WAlive Co., Ltd. A trip over the beauty of Kyoto-Kyoto x Temples x Crafts and Art Tour Exhibitions of crafts and arts held at multiple temples in the Nishijin area and a tour of traditional crafts workshops will be held on November 14th. Start fr

WAlive Co., Ltd.
[Journey around the beauty of Kyoto-Kyoto x Temples x Crafts and Art Tour] A tour of crafts and art exhibitions held at multiple temples in the Nishijin area and traditional crafts workshops will start from November 14th!
You will be guided around a workshop that can only be entered on this tour, and a newly created dry landscape rock garden that even Kyoto people don’t know about. This tour is recommended for those who want to experience the new charm and history of Kyoto.

From November 19, 2022 (Saturday), the executive committee for a trip around the beauty of Kyoto (planning / production: WAlive Co., Ltd.) will cooperate with the “Marugoto Museum Executive Committee”, which is conducting exhibitions in Nishijin. A journey around the beauty of Kyoto” will start. *The exhibition itself started on the 14th. The three temples that serve as venues are temples related to Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Sen no Rikyu, Hasegawa Tohaku, and Honami Koetsu.
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Nishijin, the main area of ​​the tour, is famous for producing textiles, but it is also a place where temples were gathered by Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s land readjustment. Among them, exhibitions of crafts and art will be held at three temples of the Daihonzan class. Myokenji, the main venue, has a history of 700 years as an imperial messenger temple recognized by Emperor Godaigo, and has a history of being used as a regular residence of Hideyoshi Toyotomi. It is also known as a Rinpa temple, and there is a grave of Korin Ogata at the top of the sub-temple. Myogakuji is a temple where Sen no Rikyu held tea ceremonies and Oda Nobunaga used it as an inn in Kyoto. It is said that Nobunaga came to Kyoto 20 times, 18 of which he spent at this temple. Myorenji Temple has a deep relationship with intellectuals, and there are fusuma paintings by Tohaku Hasegawa, “Rissho Ankoku Ron” copied by Koetsu Honami, and the grave of Bairei Kono, the founder of the Kyoto art world. All temples have works of the Kano school, and among them, it is also the family temple of Myokakuji.
A guided tour of crafts and art exhibitions held at temples that are deeply related not only to Kyoto but also to Japanese history. There will be a tour of an exhibition full of highlights of about 40 artists in total, as well as a work-and-living workshop that is usually inaccessible.
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The active gardener unit “Ueshi” remodeled a room of a temple into a garden that you can enjoy indoors without foliage plants. Since 2016, we have been exhibiting at Premiere Vision Paris, which is held twice a year in France, as a project of our partner company KYOTO Leather. Daisuke Nishiyama, a craftsman and writer in Nishijin. You can appreciate the works of artists who combine tradition and art and express themselves at the boundaries of various fields, such as the glass sculptor and life craftsman Sho Honami, whose grandfather is the 15th generation Honami.
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A workshop tour in the real Nishijin area where work and home are integrated, which cannot be experienced in a place opened to show Traditional craft workshop tours are also held, but on this tour, you will not be looking at the workshops just to see them, but will also be visiting the actual workshops of craftsmen who work and live together. Since it is both a workshop and a home, we will visit a place that can be called a sanctuary where only people related to work can enter.
In addition, there will be a tour where you can observe the production process of a new product made from recycled Japanese candles created by a Japanese candle workshop aiming for zero waste, and then enjoy the illumination of the temple using Japanese candles.
Just like textiles that are designed to minimize waste, please know that the respect for nature behind the appearance and behind the scenes, which is at the root of Japanese aesthetics, is still alive today. .
[Contents and schedule of the trip]
01. 1-day tour of crafts and art
This is a 1-day plan to visit the crafts and art exhibitions held at the temple with a guide.
Details: https://kyonobi.net/special/2022artscrafts1day/
Date: November 19th (Sat), 20th (Sun), 26th (Sat), 27th (Sun), December 3rd (Sat), 4th (Sun), 2022
02. 2-day tour of studios and exhibitions
A two-day tour of traditional textile workshops in the Nishijin area and exhibitions of traditional crafts and contemporary art held at temples in the Nishijin area.
Details: https://kyonobi.net/special/studio2022/
Dates: November 19th (Sat)-20th (Sun), 26th (Sat)-27th (Sun), December 3rd (Sat)-4th (Sun), 2022
*This is a 2-day tour. About 3 hours per day.
03. Upcycled Japanese candles and fantastic Japanese candle light-up tour A Japanese candle light-up event held in collaboration with a Japanese candle workshop in the south of Kyoto.
In this tour, after visiting a Japanese candle workshop, you will see an exhibition of Japanese candle lighting.
Details: https://kyonobi.net/special/upcycle2022/
Date: November 23, 2022 (Wednesday / holiday) only
In addition, in 2023, we plan to hold an appreciation tour of traditional performing arts.
A trip around the beauty of Kyoto About the business
Site: https://kyonobi.net/
[Organizer] WAlive Co., Ltd.
[Cooperation] Religious corporation Myokenji, Kyoto City Tourism Association, Kyoto Senior Tourist Guide Club, Obu Dyeing, Soto En, Office KAJA LLC, SKY All-Boran Sai, Trady LLC, Marugoto Museum Executive Committee
Japan Tourism Agency “Project to create locally profitable flagship products that utilize unique local tourism resources” Adopted project

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