Wantedly Announcing the award-winning companies of “FUZE2022”, an event that leads recruitment and organization building

Announcing the winners of the “FUZE2022” event that leads recruitment and organization building

Wantedly Co., Ltd., which operates the business SNS “Wantedly”, will announce the winning companies at the event “FUZE2022” held on November 2nd (Wednesday), which leads recruitment and organization building.
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About “FUZE2022”
“FUZE” is an event hosted by Wantedly with the theme of leading recruitment and organization building. “FUZE2022” was held in a hybrid format at the offline and online venues of Shibuya Stream Hall. On the day of the event, CEO Akiko Naka will start with a greeting, and in addition to the BEST TEAM OF THE YEAR award ceremony that recognizes companies that have achieved results in recruitment, a wide variety of SESSION will be held, including information on employee careers, recruitment, and organization building. and KEYNOTE expanded. [Image 2

About award winning companies
Awards are the GOLD, SILVER, and BRONZE awards of the BEST TEAM OF THE YEAR awards, which are selected from the perspective of recruitment branding and empathetic recruitment, and the BEST ROOKIE TEAM award, which targets companies that have achieved results in a blink of an eye since the start of using Wantedly. It was held for three categories of the BEST LOCAL TEAM Award for companies outside the Tokyo metropolitan area. We will introduce the award-winning companies announced on the day along with the award-winning comments.
Gold Award Money Forward Co., Ltd.
“With the mission of ‘money forward, life further forward,’ we have made the largest hiring ever in the past year. In other words, we conduct recruitment activities while valuing the affinity between the candidate’s purpose and our company’s MVVC.Because not only the recruitment team but also the entire company are recruiting together, all employees involved in the recruitment I want to say thank you.” Award interview: https://www.wantedly.com/hiringeek/interview/award2022_gold/ [Image 3

SILVER Award Goodpatch Co., Ltd.
“The last time I won the award in 2018, the condition of the organization was not very good, and I was working recklessly on personnel affairs.In the past four years, there was an IPO on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers market, and the team was born, and the team members were born. I was blessed with this award.I think that this award is due to the past four years.Goodpatch is a company that can’t be talked about without Wantedly.There are members in the recruitment team who joined the company through Wantedly, and just yesterday I am really grateful that the designer gave me a job offer through Wantedly.”
Award interview: https://www.wantedly.com/hiringeek/interview/award2022_silver/ [Image 4

BRONZE Award Asoview Co., Ltd.
“Our company is very compatible with Wantedly in that we emphasize mission empathy recruitment. About 20 people join the company through Wantedly every year, and I am proud of their success as an HR. I would like to face each and every candidate and gather friends.”
Award interview: https://www.wantedly.com/hiringeek/interview/award2022_bronze/ [Image 5

■ Category Award
BEST ROOKIE TEAM Award Telesee Co., Ltd.
“We place great importance on recruitment activities related to ‘who should we put on the bus? I would like to focus on and utilize Wantedly.”
Award interview: https://www.wantedly.com/hiringeek/interview/award2022_rookie/ [Image 6

BEST LOCAL TEAM Award Helpfeel Co., Ltd.
“Our company is located in Kyoto, and we are gathering colleagues from all over the country for full remote and full flex. Last year, the organization was about 25 people, but now it has increased to 86 people. There are two people in charge of recruitment. However, all employees are cooperating in recruitment activities under the slogan of “company-wide recruitment”. Thanks to that, I am very happy to receive the award. ”
Award interview: https://www.wantedly.com/hiringeek/interview/award2022_local/ [Image 7

Session and KEYNOTE session reports
At FUZE2022, in addition to the Awards, sessions and KEYNOTE will be held on creating an organization that respects individual careers, the essence of continuous information transmission necessary for a growing company, management thinking that should be possessed only by human resources, and careers of individuals living in the future. I was. ■ SESSION A: Creating an organization that respects individual careers and where excellent human resources are established
Mr. Kiyokazu Koyama from Goodpatch Co., Ltd. and Mr. Kennosuke Tanaka, professor of Career Design at Hosei University, held a talk session on the theme of “Creating an organization that respects individual careers where excellent human resources are established”. He talked about building an organization based on keywords such as management, career autonomy, and well-being.
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■ SESSION B: The essence of continuous communication necessary for a growing organization
Mr. Chiaki Ishihara of Money Forward Co., Ltd. and Mr. Yasuhisa Katsumura of Voicy Co., Ltd. held a talk session on the theme of “essence of continuous communication necessary for a growing organization”. Specific initiatives of each company were introduced, such as what kind of targets and what phases should be communicated in recruitment publicity.
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■ SESSION C: “Management thinking” that you want to have because it is personnel that connects organizations
Mr. Takehiko Mizutani of AnyMind Japan Co., Ltd. and Mr. Keita Sugawara of DeNA Co., Ltd. were invited to hold a talk session on the theme of “Management thinking” that we want to have because it is personnel that connects organizations. Opinions were exchanged on the importance of the organizational concept and the initiatives centered on it.
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FUZE2022 Timetable
13:00 OPENING: Wantedly Co., Ltd. CEO Akiko Naka
13:05 SESSION A: Creating an organization that respects individual careers to retain excellent human resources
Goodpatch Co., Ltd. Design Division HRBP Mr. Kiyokazu Koyama Mr. Kennosuke Tanaka, Professor, Faculty of Career Design, Hosei University / Representative Director, Protian Career Association / President, Career Knowledge Co., Ltd.
14:00 SESSION B: The essence of continuous communication necessary for a growing organization
Mr. Chiaki Ishihara, General Manager, People Forward Headquarters, Money Forward Co., Ltd.
Mr. Yasuhisa Katsumura, Executive Officer of Voicy Inc.
15:00 SESSION C: “Management thinking” that you should have because it is personnel that connects organizations
AnyMind Japan Co., Ltd. CHRO Takehiko Mizutani
Mr. Keita Sugawara, General Manager, Human Resources Division, DeNA Co., Ltd. 16:00 KEYNOTE: Go beyond the recruitment area. Why You Should Get Out of Your Comfort Zone
 CAINZ Co., Ltd. Executive Officer CHRO (Chief Human Resources Officer) and President of CAINZ Academia / Director of Tokyu Hands Co., Ltd. Mr. Masayuki Nishida
18:10 AFTER PARTY *Limited to invited companies
FUZE2022 event page: https://fuze.wantedly.com/
Wantedly promotes an engagement business that supports the retention and success of employees after joining the company, while providing the creation of encounters between people and the company centered on the formation of company recognition and empathy. By leading the way of thinking about future work styles and recruitment through “FUZE2022”, we will accelerate the realization of a world where Wantedly becomes “the infrastructure for all working people”. About Wantedly
Wantedly provides a business SNS “Wantedly” for all working people to “deepen”, “connect”, and “deepen connections” through empathy in order to “increase the number of people working at work”. Since the official release of the service in February 2012, the number of registered companies has exceeded 43,000 and the number of individual users has exceeded 3.5 million.
-Company Profile-
Company name: Wantedly Co., Ltd.
URL: https://www.wantedly.com
Head office location: MG Shirokanedai Building 4F, 5-12-7
Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative Director: Akiko Naka
Established: September 2010
Business summary :
Wantedly, a business SNS used by over 3.5 million people
– Wantedly Visit where you can casually visit the company
– Wantedly People who record their encounters and share their achievements for business
– Recruitment marketing
– Engagement Suite
Details about this release:


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