a limited area within Mexico, and cannot be called “tequila” outside of the five recognized states within Mexico. It is often misunderstood as a very strong liquor, but the alcohol content is determined by the regulation of the certifying organization to be 35% to 55%, which is about the same as whiskey. It can be enjoyed chilled in a shot glass, on the rocks, in a highball, or in cocktails.
[Image 4d11305-1191-12a3a0f6cf600a48f10f-1.jpg&s3=11305-1191-7bda9d2ce3c2551ebd7ae564a183c225-3000x1998.jpg
W Osaka front entrance
About W-Osaka
On March 16, 2021, it will open along Midosuji, the main street in Osaka, as the first hotel in Japan for Marriott International’s luxury lifestyle hotel brand “W”. The design of the simple and stylish black-based exterior was supervised by Tadao Ando, ​​a world-famous architect from Osaka. Inspired by the vibrant neon lights of Osaka, the energetic city of Osaka, and the culture and history of Japan, the interior of the hotel is a playful space with eye-popping color schemes and tricks. A total of 337 guest rooms, including 50 suites, 6 bars and restaurants, a spa, fitness center, indoor pool and banquet rooms, as well as W’s high-quality and unique experience represented by “Whatever/Whenever(R)”. Through our services, we offer an experience unique to W Osaka. W Osaka aims to be a “destination hotel” that is not just a hotel to stay at.
Official website: wosaka.com
Instagram: instagram.com/wosakahotel/
Facebook: facebook.com/WOsakaJPN
About W Hotels Worldwide
W Hotels, one of the brands developed by Marriott International, has been a sensation in the hospitality scene for about 20 years since its birth under the bold ideas and culture of the city that never sleeps for 24 hours in New York. have been redefined. The W Hotels network, which is expanding around the world, currently has more than 60 hotels, and W Hotels, which surprises wherever it expands, will create a new hotel brand that jumps over the existing concept of luxury. . W aims to ignite guests’ desire to indulge, rebel against the routine, and unleash their thirst for life. The brand’s inspiring design, W’s signature “whenever/whatever” service, and vibrant living room guest experience are often imitated, but catch up with W. I can not do it. Innovative, inspiring, and inescapably hot, W supports your insatiable desire to stay up-to-date with local news, see more, feel more, go farther, and enjoy late into the night. I will. For more information about W Hotels, please visit https://w-hotels.marriott.com/en-US/ or follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. W Hotels Worldwide participates in Marriott Bonvoy(TM), Marriott International’s global travel program. Marriott Bonvoy offers members an exceptional global brand portfolio, Marriott Bonvoy Moments experiences and unparalleled benefits, including points toward free hotel nights and nights earned toward elite status. Visit marriott.com for free membership
registration and program details.
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