Wacom Co., Ltd. Collaboration with SSS by applibot to commemorate the 4th anniversary of Wacom Brand Store Shinjuku

Wacom Co., Ltd.
Collaboration with SSS by applibot to commemorate the 4th anniversary of Wacom Brand Store Shinjuku

The permanent experience store “Wacom Brand Store Shinjuku” operated by Wacom Co., Ltd. celebrated its 4th anniversary on Wednesday, November 16th. In commemoration of the 4th anniversary of the opening, we will collaborate with the studio “SSS by applibot” where 7 famous illustrators gather for a limited time from today, November 17th (Thursday) to December 31st (Saturday). During the period, the “Wacom Brand Store Shinjuku” store will be decorated in collaboration with SSS by applibot, and a number of Wacom content videos featuring members will be broadcast. In addition, original postcards with illustrations of members Taiki, Mai Yoneyama, PALOW., Sevenzel, NAJI Yanagida, BUNBUN, and Ichisai will be presented.
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In addition, if you visit the store for 7 days from November 17th (Thursday) to 23rd (Wednesday / holiday), the first 10 people will receive a Wacom limited novelty and a pack of 3 replacement cores that can be used with a pen tablet every day. To do.
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Wacom Co., Ltd. (TSE Prime: 6727) is a “technology leadership company” that delivers a “digital drawing (writing)” experience to meet the various needs of customers through digital pen technology. Wacom’s pen tablet products are widely used in more than 150 countries and regions around the world, from professional creators such as movie production and industrial design studios, designers, manga artists, to hobbyists who enjoy illustration and photo processing. We are here. In addition, Wacom’s electronic signature is also used in educational settings such as schools and cram schools where “learning by writing” is essential, filling in electronic medical records at medical sites, various application forms at financial institutions, and electronic signatures for credit cards. The product is in use. In addition, Wacom’s pen technology is also OEM-provided for PCs, tablets, and smartphones equipped with digital pens used in offices and homes, and is installed in many mobile IT devices. Wacom will continue to deliver new experiences and value of digital pens with a view to linking with cutting-edge technology.
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